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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really, really loved this show. In fact, I watched all 8 episodes in one sitting and am craving more! I may just watch it all over again. I have read the poor reviews and I just do not know what people want. Honestly, I was able to relate to these characters even though I didn't go to an IVY league school, don't live in NY, and don't hang out with my old crew. I relate to these characters because they are flawed and real. They fantasize and make mistakes. They struggle with getting older. Middle age is such a weird time and I love that they are kind of caught between their younger years and the advanced years where, typically, people are expected to give up on their desires and fantasies and just accept what they have built for themselves. I mean, who says you have to do it that way? People should dictate how their own life will play out. You've only got one, and that is what makes the relationship between Sam & Ethan so complicated and sad. The "what ifs" are so strongly felt and time feels like it is running out for them. There are awkward moments in the show, but that is also a part of life. I have moments in my own life where I said or did the most inappropriate or awkward thing and I still cringe when I think back to it. I relate to those moments that make me cringe in the show for that very reason. Like the unperformed Monica play in the finale - I've been there. I've planned something out and then scrapped it out of nervousness or fear or just not thinking it would go over well, just like the writers did with that scene. When I read that people don't "like" the characters, I am so perplexed. Do you have to think you would be best friends with a character to like a show? That seems like a small-minded way to judge a show and I think it would severely limit your viewing options. I like all of the characters. Are they annoying sometimes? Yes. That makes them like every other human being - including you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Finally, a show that doesn't paint a rosy picture of old friends and the 'fresh new face' of 40. X'ers and X/Y cusps are hitting a time of change where they're dealing with a very different 40's than their parents, major choices being made later in life due to hard knocks from the failing economy, dot-bomb, and recession; and trying to weather this "40 is the new 20" crap. Many people are saying that these friends are hard to relate to because they went to Harvard. I went to my 10 year high school reunion. It was like this. It was both shameful and hilarious at the same time. "Friends" was what we wanted our long term friends aka "framily" to be. "Friends From College" is the dirty reality of it. They're messy and flawed and have the same fears many of us do - finally ready to have kids and can't, outgrowing marriages, delusions about long term 'crushes' and how childish that can be, etc. Nostalgia can be helpful, but also devastating to real life and sometimes you need to realize you've outgrown people. Seeing them struggle with a new decade in their lives, new challenges, and their immaturity is kind of refreshing. I'm SO sick of seeing perfect friendships. And women who've been friends for longer than 10 years who miraculously don't secretly hate each other or have a hidden jealousy. Yeah right. Also interesting...I know 5 people who have trashed this show...they are just like the people in the show. There are some great comedic scenes in here and I think the cast is pretty darn great. Seeing Fred Savage's character celebrating his 40th birthday...that one stung a little and heightened the point of the show. We're a generation upset about getting older, running out of time, or both. While I did not attend a private college, it was still easy to map their experiences over to something I can relate to, and I can say that they act out feelings I keep inside and I laugh at their consequences. I think it has potential and everyone needs to lighten up.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Friends from College is filled with a stellar cast and mostly great comedy mixed in with quite a bit of cringe. Maybe that's not everybody's thing? I don't understand anyone who watched this series and didn't laugh. There's so much humor in this and so much of it is because of the brilliance of Keegan Michael Key. Faxon and Colbie are great too. However, these people are all pretty awful and the show is very frustrating to watch some times. I think the thing with the rowdy guys from the law firm was way over the top to the point of ridiculous. It's hard to invest in the characters until the end when some of them seem to start doing the right thing. A few loose ends are tied in the end and the dramatic moments were very well done. I'd see a second season, definitely. MVP of the show is obviously Key and honestly maybe if he wasn't in it my score would be a little lower. FFF isn't perfect, but if you're in the mood to laugh at some terrible people (and Key's weird goofy voices...which killed me) then binge away.
  • The world doesn't need another show about Ivy League alums living in unrealistically big homes in and around New York City. Although I appreciated the skilled acting from most of the cast, and definitely laughed out loud a few times, this show's just so out of touch.

    I didn't get the friend chemistry or understand how a group of people who are all so mean to each other could have kept their "friend group" going so long. I also didn't appreciate how the married characters take center stage while their apparently pathetic single friends are basically mere doormats who lend a helping hand (or drugs or fold-out couch) when needed.

    The writers just missed so many opportunities to be relevant here, and settled for a slightly raunchier, darker spin on well-worn ground. It's reasonably funny, well-acted, some somewhat clever, but watching it just feels like a waste of time when there is much fresher material available in this Golden Age of TV.
  • chickinabimmer16 July 2017
    Seriously? These people are adults? They are self centered and act like idiots. They tear up property. They get drunk. They break up relationships. They aren't even overly nice to one another.

