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  • The lead actor is so beautiful but not the greatest actor. Show moves surprisingly slow for such short episodes. This definitely feels like one of the cheaper shows I've seen. Pretty dramatic, probably too dramatic, but every now and then there's a good catchy moment. All-in-all can't recommend this show, but every now and then there's a fun episode that surprises you.
  • I just finished season one, and I'm working on season two right now. So far, season two looks much more promising. I wanted to like season one so much because of the cast, and I love the idea of the premise, but it just wasn't what I wanted. What I wanted to see was like a story told in the guidance counselor's office, where we see the story told in these short snippets while in her office, but this show was nothing like that. I liked the characters, the camera angles, the score, the cast, and the general idea of the show, but the writing was just...Ugh. Like, it could've been so good, but the story was bland, predictable, and just wrong. Anyway. If you like watching painfully bad TV, go for season one. If not, I'd advise for you to pick another title. I rate season one a 2/10

    UPDATE** Just finished season two, and gave the show three more stars because it was so much better. Finally, some decent writing and an actual plot! I love the final message of season two, which is basically something akin to: STOP BLAMING VICTIMS OF SEXUAL CRIMES AND TAKE TEENAGERS SERIOUSLY. Great message, interesting story, great show to binge. I rate season two a 8/10!!
  • Season one wasn't that great. A lot of the actors weren't believable. Michelle Trachtenberg was absolutely amazing, though. She's probably the only reason I kept watching. Have you ever watched a show or movie where the actor or actress was so sexy, you couldn't bear to watch it? That was Graham Philips for me. The plot was super dull and predictable.

    Season 2... AMAZING! I absolutely loved the actors. They did a much better job casting in this season. The plot significantly improved. Definitely had me on the edge of my seat. I recommend skipping right over season 1.
  • I am not commenting on the show with my 10 stars, just this actress. This is the first time seeing actress Brooke Markham in anything & I am already a huge fan! This girl is superb. I am looking forward to checking out her other films. I can see a bright and shining future for this talented up and coming star!