The movie takes place while King Regis's son, Noctis, is on his adventure in the game. Tabata, the mastermind behind Final Fantasy XV, recommends watching the movie first.

A copy of this film on Blu-Ray Disc is included on both Final Fantasy XV Collector's Edition releases.

Although Nyx Ulric was voiced by actor Aaron Paul, Nyx's facial features and likeness were based off of French model Johan Akan.

The movie shows many things from the previous series of Final Fantasy like Diamond Weapon /Daemon,Gills and Behemoth (FFVII), Cerberus (FFVIII), Crystal of magic (FFI-IX) and legendary spiky creatures Chocobo (mentioned only).

In the English version, voice over actors Sean Bean and Lena Headey have acted together in HBO's TV series "Game of Thrones".

Blink dagger (the main weapon of Nyx Ulric and all the Kingsglaive which allow person move in a short distance ) is a well known item in moba game called DotA 2, but it originates from the game Warcraft 3.

At 1:06:50 a man on the street speaks "reckoning is at hand!" which is a clear tribute to the World of Warcraft.

Following the tradition of Sean Bean's characters dying, the character that he voices, King Regis, dies in the film.

Ultros from Final Fantasy 6 (English) is the cameo boss that Nyx fights, saving the princess in the air ship scenes. Notice the teeth, dead giveaway.

The massive daemon at start is reference to diamond weapon from ff7 and cerberus from ff8

During the end battle, a building sign is labeled the "Bank of Spira" a direct reference to Final Fantasy X