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  • Kirpianuscus8 December 2018
    One of films who I love . Maybe, because, as schizoid person, I am not real far by the world of Jonathan. Or maybe because it is fascinating the manner to use the basic idea. A profound delicate subject and a seductive exploration of a dark and not comfortable universe. A film proposing only questions and no answers. Impecable acting and great story. A film about loneliness , with a precise target, in clothes of Sci . F., trip across a life who is not so different and who, in fact, represents, with the few nuances, the rule more than the exception. "Jonathan" is a great film not for the artistic and technical aspects but for the state after its end.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you feel that your body holds two distinct personalities, perhaps one public and the other private, you are not alone. Many people display different sides of their personality at different times. For most people, however, the condition, what might be described as the "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" syndrome, can be classified as being "psychological" in nature. In first-time director Bill Oliver's gripping fantasy Jonathan, however, the problem is definitely physical. As superbly performed by Ansel Elgort ("Baby Driver") who plays both roles, two brothers, John and Jonathan, each have distinct personalities but share the same body. Stabilized by a brain stimulation device that monitors their time, the two men maintain a rigidly controlled schedule that includes strict rules of behavior in order to survive.

    Abandoned by their mother at birth, they are supervised by Dr. Mina Nariman (Patricia Clarkson, "Maze Runner: The Death Cure") who has studied the brothers since their childhood and is the author of an article in a scientific journal that describes their condition in detail. Alternating the hours when they sleep and are awake, Jonathan gets up every morning at 7 a.m., goes to work as a part-time draftsman in an architectural firm, then goes to bed at 3 p.m., getting four hours of sleep. At 7 p.m. John takes over his body and remains conscious for twelve hours, his entire life unfolding at night, barely seeing the sun during most of the year. Though physical look-alikes, John and Jonathan have different personalities. John is more casual and laid-back, more open with his emotions, and has a more vigorous social life.

    Jonathan, on the other hand, is a more up-tight, straight-laced type whose hair is slicked back to give him the nondescript look of a business executive. To let Jonathan know what happened to him in the previous twelve hours, John leaves a video each night describing what he did during the time he is conscious. His talk normally consists of mundane activities such as shopping, paying bills, doing the laundry, and so forth, nothing very exciting to report in their circumscribed universe. Because we never see John outside of the video, however, we become more attached to Jonathan, though in truth, they are as dependent on each other as two people can ever be. For example, if John drinks too much or stays out all night, Jonathan feels exhausted and even hung over the next morning.

    The brothers maintain the status quo until John breaks the rule that says that having a girlfriend is a non-starter. When Jonathan reports that he's been feeling a little tired of late, he hires an investigator (Matt Bomer, "The Nice Guys") to track John's night time activities and finds out that John has been secretly dating Elena (Suki Waterhouse, "The Bad Batch"), a young woman who works at a bar. Jonathan, furious over an action that he sees violates the terms and conditions that Dr. Nariman had set, presses John to end the relationship. Admitting his indiscretion, John is forced to explain his condition to Elena, sadly telling her that their relationship has to end. Though the air has been cleared, John becomes depressed, retreats into a shell and fails to respond to Jonathan's video messages.

    To complicate matters even more, Jonathan establishes a relationship with Elena, straining his ties with John even more. It is only when a crisis point is reached that the only logical solution asserts itself. Jonathan is a compelling film but one that is hard to categorize. Though it has elements of science fiction, fantasy, and maybe even horror, ultimately Jonathan is more of a character study than anything else. Its focus is on the human element of the story and Oliver refuses to indulge in sensationalism or melodramatic plot twists that might appeal to a wider audience. It is a quiet and intelligent film that is basically about trust and the compromises required in sharing your life with someone you care deeply about. It is about loving people as if your life depends on it. In Jonathan's case, it does.
  • andrebatucadabsb8 December 2018
    I like bold stories. Every day I learn to watch movies and have fun with them without wanting to be so demanding and precise in details. Great performances and a different and engaging story.
  • laureesmua23 November 2018
    I have always been intrigued by Disassociative Identity Disorder. I've read a couple autobiographies and found most of how this movie portrayed the disorder to be true to what I know of it. But I loved the twist, pulling in a little bit of future technology (sci-fi) Into the story. I thought this was well written and definitely well acted. I look forward to what else the writer/director does in the future! As a movie it's definitely not action packed and might be considered slow buy some. It kept my attention because you thought you knew the direction it was going to go but it definitely took a couple unexpected turns. I was moved by the ending and felt it fit the story perfectly as well as feeling realistic.
  • This is a "thinking-man's sci-fi movie." If you appreciate such things, you will definitely not be disappointed.

