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  • I have watched a few of these Hallmark movies and this one was the one time that the female actress sucked the most instead of the "good looking male who acts the same in every film". Vanessa Marcil looks like a plastic woman and she is incapable of looking sad. She has worked quite a bit in TV series over the years, but I cannot see in this film any indication as to why. Beside Marcil's acting the storyline is a bit goofy. And most of the time the actors looked bored or trying to figure out how to react. The real bright spot is David Sutcliffe who plays the love interest. He is the same in Gilmore Girls, but he does it well. I recommend that you skip it. The constant music in the background will irritate you if the story does not. Hallmark should read comments because the music is a constant complaint. I gave it 6/10 because of David Sutcliffe.
  • I've seen this lead actress in other movies and realize in this movie she's just at playing the part of a women who is dysfunctional. She is a good actress. What I am saying is I didn't like her character, so I think that's why I didn't like the movie that much. I saw this a year ago and gave this movie a 6, now I am writing a review and raised it to a 7. For me a 6 is worth watching and a 7 is above average. I love a movie where a character learns lessons and this story is definitely that and a feel good movie.
  • Debzreview14 November 2017
    I feel bad for David Sutcliffe because he's so good but got paired with someone who was awful. The lead female was intended to be an educated woman with success has a relationship counselor, unfortunately she had the emotional maturity of teenage girl. She was detached from reality, pretentious, not likable and her vocabulary and dialect(?) was of someone 15 years younger. Think Valley Girl, if that's still a thing. My rating and opinion are based solely on the female lead and in particular the actress playing her.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was truly insipid and a waste of time. I would not have lasted through it, if I had not taped this and was too tired to find the remote to change the station. It's definitely not worth anyone's time - there are much better movies out there to watch. There's little redeeming to say about it. Usually I can find a lot of good about unpopular movies, but not in this case.

    Even the description, "A young celebrity marriage counselor discovers herself left at the altar of her own highly-publicized wedding...." isn't accurate. She's not left at the altar - far from it - she finds out even before the wedding announcement is made publicly that her boyfriend isn't interested in marrying her.

    Vanessa Marcil is 48 years old, and while age is not necessarily a reflection on anything, trying to have a mature woman (who looks her age) act almost like a teen, doesn't play well. Dressing her like someone in her late teens or early twenties is another big fail. The big bulky glasses aged her even more and were ridiculously distracting since they took up about a third of her face. Her performance (and her physical movements) seemed forced. Casting Vanessa in this role was a great mistake. This movie would have worked better with a different lead. Additionally, the character, as written. has no insight into her own reality for part of the time, again seeming forced. And I agree, as others pointed out, that Vanessa's fascination with her own hair is totally annoying. She's constantly touching her hair, or her face.

    The lighting isn't flattering to anyone. Some of the outdoor shots used the sun against the actors, and didn't benefit them. Again, agreeing with others, the makeup was really bad, too. Too heavy makeup ages people. David Sutcliffe, at least, seemed more comfortable with his role, and comes off as a natural. There's no way to have any sympathy with the initial plight of the main character since she's not likable. If I was a guy, I would have dumped her, too.

    Don't waste your time with this dud.
  • Aside from the terrible acting from the leading actress the makeup was so distracting It was difficult to finish watching the movie. Who thought it was a good idea to put pink lipstick on the leading man!? The makeup on everyone in the movie is one of the worst jobs I've ever seen. In fact I can't say I've ever said that about any movie I've watched before and I'm over 50! Hallmark should fire whoever is responsible!
  • First of all, I agree with other critics about Vanessa Marcil's makeup, as well as her choice of eye glasses was hideous. She looked better after taking them off. She could have looked better with the 'Sarah Palin' style of glasses. But something was definitely up with the makeup near her right eye as well. It was annoying to watch. And she IS quite pretty after all. The budget must have been very low for this film because they didn't spend a lot of time ironing out the things that go into creating a quality film. The focus might have been all messed up as well. I would have never been in a film like that. That would have been a 'shame on me' kind of choice.

