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  • It's for little kids.

    That's really all the review you need.

    My four year old watches it, and loves it. And, it is appropriate for her age level - it has nothing for me to be concerned about her seeing.

    Some adults have offered unfavourable reviews, but, they are being ridiculous, as it is obviously not to be judged on whether or not adults enjoy the show; children are it's target audience.

    Your kid will like it, and that's all that matters.
  • Trite, cheap, poorly flash animated junk that only serves as another blown opportunity for Warner to add a quality animated kid's show to the DC franchise. This could have also been a great opportunity to give young girls some great role models through a well made show that actually had depth, character, and quality story telling. Instead they chose to pander to what unintelligent shallow uncultured people think little girls should watch.

    I'm capable of being offended by this show because I've been exposed to quality animated shows and was raised on them as a kid. So many kids these days are being raised on cheap low quality shows like this so they only think its good and don't question it because they don't have anything to compare it to, which I fear is going to be a major blow to the expectations many people of the next generation will have of animated entertainment, especially when it comes to picking out entertainment for their own kids. Its also rotting their minds.

    If you're going to let your kids watch TV, DVD, or downloaded/streaming entertainment, why not choose quality entertainment with great role models and some actual depth, that actually encourages your kid to use their brain and think? Or at least exposes them to quality story telling and production value? Why raise them on cheaply made shallow mindless entertainment that throw those qualities away because its "just a kid's show". Animations these days that are aimed at young children are often so cheaply made with very little effort or actual thought put into them. If an animated show is for a child, my opinion is all the more reason to make it quality! Raise them on something that actually sets a good standard so they make better choices as they get older on what to watch.

    If I could give this show a negative score, I would.
  • While I do not care for them changing the back stories of the characters, it happens in every show or movie when it comes to any comic books. My daughter is into heroes but can not follow a lot of shows that include these heroes. She loves Teen Titans Go and she really loves this show. She can FINALLY watch her favorites, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman and Supergirl, without being scared of what's going on in the show. I 100% recommend this shows for kids. My daughter has even started collecting the characters. I can even sit through this show when I cannot do so with Teen Titans Go. It even has some of the same characters.
  • DC haven't been doing well lately. Everything they made in 2016 was below average, and everything in 2017 (except for The Lego Batman Movie and Wonder Woman) that they've made or are making don't really interest me too much. This show is for some reason ''Decent enough'' as in, the new world they've made for the girls is sort of interesting and I guess it's kinda fun to see what happens in their everyday school life? I mean, there's still low brow humour but I guess I can't complain because everyone does it in kids shows nowadays but for Christs sake kids are also treated to shows like Gravity Falls, Star vs. the Forces Of Evil, Steven Universe, and The Loud House so why does no one care about kids animation? Just put effort into your work is what I'm saying. Other than the plot, there's not much left to be honest. The voice acting is good (Tara Strong as Harley Quinn is a great example), the animation isn't the worst flash animation I've ever seen, the intro song is pretty good, the characters are likable and that's pretty much it. It's not the worst thing DC's made but definitely one of the weakest. Little girls will love this. My cousins like it. So there is SOME appeal. My main criticisms with the show is mainly the lack of adult appeal if adults are watching this with their kids, the animation is fine and lazy at the same time, and one that is pretty much my only pet peeve with the show because I'm a DC fanboy is Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy becoming heroes. Harley is a school prankster in this one and her craziness which usually adds to her charm in most DC animation is now over the top to the point where I want her to shut up, and Poison Ivy hasn't done anything to become a hero, she's just, THERE. I don't know, just a fanboy problem. This show if fine. It's average. Kids will eat this up while I sit here waiting for Justice League to come out so I can see if it's good.
  • You thought Teen Titans GO was bad? That's a MASTERPIECE compared to this tripe. I am genuinely angry that they've done this to such good characters! Look what they did to Batgirl! That isn't Batgirl, that's just some high schooler who likes Batgirl! Anyway, why are Harley Quinn and Batgirl here anyway? They've not super-powered! My main problem with this is that, as a huge fan of DC, everything has been completely ruined! For a start, none of the characters act anything like their actual comic/movie/TV counterparts! For a start, surely Barbara would be in school anyway? She's a student, I'm sure. Second of all, how is Harley here? She's a grown woman when she becomes Harley Quinn, why's she at school? The origin stories must all have been changed for this to happen.

