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  • I usually don't write reviews but i'll make an exception this time and try to keep it short and sweet. If your a fan of sci-fi animes and the whole Steins Gate franchise then you wouldn't want to miss this beautiful and well written anime. What really impresses me was the manner at which they successfully tied up all the lose ends on the time travel concept without leaving the viewers in a loop of confusion. If you saw the first and second season of Steins Gate then you definitely have to see this one to get the whole piece of the cake. I'll say no more, just go see it... EL PSY CONGROO.
  • Steins;Gate was one of the best anime ever produced, his unique take on time travel and it's memorable characters gave me one of the best experiences I ever had watching a show. On the other hand, Steins;Gate 0 end up been another brilliant series but for different reasons. I first gotta talk about the character development in this show which was incredible. Okabe Rintarou which was a very loud, over the top but unique character in the original series is now a very depressed person who is suffering for the decisions that he made. His Hououin Kyouma personality is gone, so our dear mad scientist is now a sad scientist. I am sure many people will dislike this new version of Okabe but you need to understand that this was the most logical result. After everything that happened, it wouldn't make any sense to have our over the top mad scientist throught this entire show. Steins Gate 0 takes the Okabe Rintarou character and manages to give it more deep and make him even more relatable to the point that it makes the ending of the original Steins Gate even better because now we know why Okabe was able to make all the decisions that he made to reach the Steins Gate worldline. However, Okabe is not the only character that gets more deep, one of the strongest points of Steins Gate 0 is that it takes some characters that didn't get enough screen time in the first series and give them some proper character development, Mayuri and Daru are able to shine more in this show, especially Mayuri who I think gets the best character development out of all characters in this show(yes even better than Okabe). We also get some new characters like Maho, Kagari and Amadeus that get some proper development too. When it comes to the narrative of this show, this is a very character driven anime, the time travel is still very important but the character development was definitely the most important aspect of this anime. The anime still deliver in giving us some very epic scenes involving time travel it also deliver in giving us those heartbreaking scenes that make the original show so emotional. Steins Gate 0 might be a different take of the Steins Gate story but still has some elements that made the first anime so great. However this series does have some issues, and it has to do with the direction.The original Steins Gate was very well directed, most of the episodes of Steins Gate 0 are very well directed too , but there were some episode that had some problems, espeacially during action scenes (those who watched episode 18 know what I am referring to). Now, those action scenes weren't the most important scenes of this anime because this is more a sci-fi drama than a action/shounen anime, and the most important scenes of this anime had a great direction, so it didn't affect my enjoyment of the show that much. The animation and art wasn't that special, just like the original show. The soundtrack was as great as the original show, the opening "Fatima" was great but still couldn't top the iconic opening of the original Steins Gate. Overall, this anime was not able to top the first show but it was still able to deliver another incredible story with fantastic character development.
  • Steins;Gate was an amazing anime that was full of twists and turns and a very heartwrenching story on sacrifice and moving on. Steins Gate 0 is more of that, but worse in many ways.

    Most of the plot twists were really predictable especially since the anime beats you in the head with its 'hints' and assumes you wouldn't get it, but I knew where a lot of plot points were going just a few episodes in. A lot of the episodes feel disconnected and some of them are just repeating the exact same points: Okabe is depressed, Mayuri wants him to be happy, the other guys want to try and fix the timeline. It's the same few cliches done for a long time. The action scenes are also horrible, but thankfully they don't take much screen time.

    That said, steins;gate 0 *is* a good sequel to the first, but keep your expectations low. Some scenes were really powerful, and in the end it feels like it wraps up the series in a fairly satisfying way. I'd give this a 6.5/10.
  • GloomyDuck12 September 2019
    Just amazing. You need to watch the first season "Steins;Gate" to understand and love this one.
  • This series is set after the events depicted in Steins;Gate... but in a reality where Okabe failed to save Kurisu. He gives up his 'mad scientist' persona and stops investigating time travel. Then one day he meets Maho Hiyajo and Alexis Leskinen, acquaintances of Kurisu who have been working in the field of artificial intelligence; the system's personality is based on Kurisu's personality and memories. They ask him to help with the system's development. Gradually he is brought back into the field of time travel and it isn't long before tragedies start again and he must work again to save his friends, and the world.

    Having really enjoyed the first series I was keen to watch this; I was not disappointed. Given how the story starts it isn't surprising that it has less comedy moments than the early part of the last series. The story was gripping from its opening to its conclusion. All the old characters are back, even if Kurisu is now a computer AI, although their relationships have subtly changed due to various events. These changes feel perfectly in tune with what has happened. Overall I'd say that is a must see for fans of the original series but if you've yet to see that series check it out first or this will be rather confusing.

