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  • This motion picture is supposed to be a comedy, however it failed to even make me smile. After the first 20 minutes I had to force myself to endure the remainder of it hoping I was wrong. You could call it stupidity, or silliness,or just plain dumb, but never comedy and certainly not romantic. I failed to find one redeeming quality and consider this movie a complete waste of time. Because we have no zeros I gave it a 1
  • I enjoyed this movie and thought the cast did a great job. The actor who played Tucker brought a lot of energy to the part. He was also funny and cute. The character of Alyssa was played with sensitivity and emotion. I loved the Grandma and all of the other family members, as well as the two friends who had a baby. The whole cast was very good. Also, the production was nicely done. I liked all of the sunny pleasant locations. The only place that needed more light was Olivia's kitchen. It's nice to watch an upbeat film.
  • The 2 leads are not appealing enough to lead a rom com. The story about a compensating groom going overboard on the wedding prep is a one joke thing that turns annoying fast.