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  • First, you must like romantic comedies or this will fall short. I like good ones and this earned it's place with Notting Hill. Nice plot twists, great acting and a wonderful soundtrack. This part was made for Chris O'Dowd and Rose Byrne was spectacular. Ethan Hawke played such a loser I almost had trouble understanding what any woman would see in him. However, upon mentioning that to the women nearest me in the theater - including my wife, I was immediately slapped down. They all forgave him. And, it's set in England. What more could you ask for?
  • Rose Byrne and Chris O'Dowd are a long-time couple living in a seaside town in this winning film about music fandom and romantic rejuvenation. She's a museum curator in her local area. He's a classics professor who, in his spare time, devotes his life to discussing and extolling the music of a legendary rock star who disappeared from performing and from making albums two decades ago. O'Dowd's character has even created an online forum for the rock star's most rabid fans. The couple's relationship begins to take a turn when the rock star (Ethan Hawke, ever reliable in his charisma) attempts a career resurgence.

    A film about a faded rock star coming back out of the shadows is not a new theme, but here it feels so crisp. Hawke's performance is perfect, as are Byrne and O'Dowd, a seeming odd couple whose devotion is showing signs of strain. O'Dowd's character is quite funny when he keeps finding out new information about his idol.

    Although there are romantic comedies on the subject of music and midlife perspective, this one proves extra eloquent and engaging. It's not just a film about finding love. It's also about discovering the difference between a fan's rose-colored glasses and reality; a dinner scene captures this theme brilliantly. Even if the rest of the film hadn't been any good (which is not the case), I still would have recommended this film on the strength of that scene alone.

    This film has gotten only lukewarm reviews so far, which is odd. I am hopeful that audiences and other critics will give it the recognition it deserves. Gladly recommended.
  • Juliet, Naked Based on Nick Hornby's novel and directed by Jesse Peretz is awesome. Nick Hornby's novels are very interesting and are always a treat to watch on the big screen ( An Education, Wild, Brooklyn). Rose Byrne as Annie, is very realistic as a very down-to-earth grown up in a grown up relationship with her boyfriend Duncan ( excellent acting by Chris O'Dowd). Duncan is obsessed with music and life of Tucker Crowe for more than 2 decades . Ethan Hawke is terrific as Tucker Crowe, a musician , who vanished from public eye for decades. But Duncan thinks he knows everything about Tucker. Annie is not quite as obsessed and Duncan does not like that Annie does not get his passion and he seeks love elsewhere. Annie and Tucker are now website friends. Screenplay is great. The hospital scenes with Tucker on bed after angioplasty surrounded by kids with different women and Annie in the room are hilarious. The scenes on the beach when Duncan sees Tucker face to face and has no clue why Annie was seeing an older man are done extremely well. I enjoyed the movie a lot. Great acting. Ethan Hawke has done some great roles and is great as Tucker Crowe. excellent editing.
  • Everyone was laughing in the movie theater. The jokes are subtle, clever, original. Convincing acting, real characters, none of that fake, plastic Hollywood thing. I'll even watch it again!
  • BNester29 July 2018
    Duncan is a lecturer in a 3rd-rate college in a forgotten English sea-side town. He also runs the fan-club of a once-popular American singer-songwriter called Tucker Crowe, who disappeared 20-years ago after releasing an album called "Juliet". One day a cd arrives of early versions and outtakes of the songs on "Juliet", called "Juliet, Naked". Duncan's long-suffering girlfriend, Annie, writes a critical review of the disc on Duncan's blog, eliciting a talkback from Tucker Crowe himself. Their email relationship will grow into something more serious.

    Based on Nick Hornby's amusing book of the same name, the film is deliciously funny and full of clever twists. It pokes gentle fun at all the characters, who seem a little ridiculous but still ring true. The acting is superb, especially Rose Byrne, who plays Annie: middle-class, nearing middle-age, childless, attractive in a pinched, worried way, trying to do the right thing instead of letting herself go.

