• WARNING: Spoilers

    In Bangkok, Thailand, in the loading bay of a warehouse, are several rough-looking Asian mafia types. They stand guard around a black van. A suited figure appears from a stairwell with his face concealed. The guards rush to attack him, and a brief but brutal fight ensues, leaving them scattered on the floor in agony. The suited figure drives off in the van.

    Seconds later, Siren (Selina Lo) arrives at the warehouse. Her thoughts are voiced aloud: "I've never been good at finding new friends, it's not my thing. Fortunately the organizations I work for don't need me to do that, they need me to run errands, and sometimes, to find enemies. This is the story of how I found one of them, a guy who calls himself The Pilgrim, and of how I fixed a personal vendetta along the way". Fade to black.

    A montage of shots of Thailand play - from island beaches and monkeys, to go-go bars and hookers, to night markets and cityscapes, finishing on a massive satellite dish pointing into space.

    Elsewhere, inside the NAOTC building (National Aeronautics Orbital Tracking Center) a young woman, Tammy (Natalie Lorence) watches a red blip flashing on a radar screen of satellite imagery. Her boss, Neil (Damon Whitaker) panics when he realizes that the flashing red blip's tracking code is NROX-42 and belongs to a classified military spy satellite. It has just dropped out of the sky above southeast Asia, and although there is a 95% chance that it landed in the ocean, there are a few islands within its trajectory too.

    On an island back in Thailand, a deranged hippy, Crazy Erik (Damian Mavis) dances by a campfire under the stars. As he looks up to the heavens a fireball comes racing out of the sky and crashes next to him, nearly killing him. Amongst the flames and debris are electrical circuits and metal shrapnel with the words "NROX" clearly written on the side.

    Back in NAOTC, Neil demands a list of operatives that they have in the area. They need someone with speed, who is there right now. Tammy flicks through various options and then pulls up a face on the screen, Reuben Andrews (Byron Bishop) and leaves. Neil instructs Andrews "to coordinate something urgently from the ground there". Fade to black.

    The word "HAPHAZARD" appears in bold letters, beneath it is written "(hap) luck; fortune. a chance occurrence. (hazard) danger or risk."

    Daytime, seaside town somewhere in Thailand. A blinged up Russian pimp, Ronnie (Ron Smoorenburg), waltzes his way around town like he owns it, winking and smiling his way past the few taxi drivers and grannies that he meets. A gorgeous hooker, Tatya (Olya Petryk), catches his eye. His attempts to seduce her fail miserably when it transpires that she knows exactly who is, and also one of his rivals Sergei. Ronnie walks off as his phone rings.

    In another part of town Siren weaves through traffic on a high powered bike, stopping at her friend, Supachai (Jonathan Samson)'s bar. As they share drinks one of the customers comes over to try his luck on her, Marek (Sergey Nosulenko). Supachai brushes off his approach gently but Siren reminds him that she can fend for herself, to which he responds "I know, I have to clean up the mess". Yet another customer barges in rudely to hit on her, and this time meets the full ire of Siren's temper. After she kicks his ass, physically, on the bar he limps off, and Supachai reminds her gently to let go of her anger. "I will one day", she replies as she clutches a silver pendant hanging on her neck. She walks off as her phone rings.

    In the docks under a bridge, a huge man with a Mohawk, Weathers (David Blazejko) does sit-ups on a concrete plateau on the waterside. Another man - who never gives his name but that we later find out is called Dru (Dean Alexandrou) - is watching him from a plinth, and jumps down to interrupt. Weathers conceals a knife in his hand as they talk. Dru reveals that he knows that Weathers is an ex military guy now working for the Russians, and demands to know the location of the crashed satellite, which he believes Weathers has. As his questions probe too far, Weathers attacks. Dru disarms the knife and they fight hand to hand, in the style of a music video, while music from Weathers headphones seeps out. Weathers is kicked off the plateau into the water, never to be seen again. Dru accesses Weathers' phone, and finds messages and a map with the coordinates of the crashed satellite.

    Elsewhere on the mainland, in the hull of a derelict 747, two Korean agents, Jun (Charlie Ruedpokanon), and Jang-Mi (Tanja Keller) talk with a German scientist, Ameisenbaer (Robin Schroeter) about the satellite. It seems he was commissioned to bring it down, but was unable to discover it's final landing place. The Koreans leave in anger.

