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  • It was hard to get invested in this show when all of the main characters were such terrible people. The acting was fairly good but the storylines felt repetitive. The humor was there in most episodes, but was overshadowed by the attempt at being an emotionless drama .
  • I don't have really strong feelings about this series after one episode, but I know I'm not interested in watching it anymore. I laughed some, but not a lot. And the characters didn't seem especially interesting.

    For me a big issue was the series focusing on two of the character's affair. This seems like a possibility for a drama, but in a comedy it seems a little creepy. Their having an affair, they're doing it under their loving spouses noses, and they're friends with those spouses so they're lying to them to. Either get a divorce and marry each other or knock it off. What's wrong with you people?!

    I don't know why this bothers me so much. I understand the power of sexual desire, I don't have as strong a moral revulsion to cheating than most of the people I know, and yet, a show trying to get laughs out of this sort of deceit seems just kind of awful to me.
  • aboalhyjaa10 November 2019
    I watched over 50 shows from netflix and this show is the worst. They make cheating on your wife or husband is okay! No its not, neither is show👎🏼
  • Every so often its just plain fun to watch a show that makes you laugh for a couple of hours. Friends from College is one of those shows. Won't win any awards but it made me feel much better after watching it. I didn't expect Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and that's exactly what it wasn't. Hope they can keep this franchise going for a few more series. The Polish night club was great.
  • If you liked 1990's "Friends" then you'll love "Friends from College" (FFC). It's like "Friends" amped up, and "R" rated. There's alot of comically dysfunctional relationshiping going on. Alot of cross-boinking. Both season 1 and season 2 are really entertaining - there will be no season 3 though, but that's ok with me.
  • This story about catching up with all the fun times you had in college when you're in your 40's and still single and miserable is getting pathetic
  • mikeiskorn25 January 2020
    I loved this show. I can't believe it got canceled.
  • anthonydapiii6 February 2021
    Although it's extremely immoral, this is a funny, funny comedy and drama. Maybe that was the point in all of it.

    The cast in this was stellar and I truly enjoyed keeping up with the chaos of each character and their relationships.

    A classic, and underrated, comedy and drama.
  • gallagherkellie26 July 2017
    People keep saying the characters aren't likable...but neither are a lot of people in real life. When you think about it, we all know a cheater or someone who refuses to grow up. It's an easy to watch show, with a few giggles and some tears. I got through it quickly so I must have thought it was decent enough to entertain me for a few hours. I'm even looking forward to another season. Not the best show but I didn't expect it to be.
  • I suffer from chronic pain and it's been a bad week, needless to say I needed something to make me laugh. I loved season 1 last year and couldn't wait for season 2. I binged it all after it was dropped on Netflix and stayed up all night cracking up. This was so funny and well written! Great cast, everyone is truly hilarious. Normally there's at least one character in every show or movie I find annoying but here everyone was great. This show better get renewed for season 3!!!!
  • Part the way through the first season, questioning whether to continue watching. It seems more frustrating than entertaining. but I've heard it is actually good in the second season?!!!?! What the?!!

    As for what I've viewed so far, the talented cast seems to be wasted on these terrible people/characters. Every character is self-obsessed and supremely annoying. I can only hope that there is some sort of disaster that takes out the entire cast by the season finale.

    Given this 5/10 thus far due to potential of a so-called turnaround, the soundtrack and because of admiring the cast in other work. Will revisit if I continue further.

    Note: Netflix has already given some 'spoilers' away to myself when recommending this in their algorithm. The 'roll over' trailer for is for Season Two and this is a spoiler and becomes immediately apparent when watching the first episode of Season One. So be warned.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The pilot episode is excellent, so I had high hopes for the rest. Unfortunately it didn't deliver. Almost everybody sleeps with everybody, they are all very successful professionally and have incredible apartments or houses, but they mostly behave in a very immature manner and are rather shallow and boring characters. The show probably tries to say something deep about the middle class Gen x, but fails miserably, unless it's point is exactly to demonstrate that the middle class gen x IS shallow and banal. The worst is that, apart from the cute Asian chick who is a really nice and positive person, all other characters are rather annoying.
  • kenyae-cagle27 July 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show was hilarious from episode 1. From the sex issues and damages and addiction to the people going through chaotic drama where people fell off of treadmill and people getting caught having sex in a car together. I thought it was funny how the gay couple broke up over something so stupid. Sam was a character that made me frustrated through being the hypocritical friend sleeping with her friend's husband that she has been in love with since college. When Nick and Ethan's wife slept with each other it was hilarious and made me cry of laughter with the scene jumps from Ethan having fun from his wife having sex with Nick. I thought also the scene with that rabbit that died. And the final episode was hilarious where the couple admit of cheating and how the main guy forgave her because he cheated. And how it turned into the worst birthday ever in history and then they broke up at the end. The ending was kinda corny but I like how it was a different show and cannot wait for Season 2
  • This is a good example of a great, promising concept but written badly and executed still worse. Just stopped watching at the end of episode 4 of Season 1 as it was frustrating rather painful to watch. Inspite of good actors, the script is so bad, loose and just drags on endlessly. I mean the scriptwriter probably had a short story in mind and went on to drag scenes as he/she probably didn't know what to add to make it interesting. It also doesn't know if it's trying to be a drama or comedy or both. The scenes are too long without them being interesting at all. I love watching dramas and dramedies but just hope Netflix gets more enjoyable stuff in the name of originals, which it recently has started to. But this one, is a total no no!!
  • The characters and the things they do are so annoying that its unbearable to watch... only highlight is Cobi Smulder but sadly she doesn't have enough screen time. The cheating couple are so so horrible to watch especially that their behavior is supposed to be funny but its not funny to the point of unrealistic and derranged.
  • Caglatureray1 May 2018
    Watched all episodes. It's been a disappointment. There is Nothing interesting with the characters and I might even argue that they are disgusting ! Cobie Smulders was also the annoying actress from how I met your mother. God please don't cast her anymore!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I gave it 2 for about 2 laughs i had in 4 episodes. OMG what is this supposed to be about?