    You'll be grinning all through this delight, as Crowe tries to live down his past while Annie tries to break away from hers.

    Incidentally, Ethan Hawke, who plays Crowe, (yes, a Hawke pretending to be a Crowe: talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing!) also sings the vocals in what are supposed to be Crowe's songs, which play in the background.
  • Haven't laughed out loud so much in a theater in a long time. Simply charming smart and delightful. A film about feeling and being stuck, a very human condition, and attempts (successful and not so successful) to deal with it. Just wonderful acting from all the leads, Ethan Hawke and Rose Byrne in particular. A kid, Azhy Robertson, charming and funny without being too precious. Wonderful believable chemistry, an intelligent and witty "romcom", but devoid of the unrealistic mush and manipulative plot tricks typical of the genre. Finally a movie as good as the Nick Hornby its based on. Oh, and a hopeful ending without saccharine, something much needed. Go see it.
  • Are you or have you ever been an obsessive music fan? Have you ever dived down deep into an ocean of a particular artist's musical history and eagerly wetted your ears with every last song, half-song, quarter song and brief snippet of high or sometimes even very low, low quality, barely intelligible audio both officially and unofficially available? Have you ever tracked down, with a bloodhound's determination, every book about that artist and every book in which that artist is even only briefly mentioned on page two-hundred and something and then only for a sentence or two that does nothing other than merely confirm to you something you had already had confirmed to you a hundred times before? Have you ever compulsively visited countless websites committed to that same artist's work where other, even more intensely obsessive fans than you have documented and analyzed every last lyric, note, hiccup or cough crafted ever-so-carefully by that same artist, to such an extent that you feel so close to that artist that they are practically a part of you? Well, then, do I have the film for you.

    "Juliet, Naked" is a film about a very unique love triangle. The three points of that triangle are: Duncan (Chris O'Dowd), an obsessive fan of an obscure and no longer active singer-songwriter named, Tucker Crowe; Annie (Rose Byrne), Duncan's long suffering girlfriend who feels like she's in competition with Crowe for her boyfriend's attention and is losing; and the object of obsession himself, Tucker Crowe (Ethan Hawke), an easygoing dude, who long ago tossed away his music career, and who now lives in his ex-wife's garage trying to resemble a reasonable facsimile of a father for their son, Jackson (Azhy Robertson).

    Based on a novel by Nick Hornby, this, mostly, light and funny, pleasant breeze of a film is a delight from start to finish.

    What's mostly on the mind of the writer is the way in which these characters have chosen to lead their lives. Rose has been, and continues to be, way too cautious and, as a result, is suffering from emotional and psychological paralysis. Tucker has been way too reckless and, as a result, is the eye of a rapidly revolving hurricane of relationships that will soon swirl and crash around him with hilarious results. And in the middle, is Duncan who spends way too much of his time focusing on the emotional content of Crowe's songs and very little time focusing on the emotional content contained in the heart of his neglected girlfriend, Annie.

    Rose Byrne, as Annie, is plain stuck. She's in a relationship with two men - one who is physically present, but not emotionally, and another who is emotionally present but not physically. Though she is smart and charming and attractive, she is sort of like an airplane waiting at the edge of a runway for permission to take off. Permission that never seems to come and permission she probably doesn't need after all.

    Convincing as a woman who fulfills all of the requirements that her outer life demands without actually fulfilling any of the requirements that her inner life does, Byrne is all apologies and accomodations. She is a Rube Goldberg contraption made flesh - balls rolling, dominoes falling, ramps see sawing one way, then another, but, without any greater purpose other than to keep itself going, one day after another, for enjoyment of others.

    As the obsessive fan, who runs a comprehensive website about everything and anything Crowe, frequently chats with other Crowe obsessives on-line and has a well maintained and more than slightly creepy shrine to the man in the basement of his and Annie's home, O'Dowd is just goofy enough to trigger the necessary laughs without being so goofy that he becomes a one note joke.

