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  • rgu-297446 October 2018
    I'm thinking the 4 good reviews here must have been buddies with the producer because this is really bad. Bad acting, bad story and (sigh) so typically and embarrassingly Canadian. That should say it all. There are no redeeming features here and absolutely nothing to be gained by watching it.
  • rsmz5 December 2018
    Three couples have their own swinger's weekend, a first for all of them. A good premise, but it deteriorates quickly. We have defined characters, but the movie does not work as a comedy, as an erotic movie, as a romantic movie or as any other genre. It's a lot of dialogue between four angry, repressed people and one couple that shouldn't be stuck with them. There is nothing to see here. I agree, the rave reviews seem very bogus.
  • To the guy who said all the positive reviews were from friends of the crew, I agree.

    My rating of 3 is for the incredible cottage & lake views that were obviously shoot in the Kawarthas or Muskoa's.

    Great cottage!
  • I say this with the utmost honesty. This is the worst movie I've ever seen in my life. There is nothing here positive about it worth mentioning. This was absolutely moronic and I'm shocked anyone can say anything good about this.
  • It is a nice cottage, I agree with the other reviewer there. Other than that I see very little to recommend. Bad acting, see-through stories, lame characters, just looks and seems cheap.
  • Here is what I don't get the end of the movie is the most interesting I can't believe I spent this time watching and eventually fast forward. Then when it final gets good. The end the movie. I guess the write thought now what? Well guess what. If somebody is dumb enough to make a sequel shame on them. There are actually some good actors in this show. It is just badly written and directed.
  • Watched this one with my mom - long story. Can you say awkward. Some great stuff.
  • brettcalman2 March 2018
    Great movie. Recommend to all. Funny and charming.
  • Not what i thought it would be but liked this one. Not the kind of thing I usually watch but saw on Showtime with my girlfriend and we both enjoyed it.
  • rcohen-961273 December 2018
    I liked this movie, not what I thought originally but ended up with some nice commentary and moments.
  • Well I'm thinking the bad reviews are from people who saw a different movie than i just did! I loved this movie. The acting was GREAT. From what I've heard, it was officially selected at many film festivals. I really loved the way the relationships unravel and it certainly made me laugh at times. I
  • jhowe-9891312 December 2018
    Saw this on you tube and liked it. Some great lines. But i wanted to see the hot girl naked. Oh well.
  • MovieChick033 December 2018
    Really enjoyed this down to earth funny indie. Recommend.
  • albertagrl13 November 2018
    Firstly, I love Erin Karpluk and she was amazing in this movie. All the characters had great chemistry and i found them really believable. I think some people are expecting a different kind of movie and that's why they may be disappointed. The trailer really does not do the film any justice and sort of sets you up to expect something different. I was happy with what we got. The film is for sure more of a drama than a comedy and I liked where it went. I would recommend this movie to my friends for sure.
  • Very funny story that promises to be saucy, but gives you so much more. If you've ever been in a long-term relationship, you'll really like this movie. Great music!
  • I recently caught this film in Toronto and loved it. It was much more than I was expecting. The acting was great, it was laugh out loud funny, and was surprisingly poignant. I definitely recommend
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have seen another movie that the premise is to have sex with one person and it ends up that you cant have sex without feeling something for thee other person. this movie is about the same they think that just because you think you are OK but want to spice things up abit and in the end the one couple is all about sharing but just sex and another is not happy because the wife is stuck with the kids with no outlet for her and her dumb husband smokes weed all the time and so the wife is left alone all the time but they finally figure it out and the couple who thought of it the husband gets to thinking that is having this great connection when the girl is just having great sex so he tells his wife that he is falling for the other woman so they are the only one that end up with ..Ok where do we go from here as the movie fades to black in other words dont think that some miracle is going to save your marriage cause cheating will not slove anything you can never escape your feeling
  • Saw on crave last night, not exactly what we thought but we enjoyed and weren't bored like with some smaller flicks.
  • will-7189910 December 2018
    If you're into smaller movies but with some great lines and moments you might like this one. I did.
  • cassie-7272210 December 2018
    Saw with hubby and we laughed. The guy in front of the mirror was hilarious.
  • lilyoliviac10 December 2018
    Unexpectedly good. Cringe-worthy moments and lol moments.
  • Small indie but well acted and funny. Anyone know the budget?
  • assist-4936316 November 2018
    Wow..i really liked this flick and I LOL at a couple parts. is there gonna be a sequel?
  • amazon-8363116 November 2018
    A very good movie. i recommend you check it out. funny and worth the time.
  • I was expecting a typical sex comedy, I got much more. What a surprise! The cast was terrific, each actor brought something fresh and new. The film begins with a light, comedic tone and then about a third way through, there's a shift. The film takes a more dramatic theme as relationships are put to the test. Go see it!
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