    Inside a Russian mafia house, Olya (Kelly Jones) is in the middle of an interrogation. A guy is thrown into the street just as Ronnie arrives, who is marched in. Olya is Ronnie's boss, and they get straight to business.

    She plays a video message that has recently arrived from Crazy Erik, showing debris of the crashed satellite, which he mistakenly believes is an alien spaceship from the future.

    She tells Ronnie that she has been in touch with Moscow and arranged to sell the recovered hard drive to them. However Crazy Erik is not competent enough to bring back the drive alone, so Ronnie must go to the island to retrieve it.

    Erik has put the drive inside a secure metal case which is locked with a digital code. Olya gives the code to Ronnie on piece of paper and warns him not to lose it, because the case will self-destruct if the wrong code is entered. Before Ronnie leaves she warns him that a body has already found, and to be careful, because it means other adversaries are already looking.

    Siren arrives at Reuben Andrews' intelligence outpost in the woods, hidden in a derelict concrete bunker. Something appears to be amiss and she marches in with gun drawn to find a young man sitting at Andrew's desk, James (Craig Ryan). He protests his innocence and explains that he has been given this case at the last minute since Andrews' got sent on an even more urgent case. He seems to know the details though and Siren's suspicions are satisfied.

    He outlines the case for her - the satellite has crashed on an island, and already seems to be in the hands of the Russian gangs. They need to recover it asap before the Russians can get it back to the mainland, or bring in any back up. Due to the political situation in the region Siren will have to go alone, and discretely, without any visible backup or trucks. James will be monitoring signals and intel, and will provide help and support where he can. As Siren is about to leave she warns him about a guy known as "The Pilgrim", who is an extremely dangerous and capable contractor, and is known to work in the area, and will almost certainly attempt to get the drive.

    In a spartan room with strange art sketched on the walls, Dru is doing sit-ups when a video call rings in. A sinister looking business man, Akutagawa (Vithaya Pansringarm) wants to discus a deal to buy the satellite hard drive, but is skeptical of doing business over the phone, and doubts Dru's ability to get the drive. After exchanging threats they agree that the deal will go ahead, and that the meeting will take place at Akutagawa's nightclub tonight. Dru doesn't tell him his name.

    Dru arrives on the island and follows Weathers map to the coordinates. Erik is waiting in a wrecked boathouse with gun drawn, and is surprised to discover that Dru has not been sent from Olya. Meanwhile two Koreans, Jun and Shin (Chanwit Pittayanukit) arrive almost at the same time and head to the boat. Before they reach it Dru has persuaded Erik to hand him his gun, in exchange for helping him escape. As they reach the boat Dru jumps them and a fight ensues.

    A large man carrying a flamethrower and riding a bicycle, Flamey (Jean-Sebastien Cardeau) arrives on another part of the island and heads for the boat.

    The fight between Dru and the Koreans spills out of the boat onto the beach, and into a woodland area where Flamey arrives. The Koreans are injured killing Flamey, but Dru escapes, and returns to the boat.

    Meanwhile Ronnie has arrived on the island, and is also heading for the boat. He pauses outside when he sees Erik talking to Dru, and tries to listen. It sounds as though Erik is about to reveal the code and hand over the case. Before Ronnie can decide what to do a loud shot rings out and Erik collapses in pain.

    Dru grabs the case and darts off. Ronnie can get no useful information from Erik's dying last words, and chases after Dru.

    Meanwhile Siren has arrived on the island, and sees Dru's bike parked. She slashes one of the cables and lies in wait. Dru rushes up to the bike with Ronnie just out of sight, seeing the cut cable he hides amongst some rocks. Ronnie arrives at the bike and see's no-one. Siren watches but takes no action as Dru doubles back on himself and rushes along the clifftops, Ronnie gives chase again.

    Dru is waiting on a clifftop, a small fishing boat is in the water. As Ronnie gets closer Dru dives off the edge, shouting to Ronnie that the bag he put the case into is waterproof. He swims toward the boat. Ronnie can do nothing but head back - the dive is too high.

    Meanwhile Siren calls James to update him with what just happened, and how the case was taken from the Russians grasp. They realize that Dru must be The Pilgrim.

    Dru climbs onto the fishing boat where he is met, not by a fisherman, but by Jang-Mi, who is just as surprised to see him. She tries to steal the bag but is left swimming in the sea while Dru steals the boat.

