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  • Harun_Karali21 September 2016
    I think we can all admit that it's hard to create a show that stands out, As we are at a time where television is at it's pinnacle point. So when I started this show I was expecting a mildly entertaining series. What I got, is, a show that is real. So much so, that it brought tears to my eyes. That should tell you all you need to know about this beautiful tale about life. The story revolves around a few characters that seem to be unrelated. Just like the facts that were stated in the beginning of the show. However they have more in common than you realize. What sets this show apart from most, isn't the ending, But the journey you take in-between. As someone who's seen many new shows this year, both comedy and drama, I can say with absolute certainty, this is the most memorable. Not only because of it's outstanding story telling but because of it's cast, who bring life to the story.

    First I am a hard person to fool. The Village. Figured it out. Many others. The Sixth Sense and Fight club got me and that's why I love them. I love to be taken down a path and then realize everything wasn't as it seems.

    When the fireman lit the cigarette I realized it was 1980. But I still didn't get that those three would be raised together until the nursery with the knit onesies. I'm good at this stuff and the acting and characters blew me away that I wasn't looking for it.

    Best Pilot ever. IMHO.

    Then I thought. Well they can't do that every episode because if you are looking for twists you find them. If I was told there was a twist at the end, I would have figured it out (everyone's birthday on the same day, etc). But the fact one was black and the other two were twins threw me. PLUS the fact one was "Ryan Gosling" body and the other was overweight threw me that they were twins. Both played on stereotypes which I Loved they made us look into ourselves a little.

    So where does the show go from here? It has a great premise. Dual time lines. You can do a lot with that. Have stories play out with flashbacks to tell a larger story (ala Lost). The casting was nailed with exceptional talent. I was interested in every character. They even nailed it by casting Simon and Simon vet Gerald McRaney. He was the glue that MADE that story line click. He speech on the chair was Emmy worthy. I hope he is a regular cast member and explore his wife's death and the death of his one child.

    I'm hooked for at least season one. No need for twists. The dual time lines and great characters is enough for me. They can bounce all around in the 80s when the "triplets" are 4 or 10 or 15. triple time lines or more. Milo and Mandy can be made to look older and cast kids to play the parts at different ages. So much room to explore. I predict a good 4-7 year run.
  • All too often one ends up writing a review about a show that is less than amazing, often out of frustration, annoyance or plain old bored at yet another half as*ed attempt to get viewers to tune in with little effort on plot, dialogue or acting.

    I'm so pleased to say, this show is the opposite of it all, it is a delight to have found amongst the tedious modern take on entertainment.

    The tale is one of life, of seemingly unrelated people who share something in common, well that is the opener, the twist reveals itself blatantly at the end of episode one, and I didn't see it coming, so far episodes 2 and 3 have not delivered quite that surprise, but what they do deliver is excellence in acting, excellence in storytelling, and a compelling narrative and the continued potential for greatness.

    The characters are increasingly well developed with main and side stories in abundance, it has so far kept me interested and perhaps most importantly for a show, invested in who these characters are, and the journey they are on.

    There is something spine tingly about the show, as others have stated it can be an emotional journey, with moments of humour and moments of laughter and joy.

    It is merely 3 episodes in, but I am hoping we continue to explore the stories being told here, that the cast continues to deliver compelling acting and that the script writers take us on a human journey with all the typical highs and lows that involves. I am looking forward to more, much much more.

    If you hadn't noticed, I'm impressed by the acting cred of these people, with a couple of exceptions these actors aren't one's I've seen before, but they are doing an awesome job here.

    So for a change, i'm so please to commend this show to others, to say it needs to be watched with patience, with curiosity and and open mind and heart.
  • I don't write many reviews I'm often tempted but don't get round to it. It might be because most of the time when i'm tempted it's because a series or a films is really really bad, so instead I decided to spend my time tying to find something that's good to watch. Now, I have only watched the first episode and normally I would want to watch a few more before making my mind up but I the case of "This is us" I feel compelled to comment on the pilot episode.

    I LOVED IT ! It was wonderfully written, cleverly written, well acted with a good cast. I felt for the main character, they werre interesting and I want to know what happens to them. I was going to go into details about the main characters but I don't wont to spoil anything for you, all I will say is watch the pilot episode I will add that this is not the type of programme I tend to watch "family's struggling in the modern world" the "ups and downs of life" but after one episode I cant recommend this series enough I just hope it continues in the same manner.
  • samhitapothuloori27 September 2016

    Beautiful, Simple and heart warming, this show is one emotional roller-coaster. I've been awed, shocked and surprised, crying and smiling to myself. Loving it.