    The story line was good, but it didn't make up for what the film truly lacked, quality. And I'm an avid Hallmark movie buff and critic. On top of all that, Vanessa Marcil's acting personality in this film was about as weird as I've ever experienced in a Hallmark movie. It did improve toward the end, but that's probably because it had to do so. Well, I rarely give Hallmark movies a rating this low, but I'm clearly not alone. If you watch it, take note of what you see.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This had potential, but didn't work.

    Let me start it this way, if I had a dollar for every time Vanessa Marcil flipped her hair, I could retire. That is a total fail on the director's part. Add to that Marcil's lack of looking sad, she smiled throughout the entire thing that she practically made my face hurt.

    Another problem was the makeup. It looked very caked and forcing the always adorable David Sutcliffe to wear that horrible pink color on his lips throughout the episode was weird to say the least. Another fail on the director's part and definitely for the makeup department. I mean, I know this is a B made-for-TV film but of all the Hallmark movies I've seen so far, and I've seen quite a few, this one is hard to take. Marcil's makeup was so thick it only enhanced the lines on her face making her look almost 10 years older than Sutcliffe.

    The story though was cute enough. My only beef with it is what I have with a lot of romances. Why are the families so wealthy? I mean, a guy who went to Princeton and a woman who is a psychologist with a Ph.D.

    Just... no.

    I have seen some where one of them is supposedly broke, but they still had the money to go to Paris and Italy. I'm speaking specifically of Elevator Girl (2010) but there are plenty more where those come from.

    All in all, if you can get past the bad makeup, the bad acting (Marcil) and the seriously annoying hair flipping (I cannot tell you how much I hate that) then it's cute enough. I won't be watching this one again, but at least the story made me feel like I didn't waste my time.

    Oh and one more thing, which is why this didn't get one star. They used a very old Golden Retriever and kudos to them for that. Aging dogs need more recognition.
  • I recorded this movie because I've been on a kick lately where I feel I have to watch every single movie aired on the Hallmark channel. It's a sickness and I can't snap out of it. I had it on my DVR for weeks because I wasn't expecting much out of it, based on the IMDb ratings. For the most part, I tend to agree with them. I've always loved Vanessa Marcil ever since I saw her in The Nanny Express, my first Hallmark movie. It was also the first time I've ever seen her and I always thought she was so beautiful. I have to say, I love The Convenient Groom in spite of her. Her lack of facial expressions and monotone voice almost had me tuning out before the film really took off. David Sutcliffe definitely made this movie worth watching, and he needs to star in a whole lot more.
  • Let me preface this review by saying I am a "mere male" and should probably not be making reviews of any movie appealing on the Hallmark Channel.

    But, speaking as a male, this was a really cool little movie. Something that a Lady can share with her boyfriend/Husband/Significant Other and not bore them to death.

    Speaking as a person from Washington State. This is yet one more Canadian Movie which pretends to be set in Washington State. There is absolutely nothing wrong with British Columbia, but is is VERY ANNOYING when all of the films produced there have to pretend to be set in Washington State.
  • Everyone is right that the description makes the movie misleading. However, most of their descriptions are always misleading.

    But what ruined the movie was the main actress. She was stiff, annoying, and awkward to watch. I have no idea why this guy is putting up with her. I'm not sure how no one saw this in production and thought that maybe should re-cast? She just wasn't selling this story line even a little bit.

    I know with Hallmark we are getting cheesy movies, but this wasn't even cheesy, it was just bad.

    There was SO much potential for this to be a really cute movie. But it's hard for that to be possible when the lead is so hard to watch.
  • The lead actress was completely unconvincing. I get that she's supposed to be cold & detached but it was painful to watch how stiff she was. The "groom" and his mom were the only redeeming parts.
  • First of all, a "young" woman...Hallmark, you have got to get these descriptions together. This woman is 50. And this was the most uncomfortable movie I have ever watched. The acting was a bit painful and I was never sure if theeading lady was kidding or being sincere. I'm all down for corny- it's a Hallmark movie so I expect it, look forward to it even! But this was corny and ill acted. Issa miss.
  • She walked through the film underacting and pretending to be a "young woman" complete with valley girl voice. She just seemed embarrassed by appearing in this film. Too bad it could have been a cute romantic romp. The lead guy is a good romantic lead. Give him better costars!
  • I often check this site and find the comments mildly entertaining at times which is more than I can say for this film. I mean REALLY? The female lead, who is apparently a relationship expert, yet seems to have the social skills and charisma of a coma patient just doesn't work here. I wanted to like her, really I did, but the constant hair flicking barbie- doll-like movements, with 10 layers of make-up and extra tight clothing to match just left me annoyed. Vanessa Marcil is a competent actress, or so I thought, but in this film? It was just cringe worthy. The only saving grace was David Sutcliffe who made the best of a bad job to make it mildly watchable. I only gave this 2 stars because He was in it. David! Think before you sign on for another movie like this, I beg of you!

