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  • The quality of the overall production for this series was simply remarkable. The acting, the coloring, the sound, the locations, the faces of the actors, the wardrobe, the flow, and of course... the writing. I love how season 2 depicts what Giants is really about. Season 1, in my opinion, did not really reveal why the creator chose the title "Giants." However, with season two, it's clear to see that Giants are the simple issues that we come face to face with. And not only is this done is a very innovative and creative fashion, but it's entertaining. I love the writing. My only problem with the overall series, is how they released episodes. As someone who kept up with the series, sometime an episode would premiere randomly. However, that's nothing to anyone has to deal with now. Great, great, great production.
  • This is a great web series that is emotionally resonant, however, it could use a bit more polishing in the post department. The writing is there, but the direction feels a bit all over the place. Some of the shots are awkwardly framed and the cutting feels like it could be tighter. The episodes all feel like they drag a bit, but with a great cast, you usually won't notice. 7/10! Looking forward to season 2.