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  • I'm calling BS on all the reviews over 3 on this movie. So that is all of them (except this one). Its shocking. Don't bother!
  • kisiel-113 September 2018
    I really like dark holiday comedies and this is a great one! If you are looking for a fun ride - this is it!
  • This movie is super entertaining, my friends and I couldn't stop laughing, just when you think you can't laugh anymore it only gets better. This dark comedy surely will become a classic in no time, accompanied of great performance, a superb script, this film is highly recommended!
  • Film was absolute crap... I agree with Richy in that some of these reviews are fake. In fact, any review over 1 is a fake. I only gave it a 1 because there is nothing lower. How can one of the reviewers say that the acting was 'top notch'? The acting was crap, the story was crap and the film hurt so much watching, I am embarrassed to write this review because it means that I watched it all the way through. By the way, I didn't laugh once - I just sat there like a dumb-* waiting for the crap to finish to some sort of thrilling ending. I was wrong - it was just as crap as the beginning, the middle and really, just all of it!
  • JGReviews7 February 2019
    Let's Kill Grandpa is about a miserable family of misfits who get together over Christmas. Their grandpa is an insufferable old man who is holding onto over two million dollars of potential inheritance for his kids and their spouses, so a few members of the family decide that they should put Grandpa out of his misery and collect their money. The film is a throwback to movies like Throw Momma from the Train that many of us remember fondly. Let's Kill Grandpa has a twisted and dark sense of humor and a cast full of quirky characters that make the film a lot of fun. I'd recommend Let's Kill Grandpa to anyone who appreciates a good indie dark comedy like I do.
  • It takes a lot of confidence and clarity of vision to pull off a darkly comedic thriller, and Brian Gianci clearly has what it takes to get the job done. This bold and unique film balances the comedy and suspense beautifully, and it has such a great throwback feel to it. His rogue's gallery of entertainingly despicable characters is brought to life by a very game and solid cast. The whole thing has a really nice rhythm and flow to it, keeping you engaged and guessing throughout. If you're in the mood for a movie that's just the right amount of bonkers, check this one out!
  • A good, funny and dark comedy. Worth the watch. I mean who would really try so hard to kill there grandfather? Well if my grampa was that evil I would too lol. A very funny holiday movie that ends with a bang.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Odd ball quirky little dark comedy that wants to make you think its more scary than it really is with just the amount of twist on all those phony holiday movies we get force fed this time of year. I enjoyed watching this movie for and thought "why just stop at Grandpa? I see a few more characters in this movie to ad to the list!" hahaha! And that's the point, when a movie makes it difficult to root for just one character, it's a delicate high wire process.. one that the Director Gianci navigates delicately.. some folks might get snobby about the low budget filmmaking but I always applaud these type of efforts and amazed when a film from nowhere manages to entertain in a new way.. I'm not sure how a politically incorrect movie like this got made during the MeToo crybaby era where snowflakes get their panties in a bunch over Christmas songs like "Baby its cold outside" - so kudos to the filmmakers for having the guts to get er done!!
  • As an dark comedy junkie, I was hoping I might be easily swayed by the humor profile hinted at by the blunt-force titling of Brian Gianci's Let's Kill Grandpa (This Christmas), not to mention the possible homage to "Throw Momma From The Train" the titling may also intend. I'm pleased to report that to its great credit, Let's Kill Grandpa is indeed a film filled with the kind of laughs we know we shouldn't be having. The characters are lovably unlikable, and with great aplomb, Gianci deftly weaves darkly comedic elements with horror/suspense ingredients and a dash of thriller.

    Grandpa himself is old, apparently faltering, and he's stuffed to the gills with his heirs' future inheritance. The plot gets hatched, and by the time we weave our way through the film's thrills and dilemmas, we think we might know what's beneath the wrapping paper. But here again Gianci surprises and delights with his high level ability to straddle the finer points of three genres and deliver a singular work that is as humorous as it is unique.

    Everyone who has sat through bad stand-up knows that comedy is a highly flammable pool to swim in. Too often, that's also arguably the reason that ambitious comedy - particularly dark comedy - is averted in favor of safer pastures. Here, Gianci by no means plays it safe. Instead, he assumes heightened risk in striving for something individual, and ultimately meets those self-imposed challenges by delivering a film that truly sits in its own space.
  • Fed up with all those happy day Christmas films? This dark comedy might just be the right film for you. No likeable characters (well acted though!), everyone with their own agenda, and it all plays out nicely with an unexpected twist in the end.