    I could go on, but I won't. Basically, it's a horrible show. Do not watch.
  • I've never had a problem with the idea of kid centric superhero since most of them are presented in a way that kids can understand and relate to while still having an appeal to everyone, like with DC Superhero Girls. The show centers on various DC Comics characters attending Super Hero High, which is run by Amanda Waller. The show focuses on seven main characters: Wonder Woman (Grey DeLisle Griffin), Super Girl (Anais Fairweather), Bat Girl (Mae Whitman), Bumblebee (Teala Dunn), Harley Quinn (Tara Strong), Poison Ivy (Tara Strong), and Katana (Stephanie Sheh). To end this review on a positive note, I want to get the flaws out of the way.

    1. Some of the season 1 shorts (not counting the hero of the month ones) were a bit too short. Thankfully, it's more consistent in season 2, with the shorts regularly being 2.5 minutes long, the hero of the month shorts are 1.5 minutes, and the special ones are 3.5-4 minutes long.

    2. Katana is underutilized, even in season 2, but is still likable.

    Now for the positives.

    1. The humor is quite clever due to its wide appeal.

    2. The characters feel like themselves. They're just in comedic situations. Harley and Ivy being heroes doesn't bother me since this show is its own continuity and they still have some things in common with their comic counterparts. Plus, even with Katana underutilized, everyone gets a chance to shine.

    3. The core message of the series is about the different ways everyone can be a hero, which is a good message for kids and adults.

    4. The show has shown remarkable improvements over the past few months, essentially listening to the critics and trying to fix its mistakes, unlike say Teen Titans Go.

    The show is flawed, but still well written. Because of the improvements, I give it a perfect score.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't know which is worse Teen Titans Go or this insult to childhood entertainment or both put together.

    I know this is a show that is aimed at small girls. But if it is then why are Harley Quinn, Batgirl, and Poison Ivy at a high school. In fact, if Batman, Superman and the rest of the league have graduated from this school then why are Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern still here.

    I have to give the show some credit though because Supergirl and Star Sapphire have cute designs that I would want to hug both of them to death.

    Speaking of Star Sapphire why is she a teenager but her father is some over weight slob. Harley Quinn is just more annoying as a teenager than a grown women in this and the voice just makes me want to punch her in the throat.

    The art style is horrible there is no story to the series. The villains and heroes are confusing. Canon or not this is actually cut girls off from the real world of DC. There is a persons on here who claims to be a parent and just seems to take a different universe likely where an assassin is a role model. Either the person needs to grow up or show his/her kids better shows. If you want some suggestions look here some below.

    Watch something like Little Witch Academia, Teen Titans, Legion of Superheroes, Justice League/Justice League Unlimated, Squid Girl, Powerpuff girls (1996-2004), Legends of Korra, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and cat noir, Sailor Moon, Gotham girls, Pokamon, Digimon, Amethyst: Princess of gemworld, Totally Spies or W.I.T.C.H's instead which are actually good superheroes shows for girls. Well, Teen Titans, Legion of Superheroes, Justice League/Justice League Unlimated, Pokemon and Digimon are for both genders. But the point is if you want to have a show which can show little girls DC super role models to look up too I can think of a series both genders can look up to them doesn't matter if it is boys or girls. At least if they watch Justice League they would know who is bad and who is good.

    And if you want something a bit more mature I can recomand Young Justice , Coppelion, Fairy Tail, Charlotte, Angel Beats or both Star Wars the clone wars/Star Wars Rebels.

    At the moment I am looking at a DC version of Star Wars the forces of destiny which you can my review on which is actually better. I am just glad me my younger cousin or my older sister never grew up with this garbage.

    It is a massive shame that DC animated is going downhill knowadays with there new52 movies and there garbage animated shows like this one, Teen Titans Go and Justice League action.
  • SHow is really good, with the whole having good values and such isn't bad. I have 2 4 year old's who love the show. Which is the target demographic.

    I really want to address the crazies who are bashing the show on 2 particular points.

    "The source material that the show is based on is too inappropriate" is just nuts :) The characters aren't the same, its a whole new universe, deal with it. Simply just does expose them to the source material, it's our job as parents to expose them the those things or not. So an "Assassin" is in the actual show... she isn't in the show, and that's all that matters.

    "It's not canon" ... chill, so what if wonder woman's not in the same class as superman, and batman. That needed to be a thing, but seriously chill out. I'm all about thing being canon, but a kids show is just that, for kids. What a great way to introduce kids/girls to comics. I watch/read all kinds of comics and she knows who I'm reading about and asks me about it. "Does flash know Supergirl?" it's awesome to talk superheroes with my kids.

    PS also all the people upset about teen titans go about the same thing.... It's not the same show as the canceled one, and not for you.
  • Quick side note, terrible shows can't always just be justified with "it's a kids show". Kids deserve quality too.

