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  • Tim Ritter has solidified himself as the up and coming best Director & Writer. I like the storyline and acting too.
  • Across between the Gospel as viewed by a scribe who was writing Simon's book, and Orwell's 1984. without an understanding of both books you wont be able to follow the full extent. There are multiple gilded and even obscure references to the last supper in the flashback scenes. This movie is a solid reference to today's war on Christianity, and highly probable in reality to the Second coming of Christ if people dont grasp their morality and real world values once again. A prime example of this came in the verbal assault Simon suffered at the hands at his scribes father for being "just" a fisherman, demeaning him despite the fact that he was feeding the upper class which the 'father' was a member of. The hidden meanings in the movie continue right on to the closing scene. Many may find the movie boring due to lack of biblical knowledge others due to the artistic license it takes with the New Testament. The former I cant help but suggest bible study, and to the latter I say Open thine eyes and see with thy faith, not thy memorization of The Book Rev Scott