Tammi was on Tru TV's, Caught Red Handed.

Barbra Roylance Williams (a.k.a. "Barbra") is a writer and actress from Florida. She has appeared in the backgrounds of several movies and television shows prior to her participation as an inmate on 60 Days In.

Robert Holcomb (a.k.a. Robert) previously appeared on TLC's Extreme Time Cheaters, which was quickly canceled. He admits he has previously attempted acting saying,"I did try acting years ago but I'm not an actor."

Filmed just across the bridge from Louisville Kentucky where one of the participant's (Maryum Ali) celebrity father , Muhammed Ali was born. Also where the Kentucky Derby is held every year the first Saturday in May.

Series is located in Jeffersonville, IN.

Filmed at the Clark County Jail in Jeffersonville Indiana which is across the river from Louisville, birthplace of Muhammad Ali. This almost cause a problem as Myrium is his daughter and while watching the news one evening with the other inmates there was a story about her father.