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  • This series does have an insane amount of production, it is incredibly well made and the characters are very relatable. Surprisingly, every episode ends in an unbelievable cliff hanger, always!

    I'm barely catching it on Netflix and is a totally worth it to binge watch it.
  • ffs-9365716 December 2018
    It's very watchable. The character of Lady Altragracia is very well played. Some silly bits of course, but nothing like the other over-dramatic Mexican telenovelas. Really well-made and with some sensitives dialogues and touching moments.
  • I don't speak Spanish so I watched this with subtitles on Netflix. It made no difference to my enjoyment cos I loved it! It's gripping. The main character Altragracia is truly awesome and every scene with her is a delight to watch. The story line is good and the show is not over the top like many other telenovelas, and has a positive message. Many scenes are very nicely done, with lots of sensitive dialogue and situations. There were times when I physically cried (and I'm a guy). I was emotionally moved by many episodes and blown away by some scenes. The camera work is spot on - I love how some of the shots are done with a faded foreground object (plants, flowers etc) whilst the characters in the background are totally focused. Episode 89 took my breath away. Sadly, the last 10-15 episodes were a bit of a mess, and showed some holes in the plot, but overall, I feel empty now that I have just finished the last of the 120 episodes.

  • mg498092 June 2019
    Amazing series drama, i love Lady so much she's s strong women.
  • rob-762-234793 January 2020
    A Very long serie I watched it to train my spanisch, without spoiling it has a good soap line from everything and everybody is bad untill things and people improve. Apparently nr 2 starts in january 2020. I'm certainly going to watch the next 120 series when to come on Netflix.
  • This series is more than perfect & well played by all actors.
  • I didn't like her vengeance. Inserting the bomb inside another human being is not really fun to see. It is evil; it is just encouraging evil to evil. She could've chose a different type of vengeance. But that last chapter spoiled the novela. Not good for household to watch togethe. Not good as novela. too many weakedness. Novelas is about conquering love, family..Please leave the killing to the other cultures