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  • kobyg-042903 June 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    The reason why i rated it 1 is because Surfs up 1(the good movie) was one of my favorite animated films. Surfs up 2 is a disgrace, pretty much no surfing in the movie about 5 waves ridden. It has nothing to do with the old movie, Big Z isn't there, and Cody is not the same voice as in the first film, a whole different voice actor. And when did surfing move into wrestling??? Surfs up 1 was made by surfers. Surfs up 2 was made by kooks. If you are a surfer i beg you to not watch this film if you enjoyed Surfs up 1. The first movie was about the soul of surfing, making his own board, not caring about some contest, just free surfing and hanging with friends. I was so excited to watch the second movie but not stoked after. Disgrace.
  • happybrand30 January 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    The first time I heard this movie existed I thought to myself somebody had to have sat around a company boardroom and went, 'Know what needs a sequel? That surfing penguin movie that came out 10 years ago.' And then for some reason everyone at that table agreed. Then they felt that not only should they do it, but they should also get high profile wrestlers to be in it. Why? Once again I don't know, but you know that there had to have been several meetings to discuss it. I myself am a big fan of animated sequels. I'm not one of those people that believe that they shouldn't exist. Some of my favorite movies are 'All Dogs Go to Heaven 2' and 'Fievel 3'. However, I have to say, this movie has no business existing.

    First off, if you're expecting Big Z, you know, that guy who was kind of important to the previous movie, he's not there. Like, at all. And they don't even really mention him ever. So that whole part of the main penguin's backstory about Big Z being his inspiration? Yeah. They kind of just...ignore that and replace it with this group called The Hang 5. Who are all voiced by famous wrestlers. Because....some reason.

    Since the previous movie we learned that since the main guy gave up winning to help his buddy, instead of being showered with praise and gotten the good ending regardless like they did in Cars, instead, Chicken Joe has all the fame and the main character gets jack and squat. So, first note this movie is trying to tell you. If you do the right thing, you will feel better inside, but you will lose your dream. Nice. Good job movie. So basically we're five minutes in and its telling us that if you do the right thing you're going to miss out on being famous and loved for what you're good at. Nice.

    Then this movie turns into one of those 'It's okay to shoot for your dreams but when your dream is in front of you, don't take it because your dream is really to not fulfill your dream' morals. I hate this moral. I really, really do. Some movies tell you to go after your dream. This movie tells you that even if you're really good and passionate about what you do, ignore all that and don't follow your dream.

    I could see the resolution of this movie coming a mile away and it wasn't even entertaining. There was a joke here and there that was mildly amusing but it wasn't worth the 90 minutes you were watching it knowing what was going to happen. If they were going to bother giving this a sequel they probably should have ended it with Cody actually GETTING his dream of being a famous surfer since he apparently gave it up after the first movie to help a friend who then stole his dream because he was a nice guy. I just..I got really mad at this movie. The voice acting and animation was fine for DVD fare and everything. It was just the moral that irritated me. If they had changed the ending I would have been a lot happier. All in all, not worth it, but if you're forced to watch it, there ARE worse things. This is just below average.
  • Okay so, the original was awesome, watched it when I was 6. I always thought the movie would have great potential for a sequel and it would be also just as good to be a standalone movie. I completely forgot about Surf's Up for a long time. It was only a few weeks ago that I just found out that a sequel came out months ago. I was really excited, and I didn't know what to expect! Watched online... It didn't turn out as good as I thought it would be. The story completely removes the first movies original story. Having Cody say that he was always looking up to the Hang 5, which is a group of surfers voiced by WWE stars. In the first movie, Cody always looked up to Big Z. Basically, the movie was still watchable, but it's not the sequel anyone had wanted. The story does not really coexist with the original story. I am really bummed out due to the fact that this movie was not the sequel I wanted.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    God has definitely abandoned us at this point.The fact that this movie exists proves that. This movie has almost nothing to do with the original plus it came out ten years late.I wasn't expecting happy feet 3 to have so much surfing in it. Im so disappointed as the second was a cinematic masterpiece that made me cry at ho well it tackled global warming.For whatever reason the penguins have all been recasted with wwe superstars. I am not sure why this happened i assume its because the original cast knew the series peaked with the second one.i thought the wrong message when the penguins openly endorsed steroid use, What kind of message does that send to the children?And that is just the tip of the ice berg of inappropriate content in this movie.The most inappropriate thing was definitely the extremely brutal Vince McMahon death scene that was way too gory for children.Overall i give this movie a 2 out of ten it just wasn't as good as the cinematic masterpiece that is Happy Feet 2
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Surf up 2: Wavemania" its a 2017 direct to video movie directed by Henry Yu, who worked as a storyboard artist in shows such as "Sym- Bionic Titan" and "Regular Show", he does an average job in directing the movie, this is a sequel that no one asked for and no one wanted, I don't really know why this even exists.

