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  • Seems like there's a lot of hate for this on here, but I for one really, really love it. It's amazing how resentful people can be if you don't make them laugh.

    After 6 episodes there's only been a couple of skits that didn't raise some amusement in me and quite a few that made me do that hard sought after response comedy writers seek- laughing out loud.

    The nature of the show means ideas are dispensed with as quickly as they are established, and quite often it's the suggestion of these ideas being more fleshed out that is hilarious in itself. Pre-teen with a Predator Head? Amazing. Polygamists of the Trees? Brilliant. Other sketches are fully formed jokes, or catchy, absurd songs. Looking forward to the release of Fruit Bloods album.

    So yeah, don't let the terrible reviews put you off. You might just love it as much as me.
  • I saw this when it first aired, I was actually curious and somewhat optimistic about it at first, but literally the entire time I did not laugh, giggle, or even grin at anything. I thought it was just very boring and uninteresting. I decided to watch again thinking that it could have just been the one episode, but no. I actually put all of my attention into the show for the full run time and did not find a single thing funny at all. Added with the odd art style,the fact that there is no stories, it's just a sketch comedy with no funny sketches, watch robot chicken instead, they put more time and effort into it and it's actually funny. In short it is not surprising that they only air this show for 15 minutes at 11:45 on Sunday, it is honestly just a waste of time.
  • TL;DR This is my favorite show

    I loved China, Il, but Brad Neely's Harg Nallin' Sclopio Peepio is truly the best show I've ever seen. It's one of the best pieces of art I've ever seen. It is a sketch comedy show that primarily riffs on TV and modern culture, with an extreme dose of absurd-ism injected throughout.

    I have personally found every single skit to be funny in at least some way; the idea itself, the animation, the dialogue, or even just the life put into the characters by the voice actors. For example, I found the Bruce Willis skit another review mentioned hilarious primarily because of all the different ways the voice actor said Bruce Willis. Every time he said the name it was with a different pace and inflection that struck just the right chord of comedy to me, in addition to to the scene being very reminiscent of a certain scene in Being John Malkovich. Every episode features a guest star which includes the likes of Andre 3000, Jeffrey Tambor, and Ilana Glazer (she's actually a writer on the show and in every episode, don't let IMDb's out of date information fool you)

    Some of the sketches are actual poetry. One sketch is a monologue called Human History with Andre 3000 (read by Andre 3000) which reflects on both how far and little we have come as a race since cave people. Another one talks about the plethora of options presented in modern society and subtly suggests they are all meaningless.

    And as a last response to some of the negative reviews, trying to explain how I feel they have misinterpreted the show. There are a series of skits throughout the season which starts of as "Ya know, I always imagine (some celebrity)..." and proceeds to describe the absurd way presumably Brad Neely perceives these celebrities. It's always a fantastic absurd story somehow based off the celebrity. One example is when he talks about how Donald Trump wears 2 live goats for shoes, as a symbol of his opulence. Another review mentioned the band Fruit Blood and merely stated they wear BDSM gear. Most members of the band are actually wearing a fantastic combination of BDSM gear and extravagant Brazilian Carnival regalia, while the drummer lays on the floor in a banana suit near death in every episode. Also 2 female mannequins play the keyboard and the mannequins dance along with the band.

    And as a last last note, the songs are AMAZING, even better than in China, Il. A number of them will get stuck in your head no matter what you do. Please watch this show it is beautiful <3
  • I sat through three episodes of this bilge and could not believe how truly dismal it is. It's like some teen putting on a show for his mates, but the kid has only vaguely understood what humour is. But his mates have to sit there and pretend to love it - maybe he's got leukemia or something.

    One sketch - to use the word very generously - was a weird-looking geezer ambling sideways while the refrain "ain't gonna hit dat" repeated again and again, with no reference to anything earlier. For about thirty seconds. Which felt like a long time out of a ten- minute show. Although it was a long ten minutes, devoid of even a smirk.

