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John McBurney: [screaming] What have you done to me, you vengeful bitches?

Alicia: We can show 'em some really Southern hospitality.

Martha Farnsworth: It's seems the enemy... it's not what we believed.

Martha Farnsworth: I have to say, when they saw me they said, "there is nothing more frightening than a startled woman with a gun."

Martha Farnsworth: You're our most unwelcome visitor, and we do not propose to entertain you.

John McBurney: You'll find I'm... easily amused.

Martha Farnsworth: You won't be here long enough for that.

John McBurney: If you could have anything, what's your biggest wish? If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?

Edwina: Anything?

John McBurney: Yeah. Anything.

Edwina: To be taken far away from here.

[rushes out of the room]

Martha Farnsworth: Bring me the anatomy book.

Marie: I wanted to bring this to you last night for fear that you might die before morning, but then I thought, since you were unconscious, you wouldn't be able to read it anyway.

John McBurney: That's very logical.

Marie: Are you Catholic?

John McBurney: I was baptized.

Marie: Well then, here's a prayer book for you.

John McBurney: Thank you.

Marie: I thought you might need to confess if you're on the verge of death.

John McBurney: Oh, I think I'll be able to hang around for just a little bit longer.

[first lines]

Amy: [finding some mushrooms] Here you go.

John McBurney: [sitting wounded by a tree] Shh. Are you frightened?

Amy: No. Yes.

John McBurney: Uh, so am I.

Amy: Can you move at all?

John McBurney: Uh... Uh, I'll try, if there's some place to go.

Martha Farnsworth: If we learn our lessons properly when young, we can expect a calm and happy life when faced with the distractions of the world.

John McBurney: A toast to you, Miss Martha. You must be the bravest woman I've ever known.

Martha Farnsworth: No. No. All bravery is, is doing what's needed at the time.

Martha Farnsworth: Tell me, Amy, did you find any mushrooms while you were out collecting soldiers?

Amy: I did, but I'm not sure they're safe to eat.

Martha Farnsworth: Is your leg paining you?

John McBurney: Some.

Martha Farnsworth: Well, I hear numbness would be more grave.

John McBurney: Indeed.

Martha Farnsworth: There is some brandy if you wish.

John McBurney: Oh, now that would be a pleasure.

Martha Farnsworth: It's not being offered for your pleasure, only for your comfort.

John McBurney: Listen, don't tell any of the others, but I consider you to be my best friend in this whole place.

Martha Farnsworth: That dress is very becoming, Miss Edwina.

Edwina: Thank you.

Alicia: There might be other attractive shoulders here if we were all permitted to wear such dresses.

Martha Farnsworth: I wouldn't say it's entirely suitable to wear at a young ladies' school; though, we know Miss Edwina's accustomed to town society with different views. I would suggest that we - change the subject. And let Miss Edwina draw her shawl.

[Edwina covers her bare shoulders with her shawl]

Martha Farnsworth: Yes. That will avoid anyones speculation on the subject.

John McBurney: Well, well, well. What are you lovely Southern ladies learning today? The art of castration?

Martha Farnsworth: Hmm, that's what we're gonna do. We're gonna make a nice supper... We'll invite him for a big send-off.

[last lines]

Martha Farnsworth: [carrying Corporal McBurney outside their gate] Lay him here.

Jane: He's a real blue-belly. You know, they break every Southern woman they come across.

Martha Farnsworth: Would you stop that Jane.

Jane: It's true!

Amy: Do you like birds?

John McBurney: Oh, I love them. Anything wild, I love. Wild and free.

Martha Farnsworth: [Admiring the pin Edwina in wearing] Très jolie. Seems like the soldier being here is having an affect.

John McBurney: You can trust me in your place, ma'am.

Martha Farnsworth: Well, I don't know you.

John McBurney: Well, I think if you knew me - you would.

Martha Farnsworth: You won't be long enough for that.

John McBurney: In the middle of battle with all the iron flying overhead, me first thought was to bury me-self.

Edwina: But, when you couldn't, you ran.

John McBurney: I did. I surely deed I did.

Edwina: That wasn't very brave of you to run.

John McBurney: Maybe not. But, it was smart, I think.

Edwina: Because you're alive?

John McBurney: And now I've met you.

Edwina: You don't even know me.

Martha Farnsworth: I hope the girls weren't telling stories.

John McBurney: What do you care what they say about you?

Martha Farnsworth: I don't. I didn't want you to get the wrong impression.

John McBurney: Then, you do care what I think about you?

Martha Farnsworth: You're a stranger here. That's all.

John McBurney: How did you end up in this place?

Edwina: Why are you so interested in me?

John McBurney: I just recollect you and I are both a little out of place here. I bet you're the independent sort - and the other girls, they don't even know how to get close to you. And then, of course, there's your looks.

Edwina: That doesn't matter to me.

John McBurney: Oh, you can bet it matters to other people. Sorry to tell you and I hope you don't mind me telling you; but, well, in all my travels, I've never come across such a delicate beauty as yours.

John McBurney: If you could have anything, what's your biggest wish? If you could have anything I the world, what would it be?

Edwina: Anything?

John McBurney: Yeah, anything.

Edwina: To be taken far away from here.

Jane: Can we go greet the soldiers?

Martha Farnsworth: No! No. We do not want to put temptation in their way.

Martha Farnsworth: When I return, would you care to join me for a brandy, Corporal?

John McBurney: I'd like that very much, ma'am.

Martha Farnsworth: Miss Alicia made the pie herself.

Alicia: I hope you like apple pie?

John McBurney: I love apple pie. It's me favorite.

Edwina: Is that my recipe, Alicia?

Alicia: It is.

Amy: I picked the apples.

John McBurney: I'd like to thank you for all of this, as well. It looks - like just about the finest meal I've ever seen.

Martha Farnsworth: Well, bon appetit.

John McBurney: Miss Amy, you picked these mushrooms yourself?

Amy: [Nods her head yes]

John McBurney: Delicious.