    These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.
  • Steins;Gate 0 is what would have happened if the emotion and seriousness were amped up right before the end of Steins;Gate. There isn't much else to say besides watch that and then this. It feels perfectly connected with the original plot yet has it's own uniqueness.
  • It actually has little to do with the original. Not as funny, characters are not as interesting, writing is uninspired. Its just a way to cash on the original. Could at least be better if it had half the episodes or less.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At the beginning of steins;gate 0 I thought that they just brought it back for money But when I finished it I can say it's a well deserved sequel and the finale is one of the greatest episode I have ever seen Yes it's sad thad the 0 steins;gate isn't as great as the steins;gate that his before self got But without 0 there is no happy steins;gate for the past That's what makes it a masterpiece and the best sequel there is
  • vivekgkp28 March 2020
    Stein gate is the best anime I have ever saw. And Stein gate 0 is great too...if u watch all steins gate saga in perfect order you will find Stein gate 0 is perfectly awesome
  • ahmed_the_best27 September 2018
    Well..In my opinion it's so brilliant. this anime will blow ur mind i think steins gate 0 is little better than the original one . It deserve to be one of the greatest series and it's the best sci-fi series i've ever seen
  • Starts of well, draws you in, and then, like 4 episodes in, it just stops, the plot basicly dissappears, insted we get generic anime moments... none of that unique Steins Gate humor. At least for 10 episodes this drags on, filled with random crying moments that are never really built up, they just happen and you just get annoyed more and more. Then finaly the story continues, but its rather bleak, forced a bit. I feel like the whole 23 episodes I was teased by what this could be but never is. I basicly only fully enjoyed reminiscent moments of Okabe and Kurisu, and thats about it. Plot was just lazy.

    (POSSIBLE SPOILER) New Kurisu lookalike charachter (another useless teaser) - never developed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I started watching this show with very much hype, anticipation and excitement. After a long time of waiting, I finally had a legal option to watch this anime on a video on demand platform available in my country. In a nutshell, I had very high expectations on this series and how you might have seen on the headline, I got highly disappointed. I'm so frustrated that I felt very generous to give this a 6/10 for a good character design. But let me explain: The series started very well with a drama styled storyline focus on the depression of the protagonist and how his life changed since he gave up to reach his goal of saving everyone. But also here, in the good part of the series are some side stories which feel a little unnecessarily, as if they were only intended to fill time, but honestly, it's easy to overlook. My main problem are the action parts of the series, where it finally turned into a "turn off your brain" anime. This phenomenon has reached its peak in episode 17-18 and it is so bad I can't describe it, so I will name some examples:
    • In these two episodes, three characters are shot in the face by trained soldiers from low range and all of them were only grazing shots.
    • By the way: these trained soldiers are trained so well that they can teleport on the roof of a building within a second.
    • Also the main characters teleporting.
    • Characters behave much stupider than usual because ... plot?
    • The Japanese government seems to haven't a problem with combat helicopters flying in a multimillion inhabitants city unless they fire a missile into a building.
    • It might be cool letting a helicopter come from under the roof but it's (in this case) also illogical
    • Girl decapitated soldiers with hand edge. It's possible because... she is super badass?
    • It has nothing to do with action now, but was anyone surprised that the bad male American, is the only stereotypical American in the series?

    These are just things from 2 episodes and also just the ones I can summarize quickly. The illogicality was the reason which finally destroys the series for me.
  • The Steins;Gate universe never seems to disappoint. This sequel couldn't be better in my opinion. I would pay to see a season 3! The almost perfectly written storyline, the real character development, the smart twists, the feels, etc. It is all so precise and neatly mastered, making Steins;Gate one of the best animated series out there, without a doubt.

    It is not the show that you can watch if you just wanna laugh or be entertained, the story is often sad and clever and requires acute mental attention to grasp all the important details, making it a show that will constantly leave you mindblown at each episode.

    I was a bit dubitative when I first started watching the show because I thought time travel could easily be confusing, but the writers behind Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0 are doing one hell of a job.
  • musicmagazine7 January 2020
    The comedy and characters are not for everyone but please sit through it because this is the greatest plot of all time. I personally loved everthing about it. The first few episodes are character development and its slow to pick up, but there is nothing like it.
  • Zeref_se16 May 2019
    The story of a crazy scientists and their crazy stuffs. it has crazy story that will make you like the anime.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ' also everyone who loves watching this series is very clear masochistic. '

    I read it in an entry written about the new season, and I think it is the most beautiful and clearest description.

