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  • Please don't cancel... EVER... Spot on humor and just keeps getting better!!!
  • sapple-1303723 January 2018
    I haven't been as impressed with the first two episodes of a series since Archer debuted, or maybe Red Oaks. The writing is minimalist in its approach to the unrelenting onslaught of over-the-top mini-scenarios that contribute to the overall story arc. The main characters speak with a glib, soulless detachment, giving the sense that they are only somewhat involved in what is going on around them, without any real emotion when they do decide to take up the cause de jour. This show may not be for everyone, as evidenced by scratchbird's review above. But if you are looking for something that speaks to your own soul-crushing corporate existence, definitely give it a watch.
  • I can see how this show wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but if you've worked corporate jobs or even most professional jobs with their soulless bureaucracy and boot-licking culture of "face time," this show captures the hollowness of such work with accuracy and very dark humor. It is like a bleak version of the Office, but a lot wittier. Think Joseph Heller's "Catch 22" applied to the white collar world. It picks on all the weird hallmarks of corporate culture, from the corporate retreat, to "casual Friday," to reporting bad behavior to HR. The characters are so perfectly cast, from the corporate tools like John, the evil CEO Christian, the bitter HR this show!
  • If you've ever worked in any kind of office, Corporate is an insanely accurate satire (I've had at least three supervisors who act like the confrontational and overly peppy John and Kate). This show isn't about good people - its about supervisors who will seemingly make your life harder just because they can and people who are willing to endure anything to maybe one day make a little more money. The plot lines are enjoyably over dramatic and the deadpan banter between the two main characters is absolutely hilarious. The soundtrack is fantastic and the dreary fluorescent lighting really drives every scene home. Also, the CEO character growling out "are you PowerPoint proficient?" had me laughing for like a minute. Lance Reddick does a great job.
  • Even though this show got very good reviews, it is shown on Comedy Central in America. I'm in my 50's, and let's just say I don't think I'm someone that Comedy Central is targeting to watch their shows. However, from the start of Episode 1, I thought this series was very well-written, and very funny. Most of it is deadpan humor, but I very much enjoyed it. All the actors/actresses are very good, but I'd say my favorite is Lance Reddick who plays the CEO of Hampton Deville. My favorite Episode in Season 1 was the one about Casual Fridays, which is probably the funniest show I've seen on TV since watching the homage to Mrs. Doubtfire episode on "Broad City" in 2016.

    I'm not sure how many people are watching this show, as it seems to have zero cultural buzz. But it is well worth watching, and I very much look forward to Season 2!
  • dubwize14 February 2018
    2 Global MegaCorp Employees at fictional company Hampton DeVille are regularly demeaned and attempt to avoid suited office psychopaths in a typical shark tank Corporate environment. Brilliantly acted, Powerfully scripted and cleverly delivered. Funny Funny Stuff, original and clever. Definitely recommended.
  • garretbromley23 March 2018
    If you work in corporate America, you'll love this show. Of course you also need to appreciate dark humor and enjoy nihilism. I think it's hilarious and recommend it to anyone who'll listen. I just realized the season may be over. I hope they bring it back.
  • Smart, hilarious writing that perfectly captures and comments on corporate and office culture and dynamics.

    Insanely good cast.
  • Ok a few episodes were average, but the best ones are so brilliant they make up for the rest. Some of the subject are very dark, like preferring a mass shooting to watching the latest "must see" TV show, or reselling prescription medication. Best episode so far : The Pain Of Being Alive & Society Tomorrow. Its a series worth sticking with
  • gvaliorr23 August 2020
    Best show about office life. Well, the one that contains dark humor I mean :)
  • valentinionut20 August 2020
    This show knows the secret of nightmare of repetitive life. the ,,we,, we all live in were everybody is everybody and nobody is himself. the actors were well distributed in their roles, the lines fit nice and the music directs all of this masterful. this is not aquired taste. its fun. smart fun. recomand.
  • For anyone who considers themselves cynical and has seen terrible corporate greed in real life, you'll not only find the comedy cathartically hilarious but the premise warmly empathetic. If your version of true comedy is a happy ending - first, you're wrong - second, you won't like this - third, there's plenty of crap out there for you to like so just go away. If you like to question authority an generally think humans should do better, give it a watch.
  • Corporate is a celebration of nihilism. Jake and Matt are two sides of the same depressing coin: Matt the annoying optimist and Jake the depressing voice of reason. Each week the show hilariously finds a new sacred cow to butcher and does so effectively. With the various callbacks and recurring characters, I would suggest binge-watching the show starting in episode 1. While there are a few throw away episodes here and there...overall the show is effective in it's intent. Exposing the harsh meaninglessness of the most humorous way possible.
  • Bryan-1 October 2018
    Love it
    Dry, deadpan humor. No stupid laugh tracks. What's not to like? Well, I will admit I don't like when shows put in curse words and then censor them, it annoys me.

    Episode 3 was the highlight for me. Extremely creative direction.

    There were a couple episodes that were so-so but the excellent ones more than make up for it. I'm psyched that a 2nd season was greenlit so until then!
  • I really like atmosphere and darker tone of this show. I know it's not the best or the funniest comedy ever, but it's incredibly entertaining and I've been enjoying it a lot. I love the cast and characters are hilarious, especially Matt and Jake.
  • Very funny I work a corporate job and they really identify and the uniquely absurd behaviors that are common in that environment.
  • krweg1 August 2019
    I personally wouldn't have watched it. But the reviews made me give it a chance and i wasn't disappointed. It has a great sense of humor, the writing was really good and every episode has a different kind of artwork integrated.
  • The atmosphere and tone really sets up the dreadful pain of any job in the show. The writing is witty and terrifying and the humor is dark.
  • This is one of the funniest shows in years. I had given up hope that there were any millenials with a sense of humor. This show proves that there are at least a couple. I haven't seen a bad episode. Remember day and natural beauty are brilliant.
  • Watched the first 4 episodes on demand. It's a smart idea, but it's like someone wrung all the humor out of it, filled it with grey on grey color palettes, made everyone talk monotone, and well, the result will put you to sleep. Skip this and rewatch "Better Off Ted", you'll thank me.
  • I've watched a handful of episodes of this show. Mostly because my TV stays on Comedy Central the majority of the time. This show certainly isn't terrible, and it evoked a few chuckles from me here and there. But in an age where new TV shows are a dime a dozen and there just simply isn't time to keep up with every new comedy show that gets released these days, it's very important for them to really stand out as unique and hilarious. Unfortunately for Corporate, it's just mediocre at best. Unless it somehow manages to become marginally funnier with the next season, I just don't see it making the cut
  • dothancore6 January 2019
    It's a fine show but overall fell short on the humor. Most of the jokes are not super funny, and the "dark" part of comedy totally lacks subtlety or after-thoughts. I think this is more to do with the writers than actors.
  • I'm always on the look out for shows with sharp writing and discovered this hidden gem. The acting is great all around but the writing is stellar.

    Unfortunately, I fear this show might end up a cult classic many years from today.
  • I was highly impressed by this show. It is edgy and sums up the tedium of everyday life. It was a great escape. I hope it finds somewhere to go on. You can even have the last episode be segued into it was all a dream and carry on (Who shot Bobby, I'm not that old, 40, but old enough to know the reference) All the good stuff gets canned way too early.
  • The atmosphere and tone really sets up the dreadful pain of any job in the show. The writing is witty and terrifying and the humor is dark.
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