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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Seriously his voice is so smoothing man. The only main reason I got to find out about this anime in the first was because I was looking for a relaxing anime to help me sleep (yeah summer break is an insomnic time for moi). Also of course, it was shown as a #1 spot included in the headline "7 Soothing Anime You Should Watch If You Want To Fall Asleep" on the Animemotivation site. It's really great to find hidden gems on different anime related site's!!!! :D

    Anyways Tanaka is the sort of person that you wish you were him. The dude gets away with everything that he doesn't wanna do. I'm pretty jealous of him since he doesn't care about anybody or anything else that might obstacle him. He even has a friend Ohta who cares deeply for him! Man he's treated like damn royalty here !

    Anyway it's a pretty good show if you do need a bit of sleep and have some laughs without it being too serious like some anime is. Heck I even applaud the sub actors including Ono's voice for doing such a great job!