    One of the best pilots i've seen in a while, giving me the best quote, "There's no lemon so sour that you can't make something resembling lemonade." it's simply amazing. It's very rare to feel amazed and fall in love with the show just by watching it's pilot, this is one of them. Two episodes down so far and it has given two amazing and shocking ends, and i just can't wait how it will turn out.

    Trust me, Go watch it and you will not regret it. :)
  • This is a very inventive story line so I won't refer to it, except to say that both the first and second episodes have real surprises. Avoid reading any reviews with spoilers. It will dampen your joy as you figure things out.

    The acting is excellent and the script is well written. This looks like a comedy but in fact it has some profoundly dramatic moments. I want to single out some of the actors who were terrific – Milo Ventimiglia (played Rocky Jr), Mandy Moore ("Tangled"), Ron Cephas Jones, Sterling K. Brown (Chris Darden in "OJ") and Susan Kelechi Watson ("Louie"). Gerald McRaney does a cameo in Episode 1 which may be some of his best work ever.

    The disadvantage of a TV series like this is that it requires the audience to participate and fill in the gaps. Many people will not understand what's happening, so this is the type of series that is best viewed twice, or however long it takes you to get it.
  • Wow, what a come back for TV Drama. This is a multi layered, moving and totally relate-able show and so so entertaining. I am already so invested and have only watched two episodes. The leading cast are amazing with some of my all time favorites (looking at you Milo) and supporting cast seem more than adequate to keep up. The writers have their finger to pulse of what is really important to people today and throughout all of time... LOVE. It ticks so many boxes for me. I have been waiting for a show that I can safely watch with kids in the room, without soft porn, violence, bad language, and in general inappropriate story lines. This incredible show proves to be not too soppy, funny enough to break tension, loads of character diversity, Mandy Moore, I mean so many more reasons to fall in love with "This Is Us". That is all. Peace out
  • rich-862230 September 2016
    Well I did It!My first review.And i am glad that this is my first review.Because....

    After i watched the pilot episode i thought of only one word...PERFECT.The show caught my attention from the very first frame.I really enjoyed all the emotions,love,family...And the second episode topped the first episode by a mile.The way the past explains the present makes up a really satisfying watch in the second episode.

    I am eager to know how the stories move forward and i hope that the show maintains the standard that it set forth from the very first episode.
  • In this 3rd season, This is Us feels mores like emotional pornography. It's emotional manipulation to force you into a state of tears, laughter, whatever it needs at that moment. All art is emotional manipulation really, but the best art hides its motives. This is Us wears it like a badge of honor.
  • So, this will be my first official review on IMBD. I believe it's warranted because I have absolutely fallen in love with this show. The writing, the characters, the emotion..everything just feels on par and real. I'm really not much of a TV watcher. This show though, and specifically the relationship between Jack and Kate, reminds me so much of my own relationship and it's just a reminder of how much I love and appreciate the amazing man that I have. This show will make you feel things. I really can't say it any better than that. Leave all of your politics and judgement at the door, and give this a chance.
  • A great show with no supernatural events, no one with special powers, not about politics, medicine or any thing more than LIFE. I have not seen a quality show like this one where all characters are important to the plot. Everything in this show happens for a reason and is explained, if not in the same episode in a different one. The detail of the show is incredible and the characters are ones you get to know like friends. Everyone has their own problems and issues, just like we all have in life. This is just my opinion and you don't have to agree with it but with all the negativity out there it is refreshing to see a nicely written show like this one.
  • To give away any spoilers to anyone who has not yet seen the first episode would be criminal. The final few minutes of the episode are spectacular, so be sure to watch it in its entirety...and I don't mean, "watch it in the background while you do chores or play with your smartphone," I mean, "watch it without any distractions, and pay attention."

    All I want to say is congratulations and thank you to Dan Fogelman ("Crazy Stupid Love," "Tangled," and so many more) for giving us the best new show of the season. Sure, it's a little over-the-top sappy, but it just works. It totally works. The entire cast is a set of talented actors whose characters are extremely likable, whether or not entirely relatable.

    "This Is Us" is set as a series recording on my DVR -- I plan on watching every episode, and expect to enjoy each one. This one's a gem.
  • I just finished watching the entire season and I am stunned. This series is so effective and emotional yet extremely original. You will fall in love with each character as they are all completely different. I can't help but feel empathy for all of the major characters. You learn about their flaws but also the attributes that make them so unique and crucial to the show.