    Ronnie meanwhile has found Flamey's discarded bicycle and is headed to the island port.

    Back on the mainland Olya is being given hell by her contact from Moscow (Yan Frame), who wants to know where the drive is. As she hangs up the call James is listening in to the line from another location.

    Siren is on her bike, heading back for the mainland. She passes a black van on the road and heads for a junction. Suddenly an SUV pulls out in front of her and rams her off the road, smashing the bike in the process. She survives the fall intact though.

    Two men jump out of the car and start to apologize, claiming that it was a complete accident, but Siren goes straight in for the kill, demanding to know who they work for. She breaks arms and ribs and leaves the men incapacitated when suddenly hearing a crying voice from the SUV. A young girl and her mother are inside. The men are just civilians and it appears to be a genuine accident. She is horrified at what she has just done. Siren convinces the men to let her use their SUV to drive to the mainland.

    Jang-Mi has swum to the shore. As she steps out of the water her boss, Sal-Inja (Mark Stas) is waiting.

    Ronnie is at the port. The boats are all gone. Olya calls him for an update and is disgusted to hear what happened. She tells him she will send Sergei, his arch-rival, to try to fix the situation and steal back the case from Dru.

    Ronnie heads back to the town to look for options, and passes a police car with the engine running. He steals it, just as the cop comes out of a bank.

    Siren stops at a traffic light, lost in thought, looking at the girl sitting next to her, Amy (Juta Chansrakao). She unburdens dark memories of her past about the murder of her mother by thugs.

    A short travel montage shows the progress of Dru, in the boat, Ronnie, in the police car, and Siren, in the SUV, as they make their way from the island to the mainland.

    Ronnie arrives right where Dru's boat stops and the chase continues on foot through the streets of the city. As the pair duck and dive through alleys, Tatya watches curiously from a balcony. Dru steals some clothes from a washing line and ditches his old outfit. Ronnie loses the pursuit.

    Back in the derelict airplane, Jun dangles Ameisenbaer over the edge by his throat, and demands answers and to know who the people on the boat on the island were. Ameisenbaer pleads that as the only tech person in this part of town, sooner or later information about the data drive will come his way.

    Ronnie is still searching the alleyways and bumps into a huge muscle machine of a man, Sergei (Max Wong). He won't let Ronnie pass, and the two fight. During the fight a cop also arrives in the alley and starts watching. Ronnie discretely puts the police car keys in Sergei's pocket as the two trade blows. Sergei is winning, but before Ronnie gets completely killed the cop intervenes and stops it. The cop finds the stolen police car keys in Sergei's pocket, and lets Ronnie go.

    Siren enters a plush restaurant owned by one of her former contacts, Harold (Byron Gibson). He agrees to help the people in the SUV, and to kit her up with some new equipment.

    Dru is with a hacker kid trying to unlock the case. After poking around with the electronics for a bit it is clear that he will need more expertise, otherwise risk destroying the contents. The kid refers him to the Ameisenbaer.

    Country music plays from a rusty old car, as it stalks Dru from a distance. Dru walks off the streets and into a old building carrying the case. The car creeps up on him. With no way for Dru to turn back, the driver, Huhn Flanger (Eric Ford) suddenly slams the accelerator on and powers full speed to run him down.

    The car chases Dru through the over grown weeds and vegetation that sticks through the cracks of the massive, wrecked building. Dru dives out of the way as Huhn Flanger fires shots from the car window. He escapes through a narrow passage where the car cannot follow.

    Harold shows Siren his armory and offers her a choice of weapons, from land mines to grenade launchers to 18th century muskets. She asks for something more discrete and they walk into another room, where she picks a glimmering sword. He says it will be "waiting for you".

    Ronnie is still wandering on the streets. Tatya steps out and says she knows what he is looking for. He follows her lead.

    In the derelict airplane, Dru sits with Ameisenbaer with the case, and asks him to open it for cash. Ameisenbaer bluffs it out and pretends not to know where it has come from or what is inside. Dru reveals that he is selling it to Akutagawa. Before they can make a deal Ameisenbaer accidentally mentions a hard drive, which he cannot know about unless somebody else has told him.

    Ronnie and Tatya arrive at the derelict airplane. They interrogate Ameisenbaer for information and discover that Akutagawa is the buyer. Jun was listening to the conversation out of sight.

    Elsewhere, Dru looks at the pulsing lights on the case and realizes that the Russian is the only one who knows the code.

