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17 March 2016 | lor_
How low standards have fallen
I blame it all on payola, but just for the sake of argument, if IR and Anal are now riding high as the most popular porn genres (by a landslide), the "Interracial Icon Vol. 2" is a useful example of what's gone wrong.

The formula is exceedingly simple: 1. Hire a hack director with the appellation "award-winning" to crank out an endless series of assembly-line gonzo videos. 2. Hire top-ranked female talent willing to "go IR" for fun and profit. 3. Round up from the exceedingly small talent pool a few Black porn guys with extra long dicks. No acting experience necessary. 4. Provide fake "luxury" surroundings (read: some mansion acquired through ill- gotten gains resembling a Jules Jordan hideaway). 5. Photograph the boring proceedings with what passes for "glamor" (read: in- focus video).

So we have superstars like Kendra Lust lowering themselves to sheer gonzo cavorting, trying to maintain a level of self-respect when mauled oh-so- professionally by completely disinterested Black performers. The brief "acting" set-up scenes with dialog are as flat as a pancake, supposedly creating an element of cheating by the women characters. Unlike similar, and often worse, Cuckold genre videos starring big-name Black stars like Sean Michaels or Shane Diesel, a buck is saved here by not hiring any whitey guys to be humiliated.

Recurring motif is our White beauties have big posteriors, a trend long established in porn but certainly amplified in these benighted Kardashian times. The entire interracial aspect as somehow "forbidden" is as antiquated as can be, making me wonder how these poorly conceived shows can be the hits that the hype machine claims they are. Pardon me for being skeptical, but in a former life I was an auditor.

The discovery here has to be blonde Layna Landry, who comes with an anti- pedigree of slaving away in the farm system of Bang Bros. and Reality Kings (namely the Grapefruit League down in Southern Florida). Her athleticism in doing gymnastic moves solo before bedding down with a Big Black Fella is briefly impressive. But after 2 and a half hours of this sludge I was ready to yell "Uncle!".

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