Natasha: [Narrating] I was so excited to get out of New York for a week, I definitely needed some time off. So, I decided to go visit my sister Jessica in Los Angeles. I really wanted some time in the sun. She's a bit of a workaholic so when I arrived, she was still at work. She's been dating and living with this super hot black guy, Isiah, and I can't lie, I've fantasized about him multiple times. I've never had the opportunity to have sex with a black guy and lately, it's been on my mind a lot. I was afraid that my sister would leave me alone with her boyfriend because deep down inside, I knew, that I wouldn't be able to control myself. I guess I was about to find out.

Mr. Brown: On your knees, baby. Suck this cock.

[Naomi goes down on her knees and pulls Mr Browns pants down to reveal his massive penis]

Naomi: Oh my God, Mr. Brown, you're cock is so big.

Naomi: [Narrating] I live in a really nice neighborhood, with lots of rich people and celebrities. This summer, my parents stopped giving me an allowance, so I had to start babysitting to make some extra cash. My neighbor; Mr. Brown was a successful basketball player. And he sometimes hires me to watch his son on the weekends.The only problem is, it's *so* freaking boring! When his son is asleep, there is literately *nothing* to do! That's why, every time he leaves, I call my boyfriend over and we totally have sex on his expensive couch. I know it's wrong but, I didn't care at the time. At least until the day Mr. Brown came home early, and things turned out in a way, I did not expect.

Naomi: [Naomi is licking and sucking on Mr. Brown's penis] You're so big. Oh my God.

[Naomi continues sucking on it]

Naomi: Does that feel nice?

Mr. Brown: Mh-mm. Lovely.