    Then they played it again later in the show, similarly without adding anything funny to it.

    How this got commissioned, how it was pitched ad a posse of TV mavens agreed to take a punt on it, defies explanation. One can only assume the creator is a whole lot better of a salesman than he is a humorist.

    I've had more fun sitting in the dark and crying, than I had watching this show.
  • its creative, fun and i just cant put my finger on what makes it good but it seems to speak to me. its random as hell and its variety of skits are pretty zany, plus i love the intro with the dancer. i think the shows are just the right length. i like the animation style very pythonesque humour. its creative, fun and i just cant put my finger on what makes it good but it seems to speak to me. its random as hell and its variety of skits are pretty zany, plus i love the intro with the dancer. i think the shows are just the right length. i like the animation style very pythonesque humour. its creative, fun and i just cant put my finger on what makes it good but it seems to speak to me. its random as hell and its variety of skits are pretty zany, plus i love the intro with the dancer. i think the shows are just the right length. i like the animation style very pythonesque humour.
  • rasinski723 August 2016
    The guy who makes this show is obviously creative, and has great sense of how to animate funny and interesting characters. The first season and a half of China IL, had a wild mix of odd-ball comedy (even by Adult Swim standards), a lot of personality, and even some heartfelt moments. That show ground itself to an unwatchable halt in the third season.

    Prior to that season, plots had been strange, but usually provided an engrossing little world, through the strength of the characters. By the third season, the writing had devolved into lazy implementation of plots that increasingly struggled to be funny, while attempting to cobble extremely tenuous devices into thematic conclusions and morals that became more and more forced with every episode. China IL became cringeworthy when it began shoehorning large amounts cheap celebrity/pop culture reference into already suffering plots. The show was canceled and Sclopio Peepio became Adult Swim's reclamation project for Brad Neely.

    Neely, instead of playing to the strengths of what was presented by China IL, doubled down on what destroyed it with Sclopio Peepio. This show has potential, but like the dying gasps of China IL, puts zero effort into any element that could make use of Neely's ability to create characters. Its a stream of extremely short sketches and musical numbers, none of which provide enough context for anything to be even mildly entertaining, let alone funny. It likewise relies heavily on pop culture gibberish, to an even more pathetic degree than something like Family Guy or primetime sitcoms. I believe the original title of the show was "TV Sucks." That name would have properly described the low-concept garbage that it became, although the nonsense title it has now is equally accurate.

    Its a litany of failed gags, forcefed celebrity elbow-nudging, and truly obnoxious, repetitive musical numbers. I've forced myself through every episode, trying to find some glimmer of hope for this thing; because, as I said I think Neely is an interesting guy with some potential, but there's just nothing worthwhile here. It may be the the worst show that Adult Swim has ever aired, a network that made a name for itself with experimental programming and has produced some incredible dumpster fires over the years. Honestly, its hard to make it past the first sketch or two.
  • A lot of people complain about this but honestly I like it a lot. So far I've watched up to episode 4. with 3 and 4 being my favorite so far. I admit not every sketch is funny sometimes its just random with no point. However,not every Robot Chicken sketch is gold either. To sum it up, the show is a blend between Robot Chicken and China,IL with some Stephen Lynch, Bo Burnham, Jon Lajoie nonsensical style catchy comedic songs thrown in all wrapped up in the brain of Brad Neely. If you like Absolutely indirect viral videos like most of the funny or die sketches or movies like "clerks" or "the room" then Brad Neely's "Harg Nallin' Scorpio Peepio" is something you should check out at least for a few episodes
  • Brad Neely's Harg Nallin' Sclopio Peepio is last great animated show.

    Read the other reviews on this page. Think about those reviewers.

    People who don't understand comedy seem to virulently hate this show. I mean, the kind of mediocre corn-fed clones who are responsible for Will Ferrell's career. People who still hang out at the mall.

    In a perfect world, people who don't think this show is funny would be fed to starving third-world children and we'd all live in peace forever.

