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  • A first date goes downhill when the couple get locked in when the cinema abruptly closes.

    There is not a lot of substance to this film, the story is very basic with a tiny cast.

    Sometimes the execution of the movie feels a bit amateurish. A few scenes are inexplicably shot without tripods and the editing clips some of the conversations so they feel jilted and forced.

    But, saying that, this is a very enjoyable short film. The cast are great and, although simple, the story is endearing and works well with the available budget and plays to the cast's strengths.

    The majority of the production, sound, lighting, camera etc. is to a standard you could almost forget you aren't watching a big budget movie.

    I enjoyed this greatly, I wouldn't recommend centering your weekend around it, but this goes down perfectly on a weekday evening with a bag of popcorn.
  • anhaveit28 August 2019
    Great chemistry.Between the actors .Very enjoyable film
  • Even it is a comedy, romance is without doubt...but it is art also...simple...long time no see movie like this...
  • ks-6050010 September 2019
    Idea is damn good. Theatre as background make you think of your own time with love ones on a date when young. Romantic and sweet memories back when watching this. Also very French style. Beautiful!