    If you are in the mood for drama, with a little bit of sci-fi, this is for you. Or, you are a deep thinker - because this movie really made me stop and think - about many important questions regarding life, relationships, lies, trust, loss...

    I rated this movie so highly because, as far as I know, it's really something original, something different, for a change. I'm sure there's other movies and stories out there which are similar, but I consume a lot of media and can't really think of anything like this.

    I highly recommend watching this movie - and, no, I was not a part of the cast or production team. :)
  • I saw this movie at Tribeca Film Festival. This movie is a gem, including an exceptional performance from Ansel Elgort. Every actor/actress in the film is amazing. The movie is different, I admire the originality, and applaud Bill Oliver in keeping the movie consistently intriguing and interesting. The end is unexpected, as well as emotional. I highly recommend this film and will definitely watch it again when it is released.
  • It's not that often that I don't really know what to think about a movie. The technical part is really enjoyable. The synopsis strange and mysterious. We enter little by little, day to day, in the reality of Jonathan and we understand very slowly what this reality means. It's dark. But not really sad. It's complex. The movie doesn't try to simplify or over explain it, which is great. But also left me with too much questioning to be at ease. I don't know if the ending is great and really smart, or a bit dull. I don't know. And it's fine.

    And perhaps this movie is great because of this: it leaves you with more questions than answers.
  • SnoopyStyle19 December 2018
    Jonathan (Ansel Elgort) is a buttoned up reserved guy. He wakes up at 7am everyday and watches a video of a doppelganger who seems to be a much more relaxed version of himself. He goes to work at an architecture firm and visits Dr. Mina Nariman (Patricia Clarkson) who is treating him for an unknown condition. He always goes to sleep early in the afternoon. One day, he runs into Elena (Suki Waterhouse) on the streets. She claims to know him at night which reveals the shocking truth.

    The premise is intriguing and it holds its mystery well for the first act. I was thinking clones or twins. Spoilers, it's not. I actually like the reveal. It's setup for something tense. I want the paranoia. I want the distrust. It gets delivered but not in a satisfying way. So much of this movie is one guy watching the other on video that it drains the intensity out of the flow. I also want real action and tension in the plot. Once the reveal happens, the movie's intensity slowly slides down. I like some of the ideas but this needs more to appeal to a bigger audience.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wow. You've given each other the perfect male fantasy. Sex without emotional attachment.

    Fascinating. That's the best description for this film. "Jonathan" is not an easy movie and it excels in monotony. But give this not so action-packed, one location situated film a chance and maybe you'll discover how unparalleled and brilliant this film is. The starting point is actually dead simple. Those who already experienced the concept of living together, know that this only has a chance of success if appropriate agreements are made and complied with. This is to ensure that nobody makes the other's life unnecessarily miserable. which could lead to a breakup. In the case of "Jonathan" (Ansel "Baby Driver" Elgort), it's a bit more complicated. Because the person he lives with is his twin brother John who shares the same body. Aha, this is something like "Split"? No, not entirely. It's less intense and it shows in a realistic way what a split personality is. So no frightening personality changes or "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde " behavior.

    First of all, I would like to praise the excellent acting of Ansel Elgort. Even though I realize this isn't so obvious, it seems to be a piece of cake for Elgort to play the two totally different personalities. Jonathan is the more disciplined twin brother. A perfect hairstyle and decent clothing show he's the one who follows the rules. This means he manages his allocated time of the week optimally. He works at a distinguished architectural firm where he does his job perfectly. The cooking and household tasks are done neatly. And he reports conscientiously what he did all day with the aid of the camcorder before he crawls into his bed at an exact time to make room for the other twin brother John.

    John is the indifferent one. A relaxed-looking pack rat who doesn't want to live strictly according to the imposed rules. A night owl who enjoys the nightlife where he can meet other people and seduce feminine beauties. He's someone whose video messages never sound too businesslike and who exudes an enormous "Je mon fou" mood. John is the rebellious personality who enjoys life. Until Jonathan gets suspicious (there's this constant feeling of fatigue) and hires a private detective (a brief cameo by Matt "Walking out" Bomer), after which he finds out that John isn't really keeping his end of the bargain. He conceals certain developments and breaks the main rule: no girlfriends. Having sex isn't the problem, but having an emotional bond is out of the question.