    Instead we have all our entertainment dictated by the lowest-common-denominator, low-brow, coke-ravaged, sex-driven, money-obsessed and all the other hyphenated filth that keep the human race from flourishing and evolving into its next stage of existence.

    Comedy haters will outnumber us one day. That day is soon.

    I give thanks to the Neely for delivering this gift in our time of need.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Let's admit, for every Rick & Morty, Boondocks, Venture Bros., etc. that's on Adult Swim, we have a bunch of shows that I call "stoner shows." This show, from the creator of a show I barely watched, China, Il, is definitely one of those shows. You can probably go on that assumption just by looking the opening and credit segments, which is more or less a bearded guy wearing nothing but golden chains, sneakers, a headband, and 'the shortest pair of shorts no guy should be wearing in public" dancing around in a rainbow hallway with a grin on his face. For some reason, I call this the best part of the show. The rest of the show is kind of mixed. You can find some things that are funny, but other times, it feels like a twelve year old has written it, then whenever there's a preview for another episode, such as the Bruce Willis skit previewed at the time of this review and "Stripper with a Booger," you pretty much saw part of the episode, with only a few seconds of it left. Such "classic" skits includes an almost terrifying "Cute Corner," some woman singing about the TV guide and a Big Bang marathon (on different episodes of course), Fruit Blood, some band that wears latex fetish suits and sings about random things like "roosters" (a replacement term for the word they actually used) and Cheetos on the floor, girls on bikes singing about buying beer, and a dog...well, let's just say it had something to do with a clock, hamburgers, and other random objects. One character of China, Il, Baby Cakes, does show up in one episode, which has him singing about his dead dog and hoping he's a ghost, which is kind of a sad concept in my opinion. Because yeah, that's all you need for a comedy show these days.

    In all honesty, if all I described is actually funny to you, then odds are you'll like this show. However, if you require a little bit more from your jokes, then you can watch *random title of a comedy here* over this. A lot of shows and movies does either random or 12 year old humor a lot better than this, and you can find a better skit show than this, like Robot Chicken for example.
  • georgiaketels9 August 2016
    Look. I can see where bits of it are coming from. I can taste the Brad Neely in it. It just pales in comparison to China, Il. Part of me knows that I shouldn't be judging the show based on its predecessor, but even comparing this to other sketch shows (notably Robot Chicken), it just doesn't work right. Brad Neely's got real talent, you can feel that in how quickly he characterises and the novelty of his songs. I think this show isn't his jam. Part of the problem is perhaps that the sketches are so fleeting - there's no joke to draw back on - nothing self-referential. If I may say one thing, though - I took the advice of another review and pushed ahead with the show. The later episodes compared to the start are a vast improvement - I didn't feel like I was forcing myself to watch it, so to speak. Maybe it has some hope, if it's tailored to fit. I'm not sure. Perhaps a better solution would be to revive China, Il.
  • I could only think of one appropriate way to introduce this show and that is with an homage to the introductory monologue from The Big Lebowski:


    Now this story I'm about to unfold took place back in the mid 2010s-- just about the time of our conflict with Syria and Isis . I only mention it 'cause some- times there's a show--I won't say a masterpiece, 'cause what's a masterpiece?--but sometimes there's a show.

    And I'm talking' about Harg Nallin' here-- sometimes there's a show that, wal, he's the show for its time'n place, it fits right in there--and that's the Harg Nallin', on |Adult Swim|.


    Okay so like the introduction here says, this is a show that if aired at any other point in time it would probably have been out of place. This show is really a stroke of absolute genius and if you were a fan of the show Monkey Dust and the dark, sardonic, ongoing sketch based humor format Harg Nallin' is going to be a show you need to see. Really it's a genius project and Brad Neely has definitely shown the right to put his name at the beginning of this. It's kind of got an oldschool Brad Neely comics kind of feel with familiar characters, voices, and scenes with brilliant background animation that both draws your attention but is utterly irrelevant to the main point each moment is trying to make.

