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  • Jackbv12323 February 2018
    More quirkiness and sweetness along with continuing puppy love.

    There are perhaps four stories going on which are stretched out as they are woven together. One is a historical story speculating on what might have been for Abraham Lincoln. Another is the usual dead letter story which in this case is 15 years old. The last two are the developing affairs of our two Postables couples.,

    I think that these Postables stories are best enjoyed by the faithful fans. Others may not take to this blend of romance and nerdy humor.

    The acting in this particular episode is a little more conventional than in some episodes.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The postables and their adventures continue to be the best part of this series. The recipients of the mail have been less-than-intriguing, even problematic. The story of a young white man who committed murder but was excused by the court in order to become governor follows too closely to recent headlines, and it was hard for me to see past the murky justice system reflected here.