    "Jonathan" shows the interaction between two good friends. Jealousy and protecting his own territory causes complications and leads to a struggle between two people. In Jonathan's case, it's about an inner struggle. Something everyone has experienced once already. Only such a quarrel isn't so obvious for Jonathan cause physical contact is impossible. What they get, is a war of words with the use of the camera. Or just simply, the absence of any sign of life, such that one of the personalities stays behind helplessly. The only moral support Jonathan has is Dr. Mina Nariman (Patricia "October Gale" Clarkson). She took Jonathan in when he was young and introduced structure in his life. She discovered what was wrong (Single body, multi-consciousness) and separated their lives with the help of a kind of timer.

    "Jonathan" is an interesting and fascinating indie-SF. Probably it's a bit boring for some because it mostly takes place at one and the same location. And a large part of the film consists of video recordings of the two persons. But to be honest, it was captivating and I was curious how this unique conflict would end. There was, however, one particular thing I broke my head about. If the surgery which Dr. Nariman performed when Jonathan was 9 years old, went off seemingly hassle-free, why not apply this to all personalities? Wouldn't this be the solution to avoid this unique and complicated situation? Or was Jonathan simply the umpteenth guinea pig? But besides this remark, I thought it was a top notch movie. Definitely recommended for film lovers who love a clever psychological thriller with SF elements in it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First feature by director/co-writer Bill Oliver, Jonathan is a visceral and groundbreaking drama with a sci-fi base that I believe every one of us can relate to. Two brothers having a very rare neurological syndrome, inhabiting one body, but dual consciousness. Hooked? I was too. I was expecting a high-tech sci-fi extravaganza, instead I got something more fulfilling. A concept, an idea, a study of sorts that displays the struggle we have in our every day lives with trying to balance life and work.
  • I like this Film it takes us on a journey, a journey of two minds in one body and i do think we all have a bit of this but this is the next level and its quite electric.

    Here we have a guy who's own memory has two directions and so lives one in the day and one at night. The film is a slow burner but not a boring movie just a well placed story that we see slowly unfold. its about love, betrayal, insight, thought and a kind of sibling rivalry.

    i won't go into too much detail as it will most certainly give way to the entire plot, much to say is has a direction change and a surprising end.

    overall a good movie to keep you entertained but not action packed a more thought provoking film, worth a watch
  • Slow... No action... Makes you think about life's directions that you can be the same body but a different person. Would have liked a better ending though.
  • I expected just a little more. Be it character development or just a more to the ending...... i just feel like it was missing something.

  • This beautiful little film might best be described as an interesting new take on the Narcissus myth, with an impressive central performance by Ansel Elgort. Both stylish and moving, this small scale story raises questions about the nature of desire, compassion, self-reflexivity and unconventional love.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's like watching a DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) film, only it wakes up in exact time. It's sort of different and a bit odd, but still, it's watchable. At least, it's not boring.

    As for me, I enjoyed the film, but I lost track when it nearly ends. John and Johnathan, who disappeared? John said he wanted to disappear, but in the end scene, Johnathan said his name was John. And also Johnathan's doctor said Johnathan's time becomes shorter. So, who disappeared? John or Johnathan?

    Except that fact which isn't that much crystal clear, the rest of the film is quite enjoyable.
  • I was confused in the beginning with who was who but the confusion led to awe and awe led to crying and crying led to smiling but it was so amazing! This movie honestly is wonderful and I hope it gets recognized more. Ansel is an amazing actor and the creators are amazing for creating such an amazing movie. 10/10 recommended watching. 💛
  • afalez17 November 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Did nobody else notice the absurdity of their sleep pattern or them sleeping? They'd always go to bed for (what was it again?) 4 hours a night. 4 hours each? If so, each of them were only up for 8 hours, yet they both held down jobs and had tons of time leftover for extraneous activities? Wish they had thought this through a bit more.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Watching "Jonathan" was almost like the experience of two films in one. First, there is the story of Jonathan by day. Then, there is John by night. Two human creatures trapped in the same body. And that complex situation is left to be worked out by a psychiatrist, who is in dire need of help herself!