    This isn't a project for the well adjusted, this isn't for the fan of Big Bang Theory, it's not a show for people that love prime-time TV, in that same sentence it probably won't do well with Robot Chicken fans or fans of other fringe series. The people this show is going to appeal to is a small group but it's a group that's been watching Neely's shows since China, IL and all the way back to his early work where he first introduced Babyface and Steve. It's going to be a marginalized group of freaks who grew up on PeeWee's Playhouse, dark humor late night cartoons back when CC did that kind of show, or people that have ventured into other countries' entertainment to find something with which they connected if even from a third person of a third person. I'd say that the show isn't intended to be funny on it's own in it's own content, but I'd be wrong; it's a difficult humor to explain, it's just something you get or you don't.

    Every once in a while there's a show that's perfect for it's time, and Harg Nallin' is that show.
  • This show is incredible and original. Brad Neely is a genius. Many will simply write it off as a Robot Chicken / Rick & Morty mashup. Fans of either as well as Monty Pythonesque sketch comedy like the Whitest Kids You Know will enjoy it. The show treats race, gender, religion with a level of honestly I haven't seen since In Living Color. This show is what Adult Swim is all about.

    Fans of Brad's earlier shorts will not be disappointed. Some of the current pop culture references are forced and tired. Kanye bear and Taylor horseman put a comedy central/SNL commercial cramp on the pure imagination we are all begging for.
  • joyfluffy29 July 2019
    Light enjoyable comedy, ridiculous and just what youre looking for, quick funny sketches of an obscure nature. A wide range of references and relatable content
  • I can SERIOUSLY veg out and I love the voices and its just so dumb it brings my blood pressure down and makes me giggle and laugh, i really wanna see more, i like the shortness of the scenes. Its just silly humor, can t take it seriously I love that, even other cartoons meant for kids have hidden meanings, I really love this show for not doing that!
  • I agree with mrandmrsliamrussell: i just cant put my finger on what makes it good. It's unique and PLEASE keep it that way.

    Even the crack- and LSD-heads of the 60's and 70's are going 'what the hell is this for crap; am I on a very bad trip?'.

    Weird to think that someone has put money, time and effort in this. And that someone wanted to broadcast it. Those people who did the voices must have thought 'I'd better ask for my check at the end of the day because this is going nowhere..'.

    Cartoons are two-dimensional, this one has no dimension..

    I'm still grasping for something to say about it but I can't. Don't waste your time..
  • The commercials were just obnoxious enough to entice me into watching this new piece on adult swim. Times come and things change, Metalocalypse and Moral Oral had their runs and as much I would like to see more stuff like that, I know I have to be open to the idea of change and welcoming in different animation styles and brands of comedy. Rick And Morty did a good job with that.

    The humor of this show obviously wasn't intended to be conventional, which is not a bad thing in itself, but what it ends up being is insulting to the viewer's intelligence and just plain boring. The script and the music aren't laughable whatsoever, and the art style is ugly.

    I can't see this being renewed for another season. There are many better animators and writers out there that are hungry to make a name for themselves.
  • skullofgems2 March 2019
    Post Modern vomit. So every once in a while it's accidentally brilliant.
  • Snikic18 January 2020
    Its topical and random, profound and meaningless and really funny. As always with this kind of thing, you need to be in the right mood and not every skit is gonna kill with everyone but I laughed enough to bother to leave this and that's saying something. Really glad I found this today, it's a shame they only had one season.
  • Adult Swim has had some amazing successes in the realm of avant-garde and equal in amazing dumpster fires, but this is just insulting to the viewer's intelligence. There is nothing redeeming about this and I am baffled that money was spent on this unfunny, boring and moronic sketch (absent comedy) show. People comparing this even loosely to Robot Chicken are doing a huge disservice to RC, yes not every RC sketch is hilarious, but none of them are just straight up stupid which is exclusively what this series is.