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The film was initially during open during the summertime on August 25, 2017, then was pushed to December 1, 2017. Then Dimension Films opted for a release date in time for thanksgiving debuting on November 22, 2017. Finally, 3 weeks before the release TWC/Dimension put on hold the movie indefinitely due to the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Polaroid was filmed in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada, at the Prince Andrew high school.

The camera used in the movie is a Polaroid SX-70. Whenever it is used in the trailer, the distinctive sound of a charging flashgun is heard, followed by a pop and visible flash when the picture is taken - but the SX-70 has no flash built in and there is no flash attachment fitted to the camera.

This film is based on Lars Klevberg's short film "Polaroid" (2015).

Mitch Pileggi has had a long and successful career playing characters on tv shows who dabble in the supernatural and paranormal realm. Most notably he has played AD Skinner on the acclaimed series The X-Files.

Mitch Pileggi is no stranger to supernatural phenomena as he played Sam and Dean Winchester's maternal grandfather on several episodes of the TV show Supernatural.