    The plot of this show is like none I've seen before and the pilot episode will have you hooked for the rest of the season. It has moments where you just want to ball up and cry but it also shows you the importance of family. It makes you want to call up your loved ones just to remind them how much you love them because life is so short. Apart from it being an intense emotional roller-coaster, the series a must-watch for anyone of any age.
  • I loved the first season, I liked the second one, and I am waiting for something to happen on the third one... so far, I am not getting any of the wow and emotional moments I used to enjoy!
  • It was love at first sight with the pilot (okay, it may sound like a cliché but I'll leave it anyway) and that infatuation was not just one night stand. I am only two-thirds through it but I put all my trust in this show for several reasons.

    First of all, the story is an excellently matched time travel collage which adds new pieces to the puzzle in moments when you are both caught off-guard but also feel that it was just the right time. Secondly, thanks to the excellent work the actors have done, it is a multidimensional live family photo which looks both romantically heartwarming and chillingly realistic.

    My last reason is thoroughly personal. Like in every happy love relationship I have the feeling that "This Is Us" makes me a better person. Not only because I can learn how to make my own amends (when I hurt the people I love or avoid instead of face and deal with sensitive issues), but because in each of the characters I recognize the perfect imperfections that make us humans.

    It will make you smile, it will make you cry, it will make you forgive (yourself included).
  • The "Pilot" episode follows several story lines including pretty boy actor Kevin (Justin Hartley) looking for something more substantial in his career and life, Chrissy Metz as his sister Kate who is struggling with her weight and looking for love, young couple Rebecca and Jack (Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia) who are expecting triplets and Randall (Sterling K Brown), a successful business man looking for his biological father who abandoned him as a newborn.

    Performances all around were solid, especially from Hartley and Brown and a guest appearance from TV vet Gerald McRaney. The writing of this episode was so cohesive with everything and everyone connecting in some way, and the unexpected twist towards the end of the episode is brilliant and pretty mind-blowing. I will definitely be keeping a close eye to this series. Hopefully the strong viewership the Pilot got will continue to keep this series alive.
  • plargreg14 March 2018
    This is garbage, this is a joke, this is boring ... this is us
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Preposterous set-up, (so what's new? that has never stopped network TV before). The real downer is that the show doesn't use the set-up to generate tension or dramatize conflict. Everybody is so perfect and always has exactly the right, politically correct and "supportive" response. Every time a dramatic impulse threatens to intrude, the show squelches it.

    Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) is a very good-looking, devoted husband; he is even still sexually attracted to his wife in her last stage of pregnancy. He is every woman's dream, and that is the point: he is a fantasy, not a real man. Ditto the doctor. A slightly different fantasy, he is a good-looking (but not TOO good-looking), neatly dressed, authoritative older man; he knows EXACTLY the right words to soothe a mother's anxieties.

    Kevin (Justin Hartley) is introduced in a nude photo of him holding a baby, symbolizing that he is outwardly a grown man, but inside he is still a child. We first see him in bed, undressed, while at the foot stand two fully dressed women, signifying that they are in control. Obviously, Kevin's story will be a one of those fantasy "Bachelor" contests, revolving around which woman can maneuver him into committing himself.

    Kevin's career change happens so abruptly, that it clearly has nothing to do with his character, and everything to do with getting him into the right plot line.

    I confess that I ended up fast-forwarded through the last part of Randall (Sterling K Brown's) story. Everything about his first meeting with his father was so pat and undramatic, that I couldn't help it. How convenient that his father has kicked his habit and become so NICE! It's really too, too white-bread.

    Kate (Chrissy Metz's) problem is the opposite of Kevin's. She represents another fantasy: finding a mate even when your competitive beauty-power is severely compromised. Not to worry, though; her personality shines through, and her target is smitten, no problem. (And if Kate thinks that weight loss is a matter of will-power. . is she on the wrong path!.)

    A text-book example of one-dimensionally relationships, Kevin and Kate display not a single sign that one may be at once envious and resentful of the other for perfect looks (or lack thereof), nor anger on the other's part at how well s/he can or can't play along and fit society's expectations. Instead, all that is buried. Believe me, that is not in the slightest a realistic relationship between twins.

    The audience can therefore look forward to a lot of unmotivated emotionalizing and "relationship building exercises." Count me out.
  • ww7872-572-18863823 November 2016
    This show isn't terrible and it has some interesting moments, but I'm finding the characters, yes the same ones everyone else is in love with, to be fairly hard to like.

    Jack is probably the best of the bunch but he is too perfect to believe. What man has a tire blow out and smiles about it? Rebecca favors one child over the others to an abusive degree. Her son Kevin begs her for attention and she can't even be bothered to go to a single one of his shows, or learn the name of the play he's in. That's just cruel. She suddenly cuts of her parents forever, instead of trying to talk out her problems with them.

