Tonya Harding: There's no such thing as truth. It's bullshit. Everyone has their own truth, and life just does whatever the fuck it wants.

LaVona Golden: Call that a clean skate, for Christ's sake?

Skater Mom: Do not swear in front of the kids.

LaVona Golden: I didn't swear, you cunt.

LaVona Golden: You fuck dumb. You don't marry dumb.

Tonya Harding: Look, Nancy gets hit one time and the whole world shits... For me it was an all-the-time occurrence.

Tonya Harding: They got 18 months. I'll do that. Your honor. I don't have education. All I know is skating. I'm no one if I'm can't- I'm not this monster. I'm trying to do the best with what I know how to-. It's like you're giving me a life sentence. You can't do that.

Tonya Harding: America. They want someone to love, they want someone to hate.

Tonya Harding: It was like being abused all over again. Only this time it was by you. All of you. You're all my attackers too.

Tonya Harding: [to camera, immediately after firing a gun at Jeff] This is bullshit. I never did this!

Tonya Harding: So I became a lady boxer. I mean why not? Violence was all I knew anyway.

Tonya Harding: I mean, come on! What kind of friggin' person bashes in their friend's knee? Who would do that to a friend?

Tonya Harding: Suck my dick!

Tonya Harding: I was loved for a minute, then I was hated. Then I was just a punch line.

LaVona Golden: I made you a champion, knowing you'd hate me for it. That's the sacrifice a mother makes! I wish I'd had a mother like me instead of nice. Nice gets you shit! I didn't like my mother either, so what? I fucking gave you a gift!

Tonya Harding: You cursed me.

LaVona Golden: I can see that shiner through that make up, you know.

Tonya Harding: I fell on the ice yesterday.

LaVona Golden: I don't know, Tonnie. I would never be with someone who would fucking hit me.

Tonya Harding: You hit Dad.

LaVona Golden: That's different.

Tonya Harding: Anyway he said he was sorry.

LaVona Golden: You're a dumb piece of shit who thinks she deserves to get hit.

Tonya Harding: I wonder how I got that idea?

LaVona Golden: Maybe he should hit you. Maybe you'd learn to keep your big mouth shut. Sure helps me out.

Tonya Harding: I mean it's what you all came for, folks. The fucking incident!

Tonya Harding: [to Jeff] I really think that you should just kill yourself.

Tonya Harding: All I did was the hindering of prosecution. What, you're never gonna let me skate again? I mean, I'd rather do the jail time. Please, they only got eighteen months. They got eighteen months, I'll do that. Your honour, I don't have an education. All I know is skating. That's all I know. I am no one if I can't skate.

[starts crying]

Tonya Harding: I mean, I'm not some monster. I'm trying to do my best. It's like you're giving me a life sentence if you do that, you can't do that.

Tonya Harding: Most people's impression of me? That I'm a real person, you know? I never apologized for growing up poor or being a redneck - which is what I am, you know... and it's a sport where the friggin' judges want you to be this old-timey version of what a woman is supposed to be... for being the first US woman to land a triple axel. So fuck 'em.

Tonya Harding: Where the fuck are my Dove Bars?

Jeff Gillooly: We can't afford 'em. Eskimo Pie is just as good.

Tonya Harding: I'm America's best figure skater! I don't want friggin' Eskimo Pies.

Diane Rawlinson: I'm sorry but there's no smoking on the ice.

LaVona Golden: Oh, then I'll smoke it quietly, then.

LaVona Golden: So... have you two fucked yet?

Tonya Harding: [after completing the triple axel] Oh my God, It was totally the most awesomest thing. 'Cause leading up it, you're like, "I can't do it! I can't. I can't!" And then, bam, I can! And all those people who said I couldn't make it, well fuck you! I did!

Diane Rawlinson: Generally, people either love Tonya or... not big fans. Just like people either love America or they're not big fans. Tonya was... totally American.

LaVona Golden: You skated like a graceless bull dyke. I was embarrassed for you.

Jeff Gillooly: I can't believe it. You gave me up!

Tonya Harding: No, I didn't.

Jeff Gillooly: Yeah, well the FBI showed me your transcript!

Tonya Harding: [throws up her hands] Well, that's just cheating!

LaVona Golden: Skate wet!

Tonya Harding: She just said "Nancy Kerrigan trains at Tuna Can arena". She just said that.

Jeff Gillooly: Ok, well... Who's gonna name an arena "Tuna Can"?

Tonya Harding: Fishermen. Everyone's fishermen in Massachusetts.

LaVona Golden: Are you a garden or a flower? In every relationship, your either a garden or a flower. I'm a garden that wants to be a flower, how fucked up am I?

Tonya Harding: Hi Vera, it's Tonya again. Our machine's a piece of crap. Could you just tell me where Nancy Kerrigan trains again?

Tonya Harding: Yeah, I have a stupid bet with Jeff. Spell that for me, hon? What time? Got it. Thanks, Vera.