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  • What a waste of time. I watch B movies, even C movies but this should get a "Z" for zero. The main actor is very good but the movie lacks content, action, dialogue, it's like watching one of those teen log on Facebook or YouTube. Someone THOUGHT this would be interesting, it is a sleeper. I had to convince myself to stay awake that something should happen, but nope, nothing much.

    If you like to watch teens do nothing and have no life, this is a movie for you, otherwise stay away, you will want to destroy your TV!

    Once again the main actor is great, if he is not mentally challenged then he is a very good actor.

    Some people might "get" this movie, well I did NOT! I got the twist but I mean I don't get the waste of time and money to create such a flick that could have been a short on any channel.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    TALL MEN is strange and atmospheric from start to finish. It is extremely well produced and show-cases just what can be done on a tight budget.

    You don't notice the budgetary constraints as the film tightly focuses on what a strange and timid creature Terence is. His disturbing mannerisms fixate us as we anxiously anticipate the next unusual visual and wonder if Terence's problems are real or all in his head. The constant background tones are very unnerving and supposedly this is an irritant schizophrenics must deal with every day.

    They certainly could have ended the film without the last 5 minutes but people seem to demand some sort of closure. Either that or the writer despises people who don't pay their debts and was determined to hammer this hate home. If so, the punishments don't fit the 'crime'.

    TALL MEN isn't for everyone. Especially not a horror traditionalist. I thought it was worth more than 5 stars though.
  • A young boy invites his friend, a girl, over to his house. His mother smilingly watches them going upstairs but when they are out of sight the smile disappears and her face becomes troubled. Something happens, although we're not told what. Flash forward to when the boy is a young man, living in the same house. His mother has died and he lives there alone. Or so it would seem. We see him seated at a table. Behind him on the wall is a very strange picture, the strangeness of which alerts us that something is very wrong in this house.

    First let me say that I enjoyed the film. Some might think it boring but if you just let the weirdness envelop you it becomes, as another reviewer said, hypnotic.

    It's obvious the director has been heavily influenced by early David Lynch, the whole movie recycles Eraserhead right down to the same sort of background music. Clearly the Lynchian genius is missing but if you enjoy Lynch I think you'll enjoy this.

    A director to watch.
  • So... what can you say about this one.... OMG what a movie... It was terrible... Acting was OK for a low budget movie but everything else just terrible. I rated only one other movie with 2 (Monsters in the woods) and thought I'll never see one as bad as that, but boy was I wrong. Plot is interesting for about 20 minutes, but then you realize nothing happens, and that's it for you. Nothing happens. I don't write reviews that much but I am so angry right now for losing more than two hours on this... not much more to say about it really...

    P.S. It's not a Slenderman movie as it looks by the cover
  • I actually sat through this movie (hard to call it that). Completely unsure why, but here is my review and warning to avoid it.

    The first thing you will notice is the weird camera angles and complete lack of movement thereof where the characters move in and out of the shot. It is like they are on fixed tripods with no operator. Security camera footage comes to mind all the way through the movie.

    Nothing much really happens and if these are professional actors and film makers, they must have second jobs, no way they could make a living as actors. I have seen better home videos than this.

    A rule of thumb I tend to stick to, if a movie is longer than 80 minutes it is usually worth watching. This one breaks that rule with ease.

    This is not worth watching, it is just boring.

    Final three words or warning, AVOID AVOID AVOID.
  • What can i say? well in my 53 years alive i have only ever turned off a film 3 times and this is the third. i got to the last 15 minutes and could bear it no more. i am a film fanatic of most genre and watch a great deal in a week. This film let me down, how this even made it onto a film reel and not on the cutting room floor i don't know. it made no sense at all, was like a groundhog day in a continuous loop of around 3 minutes. i tried and tried to look at it in any light but the only light i think it would look good in is with the projector off and the lights up. I cannot even tell you what was so bad as it has warped my mind and left me in a totally comatose state of not knowing if i actually dreamed this whole foul episode or an alien ship landed and the little green men strapped me into a chair and sucked my brains out through my nose and left a huge void and then made me watch it. basically steer clear of this, i fear for your life should you succumb to watch it to see what was so bad.. Don't DO IT!!!
  • There's a good movie in here, somewhere. Unfortunately, it's shown in fits and starts between a few too many stretches of nothing. I get it, I think. The director uses pacing to try to draw us into the lead character's mundane world, adding exclamation points to all of the insanity that starts to take hold. Maybe the editor did too good a job at accentuating the mundane aspects though, since the pacing is likely to test a lot of viewers' patience.