    Its actually a bit entertaining somehow, its quite average, it doesn't take any risks, the wrestlers are forced into the movie in such an unsubtle way, but their voices aren't the worst about the movie (actually, I watched this with the Spanish dub, which may have made this movie a little worse or a little better, since I don't particularly care for the Argentinian dub).

    The animation it's OK, not great but competent, the characters aren't awful, they certainly aren't annoying or unlikable, they are just kinda of bland and forgettable, sometimes it seemed like if it tried to follow with the theme of the first film, you see, in case that you didn't see the first movie, I will tell you that it had a Mockumentary style to it, I don't remember the first one very well, I remember kinda of liking it, but this one doesn't know if it wants to be a Mockumentary or an average movie, so it sometimes switches back and forward, which becomes kinda of distracting, sometimes it even forgets that it tries to be a Mockumentary.

    The movie its bad, not too horrible, but nothing good either, if you have kids and you want to entertain them for a while, show them something else, like "Zootopia" or "Sing", but if they really want to see it, I guess you could put it on, its harmless, but I don't recommend seeing it.
  • I don't know why anyone ever greenlit this movie for production. At least Shia Labeouf realized that this movie was a terrible idea. How much do you have to pay the WWE to be a part of this BS. In case you were wondering, it is a movie with bad acting, very bad animation, and just centers around the characters of Surf's Up (great movie) but just kind of uses them as generic characters. There is a boring conflict and our main penguin is not at all compelling. I hate that this was made, it is a tragedy to call this movie a sequel to Surf's Up. Why are there WWE wrestlers?!?!?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Surf's Up is a 2007 film made in a time when penguin films were basically oversaturating the box office thanks to Happy Feet and even the Penguins Of Madagascar. Thankfully, it did well, as it got some good reviews and even scored two Annie Awards. Ten years later, a DTV sequel is made, and it is not good.

    One problem, as some reviews pointed out, is that the second film actually retcons some of the first film. Cody is no longer inspired by Big Z, he was inspired by the Hang 5, a group of extreme surfers that are modeled after the WWE athletes who voices them. That's right, the World Wrestling Entertainment, the wrestling federation that basically emerged victorious in the Monday Night Wars, has made another animated film to market to kids, and fresh off its crossovers with Scooby-Doo and The Flintstones.

    Basically, the plot is the High 5 visits Pengu, where Cody Maverick has opened a surf school, and soon, he, Chicken Joe, Tank Evans, and Lila Aliikai join them on a trip to Slaughter Island where they will ride The Trench as Mr. McMahon's final ride before retirement.

    While three of the actors of the first film return to reprise their role, sadly, it does not save this film. There are some tasteless scenes, including Mr. McMahon, an otter, thinking about drinking a fish's milk from its utter, which is disgusting. Also, there is not much surfing in this film. You think with a movie called Surf's Up, which has cartoon penguins in a surfing contest, they'd basically do the same for this, but no.

    In the end, all this movie ends up being is nothing more than the typical cash grabs that DTV sequels usually turn out, mainly meant to get kids to bug their parents to get it for them. Sony and WWE Films has become a tag team that has ruined the memory of what was a great film with a horrible DTV sequel. I recommend watching the first film and treating this garbage as non-canon.
  • With the exception of Jon Heder and Diedrich Bader reprising their roles, this movie was a complete letdown. Story was contrived, writing was low-grade, the whole ESPN-style format comes and goes without context, and half the voices are cheesy wrestlers with zero acting chops. I loved the first one. I hated this one.
  • deirdre-7631330 December 2018
    As a huge fan of the first movie, this was the worst sequel I have ever seen. Main characters from the last movie weren't even there and the storyline was completely changed. The WWE character idea doesn't have anything to do with surfing. If it was just a movie on its own, unrelated to Surf's Up... ok, maybe? But do NOT call this Surf's Up. Plus, there was no actual surfing in it. The original movie didn't leave us needing another movie to finish the story because the story was already done. If you're a huge fan like me and needed to see Surf's Up 2, don't get your hopes up.
  • First Of All Nearly No Surfing Second Of All No Surfing=Boring
  • Since Cody Maverick saved his friend Chicken Joe from bully Tank Evans, Chicken Joe has become a celebrated champion. Meanwhile, Cody has been mostly forgotten. He's running a kids' surf school with Lani Aliikai. Tank is still a bully. Chicken Joe is back visiting his friends. Cody is shocked when his heroes surfing legends Hang 5 shows up. They have a map to a mythical surfing spot and take the group on a quest.