    Really no likable characters - except Felix and he gets treated shabbily.

    Some good cameos.

    Not worth the time.
  • Rob Coleman14 July 2017
    With Nicholas Stoller and a great premise it was truly disappointing Friends From College failed to live up to its potential. Completely missing the mark of a well constructed dark comedy with a parade of unbelievable characters and outrageous situations. I'm unsure how anyone could write an entire group of such unrelatable arseholes. Keegan-Michael Key is a train wreck, mistaking rapid movements and woeful impersonations for acting; with any luck this is the last I see of him in legitimate roles. A perfect way to give yourself a headache, if you've nothing better to do with 4 hours of your life.
  • jadams41418 July 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Apparently, other reviewers feel the same as I. It's a shame, really. Great actors, a decent premise, but it just seemed to fall flat for my tastes. I gave it 3 episodes before I couldn't put up with the fabricated, totally unrealistic plots. If I had a roommate who stayed up all night doing cocaine, just to get some grandiose ideas, AND after I explained I had surgery at 07:00 the following morning, only to be ignored, that would be the end of our joint tenancy. If any couple can't refrain from copulating in cars and anywhere else they may be found out easily, don't you think their spouses would have picked up the vibes long before this encounter? It just isn't real life, not in any way, shape or possible form. Why doesn't someone stop this nonsense before the writers & directors think they've got a hit show? And why does Netflix try to be the HBO of all time, with explicit sex right off the bat? What a waste of everyone's time.
  • Friends From College boasts an interesting premise and a pedigree of established actors and actresses. This should be amazing, right? Wrong.

    Considering the characters are Harvard alumni, it is incredible to see how stupid they all are. Their dialogue is preposterously dumb, they can't seem to handle easy situations, and their actions don't make sense.

    Furthermore, the show elects to focus on the romance between Keegan-Michael Key's Ethan Turner and Annie Parisse's Sam more than any other plot point or characters. It doesn't help that those two characters are the most unlikable in the entire series.

    Admittedly, there are a few funny moments. These mostly arise from the situations that happen, not the writing or the sheer comedic talent of the cast.

    We are told that they are all best friends. It doesn't seem the case while watching the show. Yes, they go out on adventures together. But the amount of big secrets they all keep from each other are implausible and they constantly make wrong life decisions for each other. With all the cheating and misunderstanding between these 8, it begs the question of how they became friends in the first place.

    Out of the entire cast, Billy Eichner's character, Dr. Felix Forzenheim, is the most nuanced person in the show, simply for not being so over-the-top, and thus having no awkward humour. Cobie Smulders, who was irreplaceable in How I Met Your Mother, acts admirably in the first 4 episodes, especially regarding a fertility subplot. However, her storyline and character becomes worse later on.

    Overall, Nicholas Stoller and Francesca Delbanco's Friends From College is a dramedy that doesn't work. The drama, which mostly revolves around life in the 40's, is very dumb, and the humour is 90% awkward, 10% funny situations.
  • This is just another disappointing TV series! The story is lame and are these characters for real?! What kind of adults would act the way they do?! Every moment in each episode is super exaggerated, especially the ones where Sam and Ethan are involved. They are not even funny but super annoying. I mean everything in this series is annoying. Anyway, don't waste your time with this trash and find something better to watch. Ugh!
  • swjo200125 September 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Personally I enjoyed this series. I am a few years older than when these guys would have graduated, but I loved the music. Took me back!! My 2 favorite episodes were the IVF, and the Wine Tasting. The IVF was hysterical and also gave a very accurate depiction of just how stressful the process can be. I loved every minute of that episode.

    The wine tasting episode was equally funny as I could picture my friends and I having a similar experience with wanting McDonalds at the end. And how the wine sucked, but everyone pretended it was great. The driver of the bus joining the gang for drinks was also clever as that would normally be completely horrific.