    I noticed from the crew list that the writer/director is also, yes, you guessed it, the editor. Might be a problem of wearing one too many creative hats, without another keen eye to help point out the faults. The old writer cliché of "kill your babies" when they don't work applies. Shame, since there's a lot to like here. The director's eye is interesting, with bizarre and often witty visual imagery. The story is odd and at times engrossing, when it's not left to simmer three days too long.

    The cast is great too, surprisingly, for the budget of the film. They all play in an intentionally over-the-top manner that works very well. The lead, who's in almost every shot, and the rest of the bizarre characters really lift the film up, which might be easier if the editor could slice off a few hundred pounds.

    I enjoyed the film since quite honestly I like weird crap. But it's not for everyone and it has nothing to do with slender-men, despite the misleading cover. I really hope the film gets another cut. Without the bloat it could maybe even be a modern cult classic. As for now, it hovers at a 6/10. Very flawed, but very interesting.
  • thelyndzz10 May 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    I was very bummed after watching this. It had good reviews and I thought I'd be like Slender Man. It was boring and it dragged out. My husband fell asleep. Some of the images were a little creepy which is why I have it a 2. It's about a kid that has mental disorders. Near the beginning you see him filing for bankruptcy. Like a few weeks later or something he gets a black credit card in the mail. Maybe it was apart of his mental disorder but he ended up activating it (compulsion? ?). Never said why he did after he was just bank robbed. Then these Tall Men was following him and his friends around, I guess to gather up information about him? His boss ended up getting beat up and let him go so he had no money to make a payment. To cut to the chase the tall men broke his fingers and beat him up and killed his friends and made it look like he did it. At the very end the lawyer who did his bankruptcy was the boss of the tall men and would send out credit cards out to people he knew wouldn't be able to pay....It really made no sense. I guess he bugged his phone and the detectives that were at his house also worked for him... there was just a lot unexplained. Wasn't worth the rental.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Written by Jonathan Holbrook. Produced by Jonathan Holbrook. Directed by Jonathan Holbrook. Edited by Jonathan Holbrook. Co-starring Chris Venskus as Conrad Wrobel.

    Dan Crisafulli comes out of semi-retirement to deliver a masterful performance as Terence Mackleby, an eccentric young man who begins an unusual relationship with a mysterious woman he meets at work.

    With strong support from Kay Witney, Richard Garcia, and the ever-popular Bruce Weech, Crisafulli plays 'straight to the camera' in the style we've all come to know and love.

    Critics have been unstinting in their praise for Dave Shecter's controversial use of a 'flat wash' colour palette.

    Clocking in at 2 hours and a handful of minutes, this slow burning psychological thriller will delight and astonish viewers of all ages.

    I rate Tall Men at 23.31 on the Haglee Scale, which works out as an unusual 7/10 on IMDb.
  • This movie starts slow but it is pretty good psychological thriller among the recent thriller movies i watch. 2 hrs might be a bit too much but it is good enough with the concept and acting of the main character. Well gave it a 8 stars for its concept and wonderfully displayed low budget movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The title "Tall Men," seems to direct a viewer to the idea to expect to see similarities of a "Slender Man," theme. The description of the movie, tells the viewer that the man is "challenged," mentally or has a disability. In some of the scenes, the main character as well as his friends, were all taking psychological "meds." These actors were excellent at the task to act as "challenged characters". This did not look easy. The actors' emotions, speech and facial expressions were "very," credible. There was some humor, when adults argue like children. This movie is like an "Alfred Hitchcock," style end result for making a bad decision. Today's world, take advantage of the elderly, handicapped, disabled, and mentally challenged people. This movie is a fine example of it. Watch this movie to see, who would you believe?
  • Leofwine_draca21 September 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    TALL MEN is another cheap and digital indie horror/thriller with a slant towards the generic. It does have a bit more promise than some in terms of plot development and the like but it's still very unremarkable and hackneyed. An ordinary guy takes out a credit loan but soon discovers that his creditors are none other than sinister and suited 'slender man' types designed to menace him. This offers a very mundane depiction of suburban life. It's overlong and has way too little suspense to recommend it.
  • Flows much like Eraserhead.

    Tried to submit but my review is to short. Too bad.
  • Forced into a state of bankruptcy, a young man living in his old house unexpectedly receives a mysterious credit card in the mail and starts to use it to turn his life around, but when he can't pay the balance suddenly finds a group of mysterious men in business following him which turns his life upside down more than he expected.

