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  • Devil's Film has many low-grade series about sex with mother-in-laws, step- daughters and other folk, and this junker is a spin-off of its presumably successful "Wanna F*ck My Daughter Gotta F*ck Me First". In fact, two of the moms in this video literally quote that phrase.

    There's no script and the cast does not try very hard at all to make the non-sex moments seem real. It's all about humping, with the age disparity the hook. Underlying gimmick of an inexperienced teen as jail-bait is present, but the main thing is repetition and gonzo action. The ma/kid generally operate as a tag-team with little or no incest involved.

    There are big names involved (even porn superstars love to keep busy and pad their bank account with insulting assignments like this one) such as Jodi Taylor and Sarah Vandella, but also ringers who aren't attractive or very sexy, going through the motions. As usual the men receive no credit (as long as the paycheck doesn't bounce, they're satisfied), but I spotted a couple of veterans like Jack Vegas and Barry Scott.

    Strictly bottom of the barrel.

    Side note to IMDb: the database lists this company as "Devil's Films", a typo for its correct name (easily verified) as Devil's Film. IMDb makes it nearly impossible to fix such errors or even suggest them in the editing system, so I filed this listing under the correct spelling and could not get conformity on the proper spelling.