    I wouldn't specifically say I was laughing throughout, but I definitely smiled a lot. It's a, let's say, fresh view on Christmas ;) I wasn't a great fan of the chopped editing, but overall the production value was good for an independent film. Overall, I recommend watching it!
  • While dark comedy isn't my genre, I can see that those who like it will love "Let's Kill Grandpa". The love story between Grandpa and the least likely family member was a bit out there, but there are definitely some laugh out loud moments elsewhere. "Grandpa" was an excellent casting choice.
  • Let's Kill Grandpa (This Christmas) is totally not politically correct, but at the same time is an equal opportunity offender to the point where the satire imbibes the comedic effect in a wonderfully hilarious manner. This is a perfect counter to hokey holiday films, and one that will have the audience in stitches throughout. I became a fan of actor/director Brian Gianci after seeing his other equally ridiculous film Let's Test it On Humans and was excited to see this movie as well. Both deliver the goods.

    While irreverent this film also examines the human condition of greed and and isolation in a capitalist framework, where big business discards employees to scrap heap while exploiting cheaper and younger options. The main character Carl, played timidly and effectively by James Wirt is a perfect counter to Gianci's brash and manipulative Brett creating a wonderful comedic dynamic.

    Highly recommend.
  • This was a truly fun and entertaining film. I was captivated the whole way through and didn't want it to end. It was quirky, absurd, funny and also had deeper layers of real life and truth all delivered in inventive ways. The acting was top-notch, the production values high, and the tone of the film was solid. You can feel the sure and confident hand of the director, Brian Gianci, and simply relax into a well-told, entertaining story. Highly recommend!
  • 04/08/2019 Not horrible as some reviews make it out to be but every so often cranky vulgar grandpa does his thing. I'm getting ready to watch "let's Kill Ward's Wife" all-over-again. It was pretty good. You decide as always. Bon Appetit
  • brianberry-4574028 February 2019
    This was a funny movie with a surprising ending! For a independent film it had good quality. Down on his luck he goes after grandpa for all that money lol. I like the Christmas theme that played throughout the movie also, but you can watch this film any season! Thank you for your review.
  • tlg31719 February 2019
    Let's Kill Grandpa (This Christmas) takes holiday comedy to a new level. Definitely a dark funny though! As the story navigates the dysfunctions of a family all sorts of hijinks along the way as the title indicates, attempts are made on Grandpa's life. Definitely a fun watch.
  • Delightful dark comedy thriller. Clever dialogue and some fun suspenseful surprises while conducting a little social commentary exploring moral boundaries. An enjoyable twist on the "get rich quick" scheme theme often portrayed in film and on TV, and which many fantasize about, with a bit of holiday cheer.
  • First off the guy who plays James Wirt eerily looks like Jason Lee. All that aside this is a fun creepy, dark, atmospheric and sometimes gross horror / comedy/ thriller. I enjoyed it quit a bit it plays out like a better episode of "Tales from the Crypt" mixed with "Black Christmas" and a perverse version of "Home Alone" for good measure. Let's Kill Grandpa is a fresh and original film overall, my props go to all the cast who put in great performances well never devolving into stereotypes of these characters. That being said if you are a fan of Dark Comedy mixed with a bit
  • This irreverent Christmas black comedy has some very funny moments. From its witty introduction to the Grandpa at the opening, to the atypical wedding that closes it the film it never loses its wit. The characters defy the conventional typecasts for these sorts of film, lending the film a fresh and exciting feeling.

    The central performance from James Wirt was impressive. He embodied the role of the useless doormat well, adopting mannerisms and affectations that all added to a convincing characterization. Similarly, his wife serves as a brilliantly boisterous contrast to her cuckolded spouse.

    The film's editing was good. There were several playful cuts (the edit switching to the chopping axe for example) that kept the film engaging. The pace of the film was steady, sustaining interest throughout the 80 minutes. The dream sequence was particularly effective in this sense. Shots were framed well throughout and maintained an aesthetic coherence.

    Sound editing sustained the feel of an ironic Christmas comedy, and the soundtrack was orchestrated with the visuals well.
  • Everybody's family is twisted in some way, this one is just more twisted than others. I loved all the fun surprising turns this movie took. If you've ever had thoughts of killing your family at Christmas, this might scratch your itch, in a legal way.
  • I love movies set in Christmastime, I love movies about people doing a bad thing, I love dark comedies, so I gotta say I loved Let's Kill Grandpa.
  • I love the premise of this! If you have a dark sense of humor, this is a really fun watch
  • Here's a nice twist on the warm-fuzzy holiday flicks. Fun premise and fun to watch.
  • A fun black comedy for fans of Bad Santa. All the characters are despicable, but this is so well written that you love them nonetheless. Plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and enough suspense to keep you rooted to the end. Recommended.
  • Two of my favorite things in one movie. Christmas and Grandpa's with attitude! In this dark comedy Carl just wants to fit in. As this film unfolds his crazy friend tries to convince Carl to kill his Grandpa but things don't quite go as planned. The acting in this movie is top notch and I would recommend this gem to anyone that likes dark comedies in their Christmas stocking.
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