    The serie featuring an extremely fiction, extreme heavy drama. I can say that it has the most iconic characters among the animations I have ever seen. maybe you remember the Kira from Death Note, maybe Dr. Tenma from Monster, but when you are asked which characters you remember from Stein's Gate, they are all in one glowing 'hippocampus'.

    --- Theory & Spoiler ---

    When we finished the second season, it took us to the last part of the first season, and here we noticed something. In the first part of the first season, the sound heard when Kurisu died, the sound that Okabe made in pain to drain his blood. This shows that the fact that Okabe has never come from the future, that is, the unchanged world line is the Stein's Gate itself.

    Summarize; The Stein's Gate they actually try to reach is the actual world.

    But when I watched it again, I realized that in the first part, Okabe gained metal upa from the toy vending machine and in the last part it changed and prevented the plane event. But at the first episode upa was metal even though he heard his own voice.. This proves that in the last chapter, Okabe goes back more than twice. How many times did he endure the death of Kurisu, as in Mayushii?

    --- Theory & Spoiler ---

    Finally, I strongly recommend you to watch.
  • cherold4 December 2018
    I *loved* the Steins;Gate series, and liked the movie almost as well, so I was really excited to hear of a sequel. And even though the show didn't grab me right away, I kept watching, waiting for the magic to reappear. And then over halfway through the season, I gave up on the magic.

    Before watching this I had to find a recap of the first season, since it's been years, and found someone who had written such a recap specifically for people coming to Steins;Gate 0, which was extremely helpful. Armed with that knowledge I was *reasonably* caught up.

    The first notable difference between this and previous incarnations is the manic, eccentric Rintaro Okabe is now the sadder but wiser Rintaro. This makes sense - he went through some tough stuff in the series - but he's far less interesting. It took a while for the story in the original series to fully kick in, and it was the nutty humor that kept me watching at first, and there's little of that this time around.

    There's also little of time travel. Most of the story is about Rintaro's experience testing an A.I. based on a friend of his, leading to the confusion of, is this her or just a set of algorithms. It's a good premise - I love it in Westworld - but not much is done with it (at least as far as I got.

    Watching the series I just felt restless. There were usually good cliffhangers that made me curious what would happen in the next episode, but once the episode started and the cliffhanger was resolved I would get bored.

    Maybe the story pays off by the end, but it just felt like a waste of time.
  • diskutsa21 January 2021
    I enjoyed it even more than the first season... amazing
  • This is not the Steins;Gate you know, nor should it be. It's a whole new story just as great as the original. Amazing series.
  • magicianwinners22 December 2020
    The pacing is real bad but episode 21 is worth the wait
  • roger-shehu10 November 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    It's actually a bit less funny than the alpha worldline but it's really powerful and really emotional and has no plot holes. I never thought I'd be so happy to hear "Hoyin Kyoma". Definitely a must see.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    0 as a sequel traded in something of the original and gained something else new to the whole franchise. The original steins gate was undoubtedly funnier. This one has more action and is a bit more depressing. One thing about the sequel is that the first part will be a bit troubling for the hardcore fans of the original steins gate as it felt a little bit disappointing. The earlier plot twists were predictable. There is less comedy and some of the drama are nonsense. I believe some of the early episodes were even filler. However, that is our mistake; steins gate isn't about the plot twists, is about the suffering that comes with time travel. The second part of steins gate 0 was so thrilling and intense that it rivals and even surpasses the original steins gate. It ended so great and of high satisfactory. Never have I loved Okabe Rintarou more. Upon returning to his mad scientist delusional fantasy, never had I felt so nostalgic. In all, Steins; gate 0 is a perfect ending for the original but it takes a little sacrifice. Go through the below par first half and enjoy the undoubtedly 10/10 second half.
  • In my opinion, Steins Gate 0 is better than the original, having had way less fillers and rather good character development. With this sequel, Steins Gate is complete and it becomes a landmark for anime.
  • It's one of my best sci-fi anime. It contains such complex story that will make you like the anime.
  • Steins;Gate 0 got a superb concept, it covers what happens when a different decision is taken on time traveling, the central character giving up and accepting defeat.

    This show is much slower and less intense than the original. With a bleak and serious outlook, the fun and humor are missing. The focus is more on emotions and relationship, only in the last quarter of the anime does the plot progression pickup. The storytelling is also very confusing, much more than the original. It does tidy up the loose ends but did leave me with a muddled mind.

    The personality changes most of the characters undergo suits them perfectly with the fresh take on the story, still, I would prefer the more entertaining fun personalities from the original series.

    The animation and sound itself are good, probably a notch better than its predecessor. Loved the opening soundtrack, its intense.

    It is a very promising anime, just needed to cut down the running time by half for better pacing.
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