    Its forced, erratic, the timing is terrible, they are supposed to be 40 jeez how come they are still friends.

    I just didn't get it any of it.

    Really surprised with Neflix they actually put this out i would be too ashamed and have just canned it.

    Do 40 year old people really behave so badly.

    Its only worthy of the dustbin. PURE GARBAGE.
  • This show is the epitome of bad people. It's not funny enough for me to watch and sit next to my wife and pretend like the ridiculously bad behavior of the characters is ok. Haha you broke a window doesn't mask wow that's sad that you don't love your wife. Bad writing
  • cmburton-2987529 June 2019
    I think this is the most millennial cock of sh** ever. I'm so glad it was cancelled. Trying to make it in this world with my loving wife and best friend. This GARBAGE just makes me miserable to watch. To say this is what I have to hope for. These loser characters and their miserable lives? No thanks.
  • It's a real shame this show has been cancelled. It's a great show and it definitely deserves more attention.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Season 2 update (07/02/19)

    Still has a great storyline and good character development. I think the critics of this show are a little unfair, even bright people make mistakes when it comes to relationships. Remember 'love is blind'. Having reached the end of season two, I've upped my rating from 7 - 8, bring on season 3


    Netflix brought this to my attention and I'm quite glad it did. Some of the reviews here have been unnecessarily harsh. If you are looking for thought-provoking social commentary, then this isn't it. However, what you have are a collection of reasonably successful 'mid-lifer's' who have lives and (some) complex relationships with one another in and around NY.

    The appeal of this series lies in the vaguely aspirational lifestyle it presents back to the viewing demographic (i.e. other mid-lifers, vain aren't we!). Some laughs, a lot of drama (sometimes too much), but overall worth the journey. Bring on series 2.
  • I like the idea of a group of friends who have grown apart (or never really had anything in common in the first place), but still hang out because of nostalgia. It's sort of relatable. Everybody sometimes has groups that you're somehow still part of, even though you cannot relate to most of the people in it.

    Unfortunately, it's just an annoying show to watch. Especially Ethan is almost unbearable. I understand that he is supposed to be the annoying friend at times, but even with that in mind, it's hard to watch his weird faces and voices and over the top panic reactions.

    I get that every group of friends has their own vibe, but it's kind of difficult to understand why he would be friends with them, since everybody hates his voices and imitations all of the time. It makes it unbelievable to even think he would have this set of friends in the first place. Nobody still hangs out with the annoying guy from college till well in their 40s. Had they shown moments where the group actually does enjoy his acts, then it would be a little bit easier to understand these friendships.

    I would think that the target audience is mid-30 and up. However the humour seems to be for 12 year olds or younger. It's not even funny in a slapstick sort of way.

    Everything about this show is stupid and although they've tried to add some serious issues like infertility or affairs, it's just a chore to watch. Not recommended.
  • A group of friends who went to Havard together are followed through their entangled lives. The fact is that this group hasn't drifted apart as most would over the twenty years since leaving college, instead they have become so close-knit that others from outside can feel excluded.

    We mostly follow Ethan, a writer who starts out with accolades, but not so many readers, his long-suffering agent, Max, his childless wife Lisa, and his long-term, on-off mistress, Samantha (Sam). All these are from the college group, together with womanising Nick and hippy Marianne. The characters are well-drawn and well acted, with quirks and flaws. A few episodes in and you start to feel you know how they should react to a situation and how they feel.

    There are also partners and spouses from outside the central group. They mostly come and go - it's probably fair to say that all these resent how close the Havard types have become.

    As things start out, Ethan's publishers are applying a great deal of pressure for him to transition to something a little more commercial, like young adult (YA) fiction, while Ethan and Sam feel rather uncomfortable with both now living in New York. They're right under the noses of Lisa and Sam's insanely wealthy and slightly boring husband, Jon.

    Unlike most others here, I preferred the first series to the second. A few episodes in the second series started to feel to me too much that events and characters were being manipulated to fit into a plot that had been planned out for them in a group workshop. The kind of session that Max and Ethan have when Max is offering rather more support than an agent would normally give.
  • ramair3501 February 2019
    A brilliant, smart, silly, amazing comedy. Great cast and wiriting!
  • I try to keep it short. I have seen only 2 Episoden and i won't continue watching. I expected some sort of comedy or something... i don't know... what you get is far away from funny... its strange, awkward and extremely boring. its a show no one really needs. maybe it tries to be intelligent or something like that... maybe some sort of drama? but it fails at that. i don't know what else to say... don't bother watching this. chances are you don't like it too.
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