    This one was quite an intriguing if flawed effort. When this one works, it brings about some great work with the atmosphere of desperation that falls on him the deeper he gets in the ensuing situation. That setup, however contrived and hokey, creates a really impressive backdrop that lets the slowly-creeping appearance of the strange Tall Men appearing around the outskirts of his life have a profound effect on his sanity, where he becomes freaked out by the burgeoning conspiracy against him. As that coincides with their appearance and the repo scene, which is one of the more brutal and enjoyable scenes in the film where the figures arrive and begin to wipe out his friends before they torture him in graphic manners, it's where the film comes into its own. When added together to the wholly impressive and immersive feel that keeps this one interesting provides enough to like to make it watchable. There are some problems with the film. One of the biggest issues is the fact that there's very little about the pacing and general tempo of the film that really serves this one with any form of positive attributes. The fact that the entire production, from the acting style to the atmosphere of the world around everyone and just let the scenes breathe with the extended running time featured for this one all manage to make this one last way too long for its own good. The extended running time is easily explained away by the various overlong sequences here that don't serve this one at all, making for a much longer experience here with the scenes in the employment office, going through the early stages of him getting the friends involved in his situation and the general discovery that he's been duped by the company and forced to participate in their special retrieval process that carries this through into the second half. The other problem with this one is that there's nothing tying the story together as for what's going on. The extended running time fails to include any kind of rationale as to why the whole situation starts up in the first place, seemingly showing a random series of events to get him into the state of needing money. That he never questions where the card came from or how he got through the approval process which is completely unbelievable by itself but also never manages to tell how the corporation work as for what their purpose is in sending this mystical card to people that can't afford it only to send out the equally mysterious beings to harvest the individual they know can't do anything about the situation. This continuous circle of questionable logic doesn't really have an answer and leaves the film too chaotic and aimless, making for a somewhat lowered experience.

    Rated Unrated/R: Violence and Language.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is misunderstood by many, and most do not finish this movie so they never find out the plot! They are all aliens, each from an other planet. They all landed by accident at the same spot at the same time. What they do not know is that they landed in a area that is part of a mental hospital, probably part of area 51. Most are from a planet with low gravity, with that they have problems with the earth's gravity so they move very slow, which also explains the length of film; 2 hours and 13 min. So all are heavily sedated by drugs and they are tired, so tired, that everyone in this movie has problems blinking their eyes. This movie is a message to all aliens out there, visiting earth, don't forget your social security number!
  • Doesn't surprise me that this movie is rated so low. Takes a certain person to enjoy this I suppose but I am so happy everyone that made it came together to create it. I only wonder how many other 4 star and under titles I'm missing out on that I might love.

    One of the things I love about this movie is the washed out color (grayish) that they implemented. Similar to the greenish effect in The Ring.

    I think the characters really drew me in. Every one of them wreaked of some sort of autism. From the professionals at the beginning to the cops and I loved it. I knew this movie wasn't supposed to be a drama or reflect reality and it was totally appropriate that they never let us forget that from the characters behavior and choice of words to the decoration of the house.

    This movie has no climax as far as I can tell. If you find it ridiculously boring and un-entertaining in the first five minute then change it because it's not for you since the rest of the movie is the same exact way. I don't think this movie is lacking. This is the movie and the way it was meant to be. If it wasn't like this it wouldn't be this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Terrance (Dan Crisafulli) does an unknown horrible deed as a child and we now see him as an adult. He works at a warehouse and lives in a house that is paid for, yet has gross financial troubles. He is haunted by "tall men" who may or may not be real as we see Terrance is on medication. He is socially awkward and twitchy. Lucy (Kay Whitney) likes him. Edith (Jennifer Angelucci-Medina) gives us a clue as to what is happening in Terrance's world that ties into a theme that the men in charge and Republicans are shape shifting alien reptiles that will use unscrupulous means to take all of our money. This film is a dark satire.

    The movie is long. It has scenes that move slow and downright stand still, yet still hold an interest. The bad part of the film is that you wait for a payoff in the end and it was a bit under whelming. People are caricatures by design. The production also holds clues that you don't know are clues, like the tub in the yard. A lot of thought went into the film which is slightly more art house than entertaining. Clearly this film is not for everyone.

    Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity.
  • This is a low budget unconventional movie with an atmosphere of the creepy, the bizarre and the disturbing. I am surprised at the bad reviews as it certainly isn't perfect, but it makes a nice change from the endless rollout of cookie cutter samey samey horror movie fare. I liked it and savoured observing the predictable decline of the principal character, his delusions masking the true horror of what was really happening. A mild twist at the end perhaps slightly tongue in cheek. Definitely not for everyone, but comfortably occupies its niche.
  • ebida311 September 2017
    This film is quite the departure from the usual horror genre. It is definitely a psychological thriller that makes you uncomfortable and keeps you there. If you're looking for the garden variety horror then this film is not for you.

