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  • This movie personifies the debate of whether cloning is humane through a make believe story of a college professor who loses his wife and repeatedly trys to clone her. The film is very light hearted and tactful maintaining its family friendly theme but when things start to go haywire a beautiful message develops. Great pacing and enough comic wit to keep everything upbeat and in good spirits. I give this a Good movie rating when seeking something clean and fun.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A man gets seemingly unlimited opportunities at a second chance, but in the end, all he really gets is one more. How many times have we wished that we could do things over... and over? How many tiimes HAVE we had a secomd chance, just to mess it up again? It seems that somes things are meant to be, and some are not. That some things have a time limit. They are good until they run their course, then nothing can make them right again. That sometimes, we have to admit that things have changed, and find a new direction. Jennifer Finnigan looks likke no one else in the world, has a unique personality, and is a pleasure to watch. She steals every scene she is in. This film has everything. Sadness, and loss, comedy, " Quit beating yourself up!"..discovery and happiness. And it tells us not to force things. To let life come to us. You can't make someone love you. and you can't live in the past. A great supporting cast, and a REALLY original story.
  • Hubby sold me on watching this, he said it was a Sci-fi Romantic Comedy. How could we go wrong? Well, it went very, very wrong. The whole feel of the movie is off. Nothing about this movie makes any sense. Strange and creepy and not at all funny. At least we got a good laugh reading the real reviews! Don't be fooled by the 10/10 reviews.
  • Andover is a fun, funny, fantasy, sci-fi film with a touch of darkness and a heart of gold. I could watch it over and over again.
  • Take one part Groundhog Day, add one part Multiplicity, then dip in a thick dark comedy coating and you have got Andover. Not only does this exceptional movie take you on a journey through the lives and choices of very relatable and likable individuals, it forced me to ask questions of myself which, in more cases than I could have ever expected, I was surprised at my own answers. I found my internal pendulum swinging back and forth while I waited to find out where I would land on issues I thought I had already clear cut answers for walking in. Not only did I laugh at the well-crafted and executed dark humor, but just as often, I found myself as explored the question "what would I do?" and finding the answers to not be as black and white as I thought they were.

    Johnathan Silverman is wonderful, proving that he has continued to develop his impeccable sense of comedic timing over the years while proving his range goes far beyond what I would have ever expected. Jennifer Finnigan absolutely shines with exceptional performances all around. But most impressive to me was how writer/director Scott Perlman boldly and unabashedly takes aim at several highly polarizing concepts head on by wrapping them in thick coating of dark comedy, proving that if you get it just right, you can create a thought provoking movie that is highly enjoyable regardless of where you might stand on any specific subject.

    I only wish it had been shown in more theaters as I haven't had many people to discuss where they landed and if this movie made them rethink their beliefs the same way it did me. But I guess that is part of the fun. Hopefully it will be on VOD in the near future. I can't recommend this movie enough.
  • haji_sn24 July 2018
    Like someone has already said, just creepy and a waste of 90 minutes.
  • I rarely write reviews as I'm not one to waste my time. But when I saw there were only a few reviews for this movie, I just had to speak up. The vast majority of movies these days are just new twists on old ideas, but Andover really is original in not only what the story is about, but how it's told. Ok, its not Memento or Sin City, but it is very unique.

    The director brilliantly cast Johnathan Silverman that we all know and love as 'that kid from Weekend at Bernies' that you can't help but adore and his real world wife, Jennifer Finnigan, as his onscreen wife (who owns every scene she's in btw). He then takes this real life couple and forces them down a dark, but very funny, road. Johnathan's character does things that only a handful of Hollywood icons would ever have the right to do on screen and still have it not only be funny, but touching and thought provoking. At least for me.

    I would not have wanted to sitting around the dinner table with these actors while they asked each other 'would you really do this to me?', but I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall. You will walking out of the theater asking yourself what it means to "love at all costs". But more interesting will be the conversation you have with whoever you watch this with as they ask "what would you do?" Great movie!
  • I might understand this film if it actually made me laugh with some dark comedy. But it fails to do this in every way. With doing that it then Starts showing some rather creepy angles to it. Don't get me wrong the acting isn't too bad. The story has some makings of something good. But it fails in every way possible it.