    The film's premise was intriguing as modern science has found a solution for schizophrenia. Dr. Mina Nariman has the perfect solution by implanting a device to regulate the timetables of the two men trapped inside one body. Johnathan is the straight-laced Puritan who prefers order in his life; John is the libertine who prefer chaos. This yin-and-yang combo operates through a magic alarm clock that switches off Jonathan/John for a twelve-hour period, freeing each of them to live separate lives. They communicate through a magic video hook-up.

    The only problem is that the two men must play by the rules, one of which is to strictly avoid having a girlfriend. When both Jonathan and John fall in love with a young bartender named Elena, they enter into the Twilight Zone. It is then up to Dr. Nairman to set things right.

    But is the doctor capable of objectively assessing the situation and not playing favorites? When it comes to "single-body multi-consciousness," she clearly seems to have a favorite. One disturbing detail in the film is that in the past, there was apparently a third young man trapped inside the body of Jonathan/John, and the doctor decided to kill him off!

    The film had excellent potential as a psychological thriller. But in the homestretch of the final thirty minutes, it began to take itself too seriously as an art film. It is difficult to imagine that many viewers find the film's ending satisfactory. In fact, most viewers could probably conceive a less pretentious ending that would have been more engaging for a film that is essentially a thriller.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First of all, this is one of the movies that their trailers are much better than the real movies. You will be excited to watch the life of that young man who has two lives, the idea itself is catchy, the cinematography in the trailer look futuristic, but the real disappointment is while watching the movie.

    Starting from the story, it's very simple, has a very weak plot, and it's really flat.

    Imagine how exciting to make a movie about a guy with two personalities and how much ideas can pop up while writing about this idea, but nothing happened here, I guess the writers were not excited as we were.

    Then the acting which is the weakest here, everyone has a rigid face with least reactions possible. It can be understood due to the nature of the movie, but with that case they could do much better acting.

    And what makes the scenario worse,which is also rigid and pointless, is their performance while talking to each other. Why are they talking so slowly like that ?

    There are some old and new ideas about two personalities movies that were executed here, like the different hair cut,clothes and interests for each personality. But the best one was the blackout moments that appeared as black cuts in the screen.

    The directing and cinematography are the best in the movie,watching the lives of both of them from the perspective of one only is great. The use of simple technology and the neutral colors in the clothes' and walls' colors give the movie a unique nature.

    The make up of trauma is one of the silliest ever seen in awhile.

    Finally, it's below the average drama movie, that runs in a very slow boring rhythm, and what makes it worse that is has kinda open and deep end which may not be liked by everyone.
  • I don't know why this movie is categorized as a sci-fi as there are no elements of science fiction present, or they must refer to his condition of two people living in one body. To me that's more a split personality and has not much to do with sci-fi. But it doesn't really matter, the movie started with a mysterious feeling but the more the movie advances the lesser it gets interesting. There are just too much stupid decisions that just make no sense at all in this movie and so I just lost interest and got bored. The acting of Ansel Elgort is okay, but a bit monotone. Another reviewer will remember this movie for a long time. Well to me it's just the opposite, I will forget everything about it tomorrow.
  • When an idea is just great,simple,and unique Watch it you'll enjoy it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is another slow movie, it could have been much more action packed, but it does not try to catch your attention that way.

    Two personalities live in a body, and they try to get along, as brothers. They are very different, and so one personality tends to live better than the other, they can't avoid cheating each other.

    Half way, I thought the movie was loosing me, but then at the right time, it turns around its perspective in it's everyday routine to regain my attention.

    I like the acting, but everything else is pretty dull. Like the life they both live. Boring.

    One of them will eventually end up dominating the other, want to erase him, kill him. Or wants to commit suicide, to avoid erasing the other, but that would also make him a killer.

    How to get out of this dilemma? In a positive or negative way. The directors made their choice, it could have been different.
  • Absolute garbage, boring characters, and ensel whats his name's annoying face through out. spare yourself the bore
  • Yet another disappointing film which stars Ansel Elgort. He is establishing himself as an actor appearing in B movies. If he doesn't change his choices in roles, he'll become the Eric Roberts of his generation
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Is the doctor actually the crazy mother, cracked up after losing one son and has convinced her surviving son that he has 2 people living in his body? And what happens if the body isn't home on time? Would have been a better movie with a better ending.
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