    Kate sits in weight loss meetings and belittles the concerns of the other dieters. She can't bring herself to smile or nod at strangers who pour out their hearts to her, in fact, she maintains a stone faced disregard of others most of the time.

    Kevin is horrible to his brother when he's a teen and not much better later. He's needlessly rude to his step-father.

    Randall makes snap judgments about his bio father and his adopted mother without giving them a chance to explain themselves. He has never ever watched his brother's TV show. When his mother drops in on the way to the theater, he says, sarcastically, "Thanks for not calling first."

    Miguel is insensitive to things like the family traditions, but everyone is equally insensitive to Miguel and treat him like a pushy, interloper even though he's been married to Rebecca for years.

    I can't care about people this insular and self-centered .
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The pilot was absolutely brilliant. Four characters at pivot points in their life, and it felt satisfyingly concluded by the end of the episode when they all decided to change. Sometimes you don't need to show the complete follow-through. To me, the most important thing happened in the first episode. Everything genuine happened there. It all feels so stretched now. I'll grant that on occasion, a good and genuine moment happens, but they have become few and far between, not even every episode. I'm on the sixth episode, and I think it'll be my final one. I'm straining to care about most of the characters, and the only one I do genuinely care about is William, and I don't think it a stretch to believe he won't live out the season, maybe not even the next few episodes, given how his character was established. I enjoy sappiness, I really do, but I enjoy it only when it can be genuine.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I guess America needed a series where the producers and directors spoon feed them a heavy dose of predictable, childish, and completely overwrought melodrama every week. The only thing surprising about this series is how obvious everything everyone says and does is. The fat triplet - everything is about her weight which I guess gives her the right to be a total bitch to everyone. The actor triplet - immature, self-centered, narcissistic, everything is about him, which apparently gives him the right to be a complete bastard to everyone. The black triplet - angry, lacking self-confidence, defensive to a fault - which makes it OK for him to ruin everyone Else's life. Nothing interesting here except that every week, the show runners attempts at bringing on the tears becomes even more palpable. There is no way this whining time-jumping cistern of pablum can maintain these ratings for long.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was hooked from the 1st minute of this show. The acting is stellar and Gerald McCraney was impeccable. When he was sitting in the chair next to Jack telling how he lost his first child, i could not hold back the tears... it was beautiful and touching. The best part for me was the ending. I just LOVED how they went back to the 70's (hence the smoking in the hospital and the outfits) to show where the 3 grown adults ( Kate, Kevin & Randall)are in life and to then disclose that they are all related (Kate and Kevin I knew) but Randall being adopted by the parents to make it the three they vowed to bring home, was amazing! I cannot wait for Episode 2 :)
  • I knew the twist in the storyline before I began the first episode. I have no idea how they will continue with this gimmick ;but I barely made it through the first episode. All the emotions and story lines are are perfect " Hollywood Fake". This show is cloyingly sentimental and predictable. The opening shots of the the woman battling her weight were clichéd and downright stupid. The post it notes in her refrigerator were ridiculous and not funny or touching. Not one thing in this show feels authentic. Really,I can't say enough negative about this show. The forced writing and syrupy acting make this show totally unwatchable.
  • Bharve1022 November 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Boring is not a strong enough word for this show. I have not intentionally watched this show but my wife has had it on because she too is indoctrinated by the driest program I have ever seen. It is drier and more dull than thanksgiving turkey. I don't see what the appeal to this show is, I'm not apposed to drama. It's not a thrilling neck breaker they adopted a black baby the night that their third triplet died upon birth. The show jumps around with no sort of creative cohesiveness at all. The two biological kids look absolutely nothing alike. I guess I'm not suppose to get this. Not everything is for everyone but good Christ these stories are so boring.
  • The first 5 episodes were amazing, brilliant, emotional, pure find any word that defines perfection out there I'll take it. But after that it really started to go down hill : The plots were not as interesting and were spinning around in circles. The drama started to feel like damn soap operas. Some episodes it really felt like they ran out of ideas and you'd only see basically 2 or 4 actors during the entire 45 min. It was painful and during an episode in season 2 I fell alseep. The acting is ok (The actor who plays Jake is definitely the best one). What started off as a 10/10 show is now headed towards a 2/10. I even managed to watch some episodes of season 3, and it was a bad idea to keep it going because the rating is gonna drop a lot. They should have stopped at season 2 heck season 1. Disappointed, my mom and I really enjoyed it.
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