    The film pays real careful attention to Duncan's emotional connection to Crowe and his songs. Sure, the film, and I assume the book, plays his obsessing for laughs, but, it also respects it, too. That is no more clear then in a pivotal scene, somewhere in the middle moving towards the end of the film, where Duncan and Crowe come face to face, sharing a dinner table with neglected girlfriend and no longer neglected son. Obsessive fan collides with the object of his obsession and the results, though predictably awkward, cringe worthy and painfully funny, also reveal each character's sensitive sore spots. The scene sticks its' landing and then some. It's wonderfully played out.

    Overall, O'Dowd manages to create a memorable human being in Duncan who is, ultimately, deeply flawed, but, nonetheless, understandable and sympathetic. He sees so much in others who are far away and so little in those who are close by. He is so intensely focused on his obsession for the words and music of Tucker Crowe that he has no more energy left for his afterthought of a girlfriend. If his life could be summed up in an album's worth of tracks, the first twelve songs would be about Crowe and a thirteenth, hidden track, would be about Annie.

    And Hawke? He plays casual, broken and messed up with an ease that is always charming and affecting. He does a fine job of slipping into the skin of a man who has just recently caught up to his responsibilities and is making a genuine, though clumsy, attempt to unscrew up as much of his screwed up life as he can. He's like someone walking through the rubble of a neighbourhood recently devastated by an 9.0 earthquake with all the concern of a man browsing for swim trunks at a local department store.

    The direction is unobtrusive and workmanlike. The pace is steady and never lags.

    A real surprise. Catch it if you can.
  • It's not often that I laugh out loud in movies but I did while viewing Juliet, Naked. Having loved such films as Fever Pitch. I was not surprised to see Nick Hornby's name in the credits. He has a way with sympathetic characters that always resonates for me. Once again the soundtrack is full of artists I love. I would see this film again...
  • My husband and I went to see this movie on a date night. Since my hubby doesn't like to know a thing about a movie before we see it, I get to choose. So, when I saw Ethan Hawke had a new movie out, I looked no further. Wow. So wonderfully done that we cringed and laughed out loud with, and for, the characters. Must see!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wow, and wow again - yes, that's how much I loved watching and totally enjoying this brilliant (yet quite realistic) romantic comedy titled " Juliet Naked". There could not have been a better cast of actors to play the three central characters. Ethan Hawke - the king of romance ( watch "Before Sunrise", "Before Sunset", and "Before midnight" to believe this claim) ; Rose Byrne, the female actor who plays the British beauty caught between two men of completely different personalities ; and Chris O' Dowd - it seems like this actor was born to play the character that he enacts in "Juliet Naked"

    Chris plays Duncan, the annoying boyfriend of British beauty Rose Byrne, who plays Anne. Ethan plays the once revered fictional singer-songwriter Tucker Crowe. Duncan, is an overly-obsessed fan of Crowe(Hawke). When someone delivers a CD titled "Juliet Naked" to their house, it sets off a hilarious sequence of events. Duncan gets upset that Anne listened to the CD before him - after all , it was addressed to him. Anne gets upset that Duncan is arguing with her about this remix version of an original "Tucker Crowe song". Anne(Rose) posts a negative comment about this song on Duncan's Tucker Crowe -based website. Tucker Crowe (Ethan Hawke) , who had been avoiding any contact with the general public for a seemingly endless number of years, reads Anne's (Rose's) negative comment about his original song, and surprisingly - he likes it. He replies to her comment and reveals that he really is singer-songwriter Tucker Crowe.

    Crowe and Anne keep exchanging messages via social media. One day, Crowe tells Anne that he is coming to London, and would like to meet her. On the day they are supposed to meet, Crowe gets the first heart attack of his life, and is taken to a hospital. Crowe (Hawke) and Anne(Rose) end up having their first meeting inside the hospital. Later on, Anne invites Crowe and his son to live with her during his short stay in London.