    The show focuses on short adventures from perspective of female superheros. That's pretty much it.

    I don't mind that there is a female focus, what really bugs me though is that they are teenagers and their adventures are just average teenage girl things disguised with the superhero genre.

    Like there is an episode about batgirl trying to get her liscense, I won't spoil it but think of the most unoriginal ending and the first one that comes to mind is pretty much what happens.

    The people behind this obviously had no creative stories so they disguised their unoriginal material with superheros so kids won't get bored straight away.

    The run time is short though so it won't make you suffer for too long but the short run time makes it more pointless to watch.

    If you want to entertain your (very) young kids with just a simple then this isn't the worst option but it will become boring after a little while so I reccomend switiching over to something better
  • You hear me ! It's for little girls, quality doesn't mean anything, but hey, here it's the best part, when those little girls buy the comic of Harley or see the Suicide Squad Harley, or Poison Ivy ruthlessly murder people I bet their infancy will be better for it !.

    Seriously I don't understand why they took a bunch of psychopaths and criminals and put them in a sky school kind of super hero high school, but whatever. This show is terrible, the dialogue is terrible, and the FKNG idea of taking some of the worst villains there and put them as adorable cute heroes, cuz apparently the writers are too lazy to look for other super heroines like Aqua Girl or Element Girl or Sonar or etc, is terrible.
  • janjeltes4 August 2017
    It's OK to have a girl only superhero series, but not boys only? Hollywood, stop your war on boys. Maybe you need to revisit 50 years ago (Scooby Doo with Daphne and Velma) or only slightly more recent,Sheera. Hollywood can try to rewrite history to push sexist agendas but it's wearing thin. Truth will out.
  • My kids love this show and I do too! I understand it's for kids and the stories aren't deep. But it's still cool to see such a WIDE variety of characters from the lore. They pull characters from everywhere and it's really cool! My kids are boys, but this show is so good to inspire young girls and friendship. Also, I like this animation style better than the other version of this show.
  • As a mom, i think it is a nice show for the kids. I appreciate the modest outfit choices of the characters. Many kid shows nowadays are sexualizing the cartoon characters but this show is modest compared to most. It reminds me of a toned down Monster high.

    I love dc universe animated series and movies. Many are not appropriate for my younger kids and it's unfair. I want to introduce them to the superhero world and this is a great show to start. It's obvious the writer's and artist know and respect the DC universe. Each character adds a certain charm to the show and each can help teach your kids about the dc character. Many references to the characters back story are included and i love that, as a fan.

    This show is nothing like the classic animated batman shows you watched on WB. It's far less violent and the dialogue and humor is obviously less dark. There's plenty of lessons, loyal friendships, kind heartedness, and morals in each story, it's not completely mindless. It's a cute show and I don't think it's fair to compare it to an adult animated movie. It's not aimed at adults. I wouldn't watch it alone for fun as i do with Justice League or Batman animated series but give it a break. I turn it on for the kids as I'm doing laundry in the same room and i can tolerate it quite well.
  • Can't figure out why, in the theme song, they say "We're D.C. Superhero girls!"... I mean... does Harry Potter ever say: "I'm a WB wizard!", or Punisher: "I'm a Netflix vigilante!"? No. No they did not. Because a character referencing the fact that they're actually just a character is the antithesis of the objective of cinematic storytelling, is jarring, & just plain weird.
  • Love the show for the 2 D animation and they look like real characters and not abstract art... solid stories and cool animation... Just wish that the 2015 series was available to buy.... This one is far better then the 2019 reboot...
  • banekaitlin9 November 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Cute but kinda typical design of the girls. Personalities are kinda watered down. Episodes need to be MUCH longer. (V_V) Like - c'mon. Please at least TRY. The characters are cute, though. While it is kind of odd that villains and anti-heroes are there (Killer Frost, Cheetah, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Poison Ivy), it's obvious that this in it's own universe. And Ivy used to be shy and doesn't like dealing with people in this show. So she's not COMPLETELY out of character. She DOES love science. As for it only being for girls? ... While the title says it, male characters appear at the school, as well. I'm quite pleased to see the voice actors for Beast Boy (Greg Cipes), Starfire (Hynden Walch), and Harley Quinn (Tara Strong) return for this one. While it is kinda weak at times... To be honest, I think it's kinda cute and fun at times (mainly because of Harl, but...), even as a DC comics/games/movie fan. Not as bad as everyone says. I'm glad it's still running and actually improving.