    This straight to video sequel has a bunch of WWE people providing the voices along with a few from the original. It is perfectly fine for what it is. I don't know why Cody stopped surfing the pro unless I've forgotten something about the original. It seems odd. The basic quest is basic. The new characters are basic. There isn't much special. When they come upon the lava, I expected them to surf it. That would be kinda cool and they're surfers after all. This is all very basic and nothing special.
  • TheMunkeyBoy11 January 2019
    My three kids love Surf's Up. We bought this sequel for them and it wasn't such a hit. The youngest one is the only one who will watch it. She doesn't get it but she watches it. The first one is totally enjoyable even as an adult. This sequel is extremely poor. I can't sit through even 10 minutes of it myself. My suggestion; don't make eye contact and just keep walking by.
  • 10 years passed, and the acting of characters even gone worse than the first one; nor they behave/speak like the first one; nothing hooks up to the first one other than the champion thing... It's just like a fan-made, very poor fan-made movie. I am going back to watch the first one.
  • This film features astonishing performances from a very talented cast of actors. A script nothing short of a magnum opus. Animation so beautiful that you won't believe your eyes. See this film if you like seeing things done well.

    A fish-milking masterpiece.

    Rating: 10/10
  • freeefifka2 December 2018
    If the title is -surf's up- then the movie is about something totally different . how come the first one was about surfing and this one is .. what it is about ? being a hero ... well surfers will not like this part at all .. other people who like animation movies yeah .. but that's it . as i loved the first part i was shocked how second part is so so not about surfing . guess maybe someone else was doing the first one .
  • when the film starts and you see John Cena master performance of J.C you will see John Cena's method acting at it finest. but it is only rivaled by the performance of the UnderTaker who plays him self you will think this is the best assembly of talent WWE has to offer clearly all of them cared about do the best they could to make a Oscar worthy movie 10/10
  • mayesi21 April 2017
    To be perfectly honest this film wasn't even that bad. Most sequels are terrible but this one was still funny and kept to the same format that made it funny in the first one. It was a little weird as a huge fan of the first to hear Jeremy Shada instead of Shia Labeouf but it didn't completely ruin it for me. The jokes were a 'terrible funny' that made you smile and the storyline was basic enough to keep you entertained.

    This film was so light hearted and not a all a struggle to watch. I wouldn't watch it again but I wouldn't say it was rubbish. Would 10/10 recommend to a fan of the first but never recommend to anyone else.
  • stingylazytown10 March 2017
    I cried
    It is so beautiful I do not want to spoil this modern Citizen Cane! DO NOT WATCH TRAILER, you may get spoiled! John Cena is amazing in this film playing himself! Way better than Surfs Up 1 and any Disney trash! A clear classic! I will be hoping for Surfs Up 3 and even a prequel! Buy this NOW!
  • As someone who hadn't watched the first part of this one (I might, anyway) I can say this is totally watchable. I watched it with my two young kid siblings and they somehow liked it and so did I. It had fun to it, also a not-so-original-but-convincing plot. And yes, we're unarguably old fans of the WWE industry so, I wouldn't say it was a waste of time.

    This might be incomparable to its first movie but you don't have to rate it 1 out of ten because it doesn't peer up with it.

    I don't recommend this to grown-ups, of course, this movie is dedicated to the younglings, I hate how grown-ups come and rate it, yo, it's not for y'all, but it absolutely suitable for kids, they may like it.

  • When you see a fish, you would not make friends with it; but you would milk it...

    This movie not only goes astray concerning the first one called Surf's Up 1 (the same one that had Big Z, relax environment, excitement... etc.), but also follows a weak, resolute and accidental story line / screen writing...

    Okay, visuals are fine, though not great nor ground breaking. But there is a bigger issue here...

    It can betray its dominator / forerunner. It can incapacitate its fine "mockumentary" style. It can even disappoint the fans of the actor Shia Labeouf... But it should have not heat the competition between the kids who watch it. Okay, you are saying they correct it at the end. But we are not sure if the movie tempts unnecessary doings in search of a glory or condemns it.

    Okay. If this doesn't count... let me reveal my last subject.

    The film presents a number of scenes (there were five at least) that has open objectification and sexualization. Is this what we want to do to our children? Is this where we stand, ladies and gentlemen?.. And no... it is bad for adults too. Just think about what that kind of amusement cause... Creativity? Good humor?..

    Why do we always have a mind set towards lesser things when we have ways to channel our natural inclinations?..

    So, we could all be surfers and not idle around behaving badly, and be good to others. We be a humane "maverick"! And don't let our kids get milked like bad fish...:-) (P.S.: No, it's nit funny.)

    The Gracious Koran tells the following: "And each one hath a goal toward which he turneth; so vie with one another in good works. Wheresoever ye may be, Allah will bring you all together. Lo! Allah is Able to do all things."