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  • "Foot Lover's Paradise" is the original title for this typical shot in Eastern Europe porn filler, featuring attractive women and mindless content. I suspect that for economic reasons, even when professional Chatsworth porn goes out of business (could be soon with the internet's power so expansive) there will always be generic Euro Porn cranked out for the undemanding fans.

    The pornographers wisely emphasize hardcore sex, lifting the video out of the "stare at wriggling toes" fetish nonsense of mainline (but softcore) foot-fetish porn. There's plenty of footsie, distorted foreground closeups of outstretched toes and the requisite foot-job in place of a hand-job that aficionados require. Otherwise it's merely gonzo sex, rather routine. The European lovelies are easy on the eye and the chosen nylons or fetish stockings are certainly attractive. Ryan Ryder from Scotland adds a bit of English-language content, while the girls all need intensive Berlitz training in that department.

    What's not clear after watching a few of these releases from the Erotix Films label (distributed by good old straight-out-of-Brooklyn Bizarre Films) is why the bait and switch approach. This stuff is clearly for fetishists to watch, yet it is presented (another recent title "Satisfy the Seductress" starring Ryder's wife Jasmine Jae, for example) as mainstream porn - a marketing error in my opinion.

    Chalk it up perhaps to a persistent habit among pornographers, dating back to 50 years ago when Friedman and Novak ruled softcore, many of whom seem to relish the belief that they are bamboozling the customer, much like their roadshow and carny huckster ancestors did. It's not enough to make a quasi-dishonest buck, you have to lord it over the flies to feel fulfilled. Listen to any commentary track on a Something Weird DVD by an old-timer looking back on those glory days, and you'll catch my drift.