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  • Besides distributing many different types of videos from various suppliers ranging from Skow to Deen to Viv Thomas, Girlfriends has been trying to spruce up its product line with new in-house concepts. "Lesbian Revenge" is a non-starter, not convincing in any respect and no competition to the sure-fire (if familiar) "Women Seeking Women" and "Lesbian Seductions" franchises.

    The driving force behind these stabs in the dark appears (to my untutored eye) to be an attempt to jump on the youth bandwagon of late. In mainstream society as well as porn the emphasis on young girls has become so exaggerated as to be alarming. So Girlfriends' endless stream of older/younger match-ups gets augmented by what I would call "younger & younger" sex scenes.

    I won't give away via spoilers the detail of "Revenge" but it is obvious that the anonymous filmmaker (usually head honcho Dan O'Connell) not only didn't use a real script -usual Girlfriends "winging it" practice, but didn't think through his basic scenario. The show is loaded with murders but the motivation and even credibility of merely crazy characters is missing. In between the requisite half-hour plus lesbian sex scenes, the outburst of violence and mayhem (timidly realized with gore minimized or fully avoided) is arbitrary and silly. As usual with failed storyline efforts, the show would have played better wall-to-wall with the fake dramatics and grudges removed.

    That's not to say that a good, old-fashioned melodrama built around lesbian in- fighting and jealousy could not be concocted. Humorous works by the likes of Charles Busch achieve that, but this amateurish attempt does not even rise (or sink) to the level of camp. I even preferred the generally mediocre but structurally similar recent videos by "Stills by Alan" and Bree Daniels (using the same set of actresses and distributed by Girlfriends) to this idiotic mess.

    No, "Lesbian Revenge" won't reach 127 volumes (like WSW) or 53 (like Les. Seductions). I'd be surprised if it made it to 2.