    Dru, Ronnie and Siren all arrive at Akutagawa's nightclub in quick succession of each other. Ronnie is sent away by the doormen who recognize him as a trouble maker.

    Dru waits at a table for Akutagawa with the case. Siren watches from the bar, and sends a waitress over with a spiked drink. Dru accepts the drink but does not touch it.

    Ronnie walks around the back of the nightclub where he meets Marek. The two are old friends and Ronnie asks for Marek's help. They break into the club through a back entrance.

    Ronnie finally catches up to Dru and confronts him, accusing him of shooting Erik, which Dru denies. As Ronnie walks to the bar a man bumps into him.

    An attractive female bodyguard, Harbinger (Minpatt Ngamkerdteerasee) walks into the room, and tells Dru that Akutagawa is ready to see him now. Akutagawa follows and sits at the table opposite Dru. He asks Dru to open the case, to which Dru responds that he doesn't have the code, and indicates that Ronnie has it. Akutagawa demands that Ronnie reveal it or pay the consequences. Ronnie stands up and spells out the sequence, letter by letter, "F-U-C-K You". Harbinger points a gun at his head. Suddenly she collapses with a dagger in her chest.

    It was thrown by Siren, who steps forward. She vows to protect Ronnie from Akutagawa's thugs. Akutagawa recognizes her, as the girl who's mother he killed. He yells for his guards to "finish this". Guards rush in and mass brawl starts.

    During the brawl Jun and Shin arrive and join in. Everybody is fighting in teams except Dru - Siren and Ronnie, Ronnie and Marek, Jun and Shin, the henchmen of Akutagawa. While this is happening Akutagawa grabs the unguarded case.

    Siren unsheathes two swords that were placed inside the nightclub. Dru moves into a back room and Siren chases. They fight alone. One of her blades slices through an electrical cable and cuts the electricity. Everybody is in darkness with flashes of light. In the confusion Akutagawa kills Marek, and Dru escapes from Siren. As the lights come back on, Ronnie knocks Dru outside and into the car park. They keep fighting.

    Sal-Inja is waiting in the car park, and spots Ronnie and Dru, and joins the fight. His skills are too good for Dru who ducks back into the nightclub after being kicked down. Tatya arrives shortly after, driving a car. She sees Ronnie being beaten by Sal-Inja and drives into him, killing him. Ronnie is alive but in a heap on the floor.

    Siren has killed the remaining henchmen, and the Koreans, and sees Akutagawa shaking in fear clutching the case. She slices through his chest and kills him too.

    Dru arrives back in the club. It is just the two of them left. She asks him "Why do they call you The Pilgrim?". He looks at her in confusion and replies "I'm not The Pilgrim". A voice from the back of the room calls out "I am The Pilgrim", and James steps forward and shoots them both, and calmly picks up the case.

    Flashback through some of the events in the film:

    The fight at the beginning of the film is replayed, this time revealing the suited man's face. It is James. He steals the black van.

    At Andrews' intelligence outpost James walks in with a gun pointed at Andrews and demands the location of the satellite. He tries to buy time and delete the information from the computer then attacks James, who kills him swiftly. James drags the body behind a table minutes before Siren arrives.

    This time when she arrives a black van can be seen parked in the background.

    On the island, when Dru is talking with Erik in the boat cabin, the shot that kills Erik was fired by James.

    On the roads, where Siren was driving her bike, a black van clearly is seen in the background. Inside James has a computer that shows engine schematics as he hacks the controls of the SUV, causing it to crash into Siren's bike.

    In the nightclub, the person who bumps into Ronnie is James, and during the brief collision James steals the piece of paper with the unlock code on it from Ronnie's pocket.

    Back to the present:

    James has unlocked the case and is examining the data drive. In the background Siren moves, the bullet James fired has landed directly in the center of her metal pendant. She is dazed but alive. On the floor next to her is the body of Harbinger, and the gun still resting there, unnoticed during the fight. Siren takes the gun and shoots James through the neck. He dies slowly on the floor.

    A few days later, Neil is walking with Siren and Ronnie, holding the data drive in his hand. He thanks Ronnie for his help with recovering the drive, and offers Siren a permanent job, which she turns down. Neil says goodbye and leaves to catch a flight.

    Siren thanks Ronnie, in Russian, for his help, and promises that their paths will cross again.

    She walks off alone into the heat of the city.