    Sorry but avoid it.
  • myotherpetisdog16 August 2018
    The movie starts with a sleeping woman with full makeup on, including glossy lips. Then a man of 40s or something is unable to make a pancake, he keeps burning one after another instead of reducing the gas flames. Then he brings one unburned pancake to woman sitting on a toilet. Then 2 women, again with full, very bright make up suitable for a cocktail night, blowing glass in front of a hot oven. Welcome to Hollywood! Next!
  • At the time of writing, the score is 9.2 of 10. I should have known better, no movie ever scores that high, especially one with the plot described on IMDB at the time of writing. But it sounded at least as though it would be half interesting, and I couldn't have imagined that a faked score could be so high and not have some redeeming features. But alas, awful. I fast-forwarded through the last two thirds of the movie, and even watching in 8x speed, I felt I was wasting my life.

    Acting was awful, plot was awful, direction awful, this site's credibility of recent times: AWFUL.
  • This makes groundhog day look like an academy award winner! Do Not Watch it! it's completely useless!
  • I can't believe that anyone would give this more than four stars. This is the death of online reviews.

    Andover is funny in small parts, but not for the most of it, so it has earned two stars. Overall, the acting was mediocre, if not dire, with the best performance coming from Scout Taylor-Compton. I find the movie more of a horror than a comedy and many of the jokes just do not come off. Andover looks like something that a group of college students would produce and the storyline lacks any substance. It's not totally clean or funny like the top review says and leaves much to be desired. I regret wasting 90 minutes of my life on such tripe.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First of all, the plot is weak to say the least. Plenty of things don't make any sense and that's without even considering the cloning part.

    The performances aren't awful considering the quality of the script. The character development is nearly unexistent (as in, the characters have no personality, at all)

    Now the worst part for me is the message of this movie. This guy basically kills a woman over and over again because she's not what he wants her to be or doesn't love him back. Not a premise I'd have a problem with if this was a satire or a dark comedy. But this is supposed to be *romantic*, and we are supposed to root for this guy and empathize with him like he's entitled to do what he does (because he's just "grieving". Not a valid excuse to kill people, in my opinion, but oh, well). It could have been done with, say, robots (as in "not sentient beings") and it wouldn't be as creepy. But no.

    In a world where women get beat up to death and burned alive because of those very same reasons, this movie is absolutely problematic and downright disturbing (apart from being a horrible movie as a whole)

    I wish I could downrate it into oblivion.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    You don't often find love stories about a serial killer. Or, if you do, it usually has a bad ending. But not this one. No, the serial killer, after murdering several women and a man, and don't forget the pedophilia, ends up falling for a student of his and they live happily ever after.

    Heartwarming, I know. Be sure to watch with a loved one, and when it's over, have a long talk about that insurance policy you want to get for them.

    All sarcasm aside, it's not a bad little dark comedy, but honestly, I think they made WAY too much light of the fact that, really, at the core, this is about a mad scientist who kills people. Do we learn anything from it? Well, if you get caught, kill the guy who caught you. And be sure to rope in a lot of friends into your madcap scheme, they'll appreciate it and help you out.
  • paulinelongford4 October 2018
    Fun and also confronting the debate of cloning and touching the realness of personal loss presented in a pleasant way I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A dark and satirical movie clearly in the sci-fi genre which explores the ethics and horrific fallouts of human cloning. Don't let its genre classification of a rom com mislead you into watching it for one. It's certainly not for the faint of heart and can only at best be a disturbing sci-fi satirical comedy . All the ethical issues of human cloning are very deftly explored and the justification for it being the dark human desire for immortality of loved ones at any cost. The protagonist descends into a horrifying caricature of himself as he loses all sense of reality and with Hades like power drags his Persephone into a cloneal hellfire as he tries to claw back his lost love . It's without doubt a largely thought provoking and chilling film. Some of the questions the viewer could be left grappling with: -Why would a clone be treated with such unkindness and why the total disregard to sanctity of human life purely because of mode of creation? -A clone is not very different from a monozygotic twin and is as much an individual as a person born of biological reproduction. Yet why were they all treated with such cruelty? -how far would research be willing to go in the name of human cloning and bring untold suffering to clones in the same vein as slavery where slaves were considered an inferior human species. Not to mention the pitiable & bizarre results of experiments on human clones.
    • Why does the protagonist swiftly turn so controlling and evilly selfish all in the name of love and yet never blink an eyelid in violently discarding each human clone version that shows individuality and refuses to love him like the original he yearns to resurrect from the dead? And all done in a cloak of dodgy respectability.
    • At the heart of cloning is the genetic match but beyond that lies all the human experiences that are unique in wiring each human brain into a special individual that is as different from the original as are twins, but more so as they are born in different time periods.