    Our protagonist,Terrence played by Dan Crisafulli, has a mental disability. He goes though life paranoid, uptight with illusions to boot. He struggles with the daily tasks of life we all take for granted with a cocktail of pills helping him survive each day. Life for Terrance is hard enough. A recent bankruptcy causes a set of events that make these rough days seem like a cakewalk.

    After applying for a new credit card since life's financial downturn things start really getting weird. His visions became more frequent and finding out that the credit card he received was predatory adds to his already overwhelming struggle to see the least. Did I mention this gets really weird?

    I found myself off balance watching. The film gives you the impression that everything is askew. The characters are all strange. Each is stranger than the next. Not that are overtly strange but slightly off center as the rest of this film is. The story line is for any other character in a different movie nothing unusual but through these characters it's downright strange.

    Guy lives alone, goes bankrupt and gets fired. There is way to much to give away so to elaborate on scenes would make this review one big spoiler. Did I mention this gets weird?

    Give it a go I think you'll agree this isn't the same old thriller your used to.
  • A cheery, sweet surreal story. Told in the unmistakable style of Eraserhead but without its punch and genius. Likeable characterisation and well edited dialogue. It has the appeal of innocence reinforced by the portrayal of vulnerable people offering their take on the reality of life. I couldn't put it down.
  • kronic_3008 August 2018
    For some reason i really liked this movie for a number of reasons, firstly it seems to grab and hold on so you just have to watch just to see how the movie pans out. I found it an interesting watch and a bit different to what is around atm, You are either going to walk away within 10/20 minutes ...if you dont you will be hooked until the end just to see what it's all about.

    You will then really like the film (as i did) or you will be thinking why did you waste your time
  • What a load of dung... very very bad slow and mind numbing!!! The worst film I've seen...
  • parry_na21 June 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Director and writer Jonathan Holbrook's very slow, colour-drained, experiment in minimalism is probably an acquired taste. I really like it. At 2hrs and 13 minutes, chances are it goes on too long, but I don't find that a huge problem. It isn't an ordinary story and it doesn't feature ordinary people. Sometimes the relentless turnaround of eccentric characters gets a little much, but this approach eases us into a world seen through the eyes of main character, paranoid schizophrenic Terrence Mackleby (Dan Crisafulli).

    The style is unmistakably 1950s in flavour and throughout the moments not graced by the soundtrack, there is a feint hollow sound, like a breeze or an echo, barely perceptible, but enough to add to the mysterious David Lynch-type atmosphere.

    Other sound effects are used very effectively also. Floorboard creaks, footsteps are matched with very occasional images of the Tall Men of the title - blurred, reflected, half seen behind doors. There is a genuinely unnerving style of story-telling here. And things get progressively nasty and perverse - this, on top an already skewed canvas, becomes enthralling.

    Terrance is difficult to get close to as a character. That's nothing to do with Crisafulli's acting, which is excellent. His condition causes him to get into monetary difficulties again and again. The latest credit card company seems to offer him a way out from his troubles but the price to pay for non-repayment is nightmarish, and naturally he soon finds himself in a deadly situation. Odd, slow-burning and very powerful, 233 minutes nevertheless goes by surprisingly quickly. Recommended.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just saw thia movie 2 days ago, and what started as a thriller somehow ended up as a comedy for me and my wife, I was going to just fall asleep but some of the bad acting and just the way the movie was got to me. It became so funny I ended up making my wife have a laughing attack. Anyway about the movie? I could not makes most sense of the plot at all, sure I could tell he was broke and made some bankrupcy deal( which looks more like he's making a deal with the devil) but there's no explanation as to what's going on with the grandma or the house, it looks like he killed a girl in the beggining... No light shed on that, lack of suspenseful music even, among many many other things. One good thing, it teched me not to grab a credit card or at least read the fine print. But to connect money and horror in a movie? There's definitely a way, I've seen some really good ones, like 13 Sins for example. But this is not the way. Good laugh, credit lesson learned, bad horror..
  • Warning: Spoilers
    it could be trimmed down a lot in time, some scenes could be cut; That being said I'd like to see this turned into a series. Pat Cashman needed more screen time as he is the Voice of Seattle. Some really great parts in the movie though. As is I give it a 4, but with some work it can be a Ten.........
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