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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is about the every day adventures of 3 best friends. There is this girl named yuko who was very rich. But her father lost all their money and they are sudddenly poor. She now goes to a normal high school. She is very sweet and kind of posh. She mets her 2 new pals. Hayama the class president. She is somethimes sweet but she can be very dead pan, very blunt, cynical, and very sarcastic. Her older sister is Ms. Perfect and is pretty much the oppoiste of her. She is also very smart. Their is Futaba who is very sweet and laid back. Her stomach is a blackhole and she loves to eat. Yoko works at the sweet shop and her boss used to be her maid. The maid Sonobe is very monotone, super competent and sometimes alittle creepy. There is her ex butler Mitsugu that misses Yuko and wants to look out for her even though he doesn't need to. He has a tendancy to pop out of nowhere. This anime is super cute and super funny.