    I like how flawed the characters are. Is it sometimes over the top? Yes! But I don't care. It made me laugh on several occasions. Thank you and looking forward to season 2!
  • redx170817 July 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    If you liked Friends and How I met your mother, you might feel tempted to check this one out. I wouldn't recommend it though. This is serious trying to be funny or maybe funny trying to be serious, and it fails either way. It turns around Ethan who's married to Lisa, but has had an affair with Sam for about 20 years, ever since college. When Ethan gets nervous he starts doing silly voices, and i guess this is supposed to be funny except it isn't really. Furthermore we are supposed to believe that he's an award winning author, which doesn't seem very likely considering his behavior. He just doesn't strike me as someone who can write anything meaningful. It also defies belief that the 2 women should be in love with him. There's a bit of sex, but not much and since the humor is mostly silly (and not in a good way), it's very hard to take the conflicts seriously. The acting is OK mostly, but the actors seem confused about whether this is comedy or not. Cobie Smulders does all right in the comedy bits, Greg Germann does the same thing he did on Ally MacBeal and Fred Savage....well i prefer to remember him from The wonder years. The guy who plays Ethan is so over the top that what he does hardly deserves to be called acting. The only one who stands out is Annie Parisse as Sam, who works very hard to make the serious parts seem believable, but is let down by weak scripts. Anyway if you have four hours of spare time ..... spend them on something else !
  • If you are looking for a light-hearted comedy about a group of friends from college who are still best friends because they all love each other, then keep on moving, this is not that. What it is though is a look at what happens when you are still friend with people who you have clearly outgrown or never really liked that much just because you happen to have the shared experience of college. There are many laugh out loud moments and a fair amount cringe worthy scenes, but if you are looking for heart felt emotion, it's not going to happen. These characters are flawed, very flawed, but somehow they seem totally real. Each one has something they are hiding, whether it be a torrid affair or fear of growing up.

    The casting - Whether it is the comedic genius that is Keegan-Michael Keys or the brilliant guest stars that show up throughout the series, the casting to this show is spot on.

    Physical Comedy - Sight gags are usually lame and pointless, but there are so many moments where the physical comedy takes over the scene and will make you laugh, hard.

    Friends, really? - You will find yourself asking over and over, why the hell are these people friends?? It is pretty simple I think. We all have experiences in our lives that created friendships, those bonds last forever, even if they shouldn't. That is this group of friends. Having all went to college together (with the exception of some of the spouses) they all feel connected, despite having clearly moved on in their lives. They feel it necessary to continue to be friends even though they probably don't want to be anymore. The few spouses that are not associated with the college experiences see this as much as you do and question it, frequently.

    Overall, if you want a show that is going to make you feel warm and fuzzy, nope, not for you. If you want a show that is going to make you cringe, laugh, snort, and guffaw, yep, this is it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I loved the authenticity of the characters. Their behavior was not pretty, it wasn't Disney, but people end up in horrible messes like this group of people all the time. If nothing else, it is a warning. This show fits perfectly in the the "dramady" category in my mind. I enjoyed the acting and the story, and I really hope it continues.

    If you're looking for "laugh out loud" comedy, this isn't it. It's a lot more serious than you would think looking at the cast, but absolutely worth the time.
  • elixirr19 July 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not a prude but I am utterly disgusted by the relationship these "so-called" friends have in this series. There is absolutely no sanctity of marriage OR friendship. You are suppose to be "friends" while being married and still screwing around with each other? Should have called the series "Swingers from College" - would have made more sense.

    Also, not trying to be judgmental but is Sam suppose to be the same age group? She looks much older than all of the rest - maybe I missed that she was senior or something?

    There are few good laughs in this series, hence the 3/10 but the premise is just plain wrong.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This new comedy really hit the spot for me. I'm always nervous embarking on these new shows, and generally fairly harsh on them from the outset - almost talking myself out of them as I start them, but this one broke me down early on with some classic energetic physical comedy. Whilst it isn't rom com with good feels, it will appeal to the slightly darker comedy enthusiasts. I found myself laughing out loud most episodes, and plenty of cringe comedy too.

    Yes the characters are badly flawed and not always very relatable but this is comedy TV and if you leave those sorts of hang ups aside then you'll enjoy.

    Negatives: I think it missed the mark a few times, and possibly took the easy way out with a few of the plot lines. Having said that, I cant wait for another season.
  • Watched it in one sitting and boy what can I say ? It sure doesn't seem like the most original concept at first but nothing is these days is it?I admit I've been trying to find a show in this particular genre for some time and nothing has quite caught my attention but I would definitely recommend Friends from College over any other recent "pieces" of TV I've seen. The execution is perfect, the cast just clicks and my only complain would be how fast it ended. Can't wait for more of this - Enjoy.
  • I made an account simply to write a review on this show. My girlfriend had been watching this show and a sat midway through. I enjoyed what, in my mind, was the concept of the show. College friends approaching their 40s who could give varying perspectives as life has become more stable. I thought it would be a show that would present turning 40 in modern times: feeling youthful while approaching the midpoint of life. Careers have stabilized; the college ideal of a dream job may not have been realized; compromises made in life to achieve financial stability and long-term relationship success; perhaps struggle to maintain a career or relationship in a sensitive part of someone's life. There are glimpses, but what we get is dramatic garbage with characters who are terrible, but not still somehow incredibly likable (like in Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia).