    When Duncan (Chris) gets to meet Crowe (Hawke) for the first time because of Anne(Rose), he does not even believe that the man is really the singer-songwriter whom he had been worshipping all his life. Duncan thinks it is just Anne's way of trying to get him again after their break-up. This is the funniest scene in "Juliet Naked". After a while, Duncan realizes that this man is really Tucker Crowe. Hawke and Chris are brilliant throughout the movie, especially in the scene where Duncan (Chris) is trying to impress Crowe (Hawke) but ends up making him angry. Rose Byrne is a romantic revelation - she is so natural in her performance.

    The romance that arises between Crowe (Ethan Hawke) and Anne (Rose Byrne) may seem a bit weird but it is totally believable ; I mean, an ordinary woman falling in love with a singer-songwriter - yes, very realistic. Even, the ending seemed quite realistic, because of its slice-of-life quality. In addition, I also got to know through the ending credits that this movie was actually based on a novel titled "Juliet Naked". That is definitely icing on the cake for me. I definitely want to get that book and read it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In the bonus track of the DVD of "Juliet, Naked," the film producers described their intent to focus on the story of a minor rock star named Tucker Crowe. At the height of his career, he mysteriously walked out on an audience at a night club in Minneapolis, before vanishing into rural Pennsylvania where he allegedly worked on a sheep farm. During the erratic period of his life as a musician, he fathered a number of children with various women. The filmmakers wanted to explore the character's "self-loathing failure as a father."

    While the character of Tucker Crowe was effectively performed by Ethan Hawke, the more interesting facet of the comedy was how the legend of Tucker had evolved into an obsession for one of his fans, a college teacher named Duncan. It was clear from the classroom scene that Duncan teaches popular culture, yet does not have a clue as to whether he is communicating accurate information to his students. He had gleaned most of his "facts" about Tucker from gossip on the internet. One of big payoffs of the film is when Duncan finally meets Tucker and realizes that he knows virtually nothing about the man or the backstory of his life and music. In this regard, the film is a terrific parody on academia today where the classes in "cultural studies" are exactly like the silliness portrayed in the film.

    In the extras segment of the DVD, the filmmakers described how they wanted to build the film around the character of Rose, Duncan's partner, who eventually meets Tucker inadvertently when he responds to Rose's internet post that derived from an argument she had with Duncan. Indeed, Rose becomes the pivotal character who draws Tucker back into the world of recording.

    The triangulated relationship of Duncan, Rose, and Tucker is the basis for the heartwarming romance, as well as for the film's quirky humor. The children of Tucker, with whom he has had little contact over the years, reunite in a wild and wacky scene in the hospital after Tucker suffers a minor heart attack. Rose is childless and has always dreamed of being a mother. While Tucker seeks to make amends for his past as a father, it is possible that Rose may find meaning in her life by entering into the complicated family dynamic of Tucker.

    The film was successful as a roller coaster ride of offbeat humor and zany situations. The filming in the idyllic seaside town of Sandcliff on the North Sea provided a charming backdrop for this wholesome and idiosyncratic comedy. Due to the good performances and the crisp direction, "Juliet, Naked" is a sleeper with some genuinely heartfelt moments.
  • liveyouradventure30 December 2018
    A nice heartfelt warm movie enjoy it with a bottle of wine.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    That was a really good movie. The whole relatable premise of all the mistakes we wish we hadn't made in life, the consequences of those mistakes & how one deals with them. The beauty of second chances late in life & the power of love healing all. Good humour also from the ex-boyfriend. Loved Ethan Hawke, he's always so down to earth despite his BRILLIANT understated talent. Leading lady was fantastic as well. I truly enjoyed it.
  • Loved this; even better than I was expecting. But honestly, I'm posting this review because I'm going mad trying to figure out who three of the actors in the film are -- they're not listed on IMDb for some reason!! One: Tucker's most recent ex-wife, whose house he lives behind. Two: The black ex-wife, who I'm pretty positive is Nina Sosanya from "Love, Actually," but I'm not sure. And three: The black ex-wife's new partner.

