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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The film is based on a true story: Writer/Director saw "Misery" and decided to redo it in Louisiana.

    Pop teen idol Chelsea (Erika Christensen) opens with an eerie rendition of "House of the Rising Sun" perhaps the highlight of the film. It isn't long before she is shackled by Evelyn "Johnny Walker" King ( Bethany Lauren James) pretending to be Kathy Bates. Don't worry, sweaty Frank (Jason Kirkpatrick) is a fan and is on the case.

    This is a made for TV film. Erika Christensen did a good job in a film with a stolen script.
  • This was an okay movie, at the start it felt like a ripoff from the movie Misery, famous person getting stalked with no way out. But what put this film above a low mark was the acting, it wasn't the best on the market but it was above average. I found it started a bit weak, strangely but got better by the middle if it, but, yes there is a but. I found the ending was very rushed, especially before the credits. This could have been a real cliff hangar and would have given the film a higher score. So a good film, worth a watch, that just misses the mark.