    Without doubt this film satirically explores the dark and disturbing ramifications of science overstepping its boundaries as well as the ethics & dangers of serving the darkest of human desires. All with insouciance and purposeful irreverence. And a lot of the shadow side that lurks in all of us that can veer crazily out of reality to exploit the lives of others just for resurrecting our lives back to what it was. Surreal sci-fiction.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Once in a great while, we need to break away from the glitz and glam of Hollywood and the rousing special effects of the Summer Blockbuster to take in life and enjoy an original story with a heart. "Andover" stars Jonathan Silverman, who plays Adam Slope, a genetics professor at a local college, who is dealing with the loss of his wife. Using the help of one of his most esteemed students, Slope uses the DNA in his departed wife's hair to essentially clone the wife he once had, discovering that the results are not always as expected. There are twists and surprises along the way, but Silverman, along with his ultra-talented supporting cast (Featuring Richard Kind, Steven Bauer, Scout Taylor-Compton, Jennifer Finnegan, Angela Kinsey, and Beth Grant) are all equal to the task in telling the heartwarming story, with an ending well worth the price of admission. The direction and writing of Scott Perlman, an alumnus from my alma mater, Barrington High School, is both smart and poignant, and should keep any viewer engaged throughout the production. You don't need a big budget to create a quality film, you just need passion and an effective cast competent of telling your story. 10/10.
  • rezmin-043697 August 2018
    Bad bad bad acting. The lead actor was so irritating. weird storyline. dull cinematography. I couldn't last an hour.
  • This movie is so disturbing. I can't imagine how anyone could watch this as entertainment or find it remotely funny.
  • mehdi-vahab21 July 2018
    The story, plays, cinematography, edit,... are all low quality.
  • This idea, this cast, there is a better movie in there that was never made, it's not even somewhere on the cutting room floor.

    From Silverman especially I for one was hoping this would be a return to his Weekend At Bernie's roots (remember when he used to work?) or along the lines of multiplicity. Instead he is semi-dark and obsessive but just doesn't pull it off.

    Save your time.
  • ...but in execution, it could have been a LOT better. It's one of those movies where the whole plot depends on science, but the science itself is wholly unimportant, so thankfully they elected to leave it out. Lucky too, as they would have botched it utterly. It's possible to enjoy this movie, watch out though, because it is dark. So very dark. In fact, both morally and ethically, this is a hot poker to the groin.

    Also, if i misinterpreted this movie completely and it's actually a movie about how we trust white middle-aged men with a higher education too much, and forgive them too easily when they betray said trust - well, then i'm sorry. Contact me in this case - i will change the score to 10/10.
  • Don't let the positive reviews fool you, this one goes nowhere fast and stays there. If you were expecting a groundhog day type movie as this is billed, you will be very mistaken. The movie has no direction and spirals with no consequences. I kept waiting on something to happen that was interesting or the least bit thought provoking and it never happens. It will be on Netflix at the bottom of everyone's list in a couple months.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When the guy was digging to bury the ashes. the assistant should have shoveled him in the head off camera burred him and moved into his life with the male clone. fade from happy ending.
  • Thought this was going to be a goofy romantic comedy but it had a much darker twist. I love when a movie shifts your loyalties, without any spoilers at first we're pulling for Jonathan Silverman's character but it gets to a point where you're like Just...NO.

    This movie benefits from not being a big studio release because I can't imagine some of the scenes getting past focus groups because they tow the line between sweet/creepy. It's def it's own thing, and I like that it didn't have some big I LEARNED MY LESSON scene instead it just went for it and I enjoyed how it didn't apologize for being weird or try to suddenly get more conventional in the third act.
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