    Felix is the only redeemable aspect of these series. Felix is the only one with a moral compass and genuinely interesting to watch. He's direct, sincere, and a tad socially awkward. He makes a sincere effort to compromise with Max and deal with Max's dysfunctional friends. The subplot really needs to be fleshed out, as this could add some dimension to Max's character where he juggles between his sane, invested boyfriend, and his long time friends who brings him down to their dysfunction.

    We spend too much time with what is clearly supposed to be the main draw of the show: Two married friends, Ethan and Sam, having an affair for 20 years on their spouses. They dominate the show and are completely unlikable. The plot is so contrived and cliché. However, that's not the worst part of the show. Most episodes are frustratingly stressful. This is a drama with some comedic relief, and nothing more.

    The era of sitcoms with bad people doing funny, but stupid things has ran its course. Why not move to a coming of age comedy where friends are supportive, no contrived love plots that drag on forever, and a more comedic take of common life obstacles faced by people at 40 who exhibit the more youthful spirit of modern adults?
  • I like the idea of a group of friends who have grown apart (or never really had anything in common in the first place), but still hang out because of nostalgia. It's sort of relatable. Everybody sometimes has groups that you're somehow still part of, even though you cannot relate to most of the people in it.

    Unfortunately, it's just an annoying show to watch. Especially Ethan is almost unbearable. I understand that he is supposed to be the annoying friend at times, but even with that in mind, it's hard to watch his weird faces and voices and over the top panic reactions.

    I get that every group of friends has their own vibe, but it's kind of difficult to understand why he would be friends with them, since everybody hates his voices and imitations all of the time. It makes it unbelievable to even think he would have this set of friends in the first place. Nobody still hangs out with the annoying guy from college till well in their 40s. Had they shown moments where the group actually does enjoy his acts, then it would be a little bit easier to understand these friendships.

    I would think that the target audience is mid-30 and up. However the humour seems to be for 12 year olds or younger. It's not even funny in a slapstick sort of way.

    Everything about this show is stupid and although they've tried to add some serious issues like infertility or affairs, it's just a chore to watch. Not recommended.
  • Stumbled upon the show searching Netflix - LOVE IT! Well written, great acting, lots of low-key comedy, enough excitement to keep my binge watching going. Story lines are sufficient. Locations are well-suited. Characters are believable for the most part. Looking forward to Season 2!
  • Frankly, I'm shocked that others here don't share my very high regard for this series. I also found it hilarious.

    I'm 10 years older than the characters, but I spent my 30s as part of a "friend group" in New York and the show rang totally true for me. We weren't all authors, actors, lawyers, or just rich, it's true, but every series set in NYC has those types of characters, because otherwise the poor quality of real lives there would detract from the entertainment value.

    I thought the show very nicely turned some tropes and clichés on their heads, maybe recycled a few, maybe might have avoided some, but the ensemble really makes it work.

    I suspect there are trolls in these woods.
  • Not even the radiant Jacoba Francisca Maria Smulders can carry this ailing puppy all the way home. She was the one moving part that made even a little sense before I fell of this creaky wagon before even her plot line went South. I confess. I could not get to the end of the show. The clunky writing, the hammy over-acting, the scarcely believable plot-lines coupled with a crew of trite, unlikable and clearly bad friends all became too much. I suspect that only those still too young to know none of this is real enough to be funny will enjoy this one to the end.
  • dstigz14 July 2017
    Listen, starts out strong and continues to thrive on humor and realism. Life isn't perfect and this show brings that too life. Amazing characters and story. You hate their actions but you cant stop laughing. Great cast, everyone was on point. Hoping for a season 2 already!
  • "Friends from College" on Netflix seems more like dramatic improv than scripted acting. The series leans hard on overly used cultural stereotypes that have become a crutch in the rom-com genre for the foundation or premise of situational humor. Friends from College is incredibly boring and predictable.
  • This series was completely awful. I did watch the whole thing; kind of like watching a train wreck. I'll admit that I did laugh at some of the ridiculous predicaments some of these idiots got into. And there were too many things that did not make sense. If some of these relationships began in college 20 years ago, how the heck did they end up where they are today? I am very glad that I don't have any friends like these!
  • debkaplan-0239622 October 2017
    Love It
    I think folks are missing the point. Yes, totally over the top and over acted but that's what makes it funny. If you view it as a spoof and the cast as caricatures you'll enjoy it. It wouldn't surprise me if they tone it down a bit if there are in fact more seasons - just as Seinfeld did over time- but I find it super fun regardless.
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