    Pluses: if you have nothing to do and don't mind giving away a couple of hours you won't regret. Watch this

    Minuses: everything but David Sutcliffe, that beautiful Labrador and the scenery
  • I LOVED the (lead character) Dr. Kate's eye glasses so much, I went online to get them. The only people reviewing this Hallmark Movie have negative comments. So I wanted to take a few minutes to share a positive review. Yes the story is predictable but it is light hearted and fun. This was not filmed with the intention of hitting the theatres and potentially winning an Academy Award. David Sutcliffe was adorable and charming as usual. I actually liked the music in the background. Something different for a isn't completely through the film by the way. Not all Hallmark movies appeal to everyone, but I really liked this One!
  • hnhoran12 February 2019
    I wasn't a huge fan of the main character or her blog. She was very critical. Although her character got better at the end, really, I still didn't like her that much. I did enjoy the romance, though. It got cute at the end!
  • itsallido24 September 2016
    I have watched Hallmark movies for years. I cannot recall ever being this disappointed. Though I liked the story concept, this was extremely slow and boring from the start. The biggest reason, possibly the only reason I watched the entire movie is that I like the leading actors.

    I've enjoyed watching both Vanessa Marcil and David Sutcliffe in a number of films over the past few years. Because of this, I was surprised at how bad the acting seemed to be. Then, I realized that the directing was where the problem must be. I believe the script must be sub-par as well.

    At least some of the makeup in the film left a lot to be desired. On more than a few of the shots, Vanessa's makeup looked as if it was "caked up" on her face. The only reason I mention makeup is it seemed to be sloppily done and made her look older than she is.

    The biggest reason for rating this as high as 5/10 is that I liked the concept.
  • This has to be one of the worse Hallmark movies. I watch Hallmark everyday. Should have chosen another lead actress. Her voice is like nails going down a chalkboard. Please if you decide to make a sequel, Don't.
  • I agree with all the comments made about the lead actress - she was clearly miscast, and everything has been said about her sad performance.

    David Sutcliffe however, WHY hasn't he been picked up by the major studios instead of acting in low budget movies ? He's a good actor and VERY easy on the eye - but clearly hasn't had the breaks that Brad Pitt did, and that's such a shame.

    The 5 stars I've given, four are for him, and one for the storyline which was typical Hallmark.
  • maleysarah30 January 2019
    First off, I do love Hallmark movies. I am ok with suspending belief in almost everything and the saccharine love stories. But the main character's voice is horrible. The vocal fry is very intense. Worse than a Kardashian. Plus, she looks like a mess. Between the bad extensions and oversized glasses that overwhelm her petite frame, her makeup is caked on, not flawless like a typical Hallmark movie star. And I have a hard time believing that she is supposed to be the age that she is supposed to be.
  • I expect light and cheesy.... happy ever after, but in this case the casting was not great; the lead actress distracted from the story.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie's plot was good, but the leading lady was not a wise choice. She only had one facial expression which was a smile- no matter the scene. Lack of acting reliability made the movie cheesy.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Vanessa Marcil and David Sutcliffe have real chemistry in this gem from 2016 filmed on beautiful Vancouver Island. Vanessa does a great job playing out the range of emotions as her character evolves from a vapid user to a gorgeous woman filled with deep emotions.
  • jeannieshaw-8302622 March 2019
    Followed you for years. Enjoyed this performance, you and your co star were well matched. Hoping you decide to make more movies like this one. Wishing you , good health and success in any endeavours you take up.
  • rcassizzi23 June 2020
    Really bad. The lead female character is dreadful. What in the world were they thinking?
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