    Not only are those people not listed here, but Jimmy O. Yang is billed fourth ... and I have zero recollection of him being in the film, which I just saw it two hours ago! Seriously someone help; I feel like I'm losing my mind. ;)
  • "Juliet Naked," is one of the best adaptations of a Nick Hornby novel since "About a Boy." Hornby, who also wrote "High Fidelity" writes extremely funny and emotionally honest stories about grown up relationships - the irony being that the recurring characteristic of his grown up men is that they are usually obsessed with petty and childish things.

    The synopsis on IMDB (seen below) is all you need to know about the plot : "Juliet, Naked is the story of Annie (the long-suffering girlfriend of Duncan) and her unlikely transatlantic romance with once revered, now faded, singer-songwriter, Tucker Crowe, who also happens to be the subject of Duncan's musical obsession."

    What's not described is how this film avoids all the usual clich├ęs and predictable plot points in most romantic comedies. Hornby never goes for easy answers. His characters are flawed and human with real grown up problems that aren't dismissed with easy answers. This makes for REALLY good comedy.

    Juliet Naked goes on my top ten list of 2018 films and maybe even the decade. Also make sure you watch the coda in the credits. It is freaking Hilarous.
  • The movie itself is much better than the title suggests.
  • Juliet, Naked is a rom-com with its head on straight. Neither over the top nor dark, it strikes the right tone of realism and romance despite the formulaic approach of boy meets girl, etc. Rose Byrne's protagonist, Annie, a smart and strong-willed anthropologist and curator at a small museum in a Brit seaside town, has a balanced profile of wit and realism. She's a lady not easily seduced by ancient rocker, Tucker (Ethan Hawke), who comes into her life via the Internet and her boyfriend, Duncan (Chris O'Dowd).

    Typically for a romantic comedy, Annie is bored with professor/lover Duncan and finds his scholarly preoccupation with Tucker to be tedious. Until she meets Tucker, and the real romance of this comedy begins.

    Director Jesse Peretz and his writers skillfully adapted the Nick Hornby novel to keep the tone light despite a heart attack and multiple progeny by different women having Tucker scramble for sanity when they all meet in the hospital. That is one of the film's fine moments of a lunatic family reunion. Contrasting the de-riled family, Annie turns out to be an anchor for Tucker, with whom she had already formed an Internet connection.

    The nice thing about this budding romance is it's slow, not sex filled, and rooted in a skepticism on both sides that rings true in the face of a rom-com formula frequently demanding instant passion and commitment. Even Duncan, his scholarly interest in Tucker bordering on obsessive, comes off as in love with Annie, but not silly, just self-absorbed and oblivious to her needs.

    Juliet, Naked is a fresh take on the rom-com, easy going and poignant, but infused with enough love to make the romance authentic and the comedy light enough to allow for genuine affection in the face of daunting family and professional intrusions.
  • I love love this movie. I watched it in the airplane, it was among recommended movies by British Airways staff, and I am so glad I watched it. I love Ethan Hawke, he has done so many similar romantic movies that have not been written or talked about but are wonderful. This is one of those movies. It is very realistic in terms of the characters but the story itself has humor and is heartfelt. I don't want to give the story away but there is charm to this movie that you can find out only if you watch it. I highly recommend the movie.
  • rockman18211 September 2018
    Been dying to see this since I first saw the trailer for a few reasons. One, it looked like an entertaining romantic comedy that would be worthwhile. Two, the creation of a fake musician who resurfaces years later in front of a superfan? That's creative. Three, Rose Byrne is a treasure and I'll watch her in anything. After watching, the film met the expectations it had set up and I am satisfied with the film. Ethan Hawke makes a good Tucker Crowe, yo.

    The film is about the relationship of a couple whose differences cause arguments. The girlfriend has to put up with her snobbish husbands crazy obsession with a musician who released an album and disappeared decades ago. One day, while communicating on a message board, Rose Byrne's character starts actually chatting with this musician and he soon resurfaces which changes the lives of all that are involved.

    I thought the film was sweet and well acted on all fronts. Dowd was impressive as a superfan who is certainly grating. Hawke was completely believable as an aging and tortured musician trying to make things right. Byrne is good in everything she does, no difference here. The "fake 90s music" created to exemplify the career of Tucker Crowe is awesome because it seems authentic. The whole mystique and rumors around the Crowe's career is amazing.

    At its core, its a story we have seen many times before. However, the film is told in the scope of something interest with the unbelievable probability of a rockstar coming into the life of a superfan after a bad review was written online. Its a relatable film that is just pleasing all throughout. Its not going to make waves but its a sweet and charming effort that is worth a watch.

  • Enjoyable but not as diverting as the book. The book is actually a bit slow, but has depth and character development. The movie is also a bit slow but lacks depth. I hate to say it, but the Rose Byrne is such a sad weak sack that she is not sympathetic or interesting. Ethan Hawke and Chris O'Dowd are very well cast, as are all of the children. I would have liked to have seen more of them, especially the twin boys.
  • Looking at some of these high scores/reviews I was wondering whether we saw the same movie.

    This movie is so mundane, uninteresting and boring. Nothing about it could captivate me. Yes, obviously I must be one of those people who are only interested in action/comedy. Alas, no. I find many genres captivating. But the point is, they have to captivate me one way or the other. Be it suspense, comedy, interesting topic, artistic/aesthetic cinematography or music, interesting/witty dialogues and characters. Anything can be used to captivate a viewer. And all of it is missing in this movie.
  • jenrebl8 September 2018
    Juliet, Naked is one of the best movies I've seen all year. All of the main characters are flawed individuals who find themselves stuck in lives that they didn't set out to choose for themselves. I think this is a great story of how they find a way back to being the people they wanted to be told with a lot of humor & heart. Ethan Hawke, Rose Byrne and Chris O'Dowd all give terrific performances.
  • rwrenken24 August 2018
    Splendid cast. Great writing. Fun twists. Super funny.
  • A romantic comedy with very little to no romance in it. Rose Byrne was miscast - she's way too good looking to believe as so romantically hard up. Chris O'Dowd was funny but had the unfortunate role as the irritating dweeb boyfriend. And I never believed the romance between Rose and Ethan Hawke. They didn't spend enough time convincing us that they could basically fall in love through email and a short stressful visit. She acted too hard up and he obviously just wanted to sleep with her. To cap it off, as with every movie about a made up rock star we have to endure the most boring mundane tunes as the rockers music.
  • My wife and I watched this at home on DVD from our public library. We both found it a very worthwhile movie, a bit underrated in my opinion.

    It is set and filmed mostly in England, including London, with brief scenes in New York. Chris O'Dowd is Duncan Thomson who in almost all of his spare time obsesses over an American singer/songwriter who was popular 25 years earlier and has essentially disappeared. He and others frequently hold podcast discussions and speculate on where the musician might be.

    He has a live-in girlfriend, Rose Byrne as Annie Platt. She feels Duncan neglects their relationship, rightly so, and on a whim posts a contrarian, somewhat negative comment to Duncan's website. Then she gets a surprise response, supportive of her views, from none other than the long-missing musician.

    Ethan Hawke is that musician, Tucker Crowe. Basically he thinks all the adoration he receives is silly, himself having low regard for his early work. As fate would have it his British daughter is having a baby requiring him to travel to London where he and Annie will have a chance to meet.

    The story gets a bit complicated but in a good, interesting way. Annie is approaching 40, she has no children, she is afraid life is passing her by. Tucker feels he has frittered his life away and approaching 50 wants to have another chance. Good story, authentic acting, a meaningful movie with lots of funny moments sprinkled in.
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