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  • After the first season, with the release of the second season, I finished the series in a breath. I think this is the best project of the Marvel-Netflix partnership. It is a solid series that has been achieved after the cancellation of many Marvel-Netflix joint projects.

    Action and blood enthusiasts will love this series. There's a lot more blood, death and action than the first season. In the second season has as much violence, blood, action and cruelty as you don't want. At this point, one of the other thanks must go to the kerography team. As you will certainly notice, we are watching episodes filled with fight and conflict scenes. The tempo is not interrupted for a moment, and each episode tries to place at least one action sequence. The Punisher's 2nd season just put Frank Castle in the chaos he deserves, and he succeeded in bringing all the minuses into a negligible situation.

    The season has two main villains and both are as wild as the Punisher. The fiction is also established accordingly, and our two main villains are advancing in parallel. Curtis is one of the good characters of the season. He represented the conscience side of the series very firmly. Amy is another prominent character of the season. She's under Frank's protection because she's close age to Frank's dead daughter. It's fun to see Amy with Frank. Amy is a well-designed character. Her adolescent behavior, her indiscretion, and Frank's reaction to all these things are very natural. With Jon Bernthal's great acting, we have access to the emotions of a father hidden behind a bloody face.

    The music uses were probably the best among the Marvel-Netflix co-productions. Too much music has been used and each one is very successful in passing the emotions of the scenario. Like Daredevil's corridor scenes, it's like we're going to look again at the Punisher's list of songs. And of course it is necessary to mention the last episode. It was one of the finest series finals for me. After many striking and emotional moments, it is impossible not to experience emotional explosion with the last scene. The Punisher role is seated on Jon Bernthal like a shirt.

    We have watched an immaculate season with strong scenes of conflict, good acting, immersive fiction and fluent scenario that never falls behind its first season and even better for some of us than the first season. I hope it will be a long-term series and we will continue to watch Frank Castle. 10/10
  • Honestly, this show is pretty much perfect to me. My favorite marvel character executed surprisingly well by Jon Bernthal. I can't think of anyone else that would be better. Josh Stewart was also incredible; such an underrated actor and wonderful to see him in this. Please give us season 3, Netflix!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is one of my top 5 favorite tv shows ever made. The story makes sense and the acting is so sincere and genuine. The show is exciting and raw, the way the story should be. It holds no punches which is why it makes it awesome. I appreciate it so much!

    I do have to say that Frank Castles story is dark and very sad. I can't imagine the challenge it is to play him as a character, his range of emotions and the brutal fighting. The actor casted for him portrays it all so perfectly. Especially in episode 11, in the hospital bed. I cried because I felt the pain he was feeling. Bravo to him for taking us on such a roller coaster. Congrats to the whole crew for an amazing 2nd season!!
  • The Punisher is an awesome superhero show, that isn't really a superhero show. Frank Castle doesn't have any special abilities, he's just a former marine, seeking justice for what happened to his family. Because of this, The Punisher ends up being one of the most relatable heroes in that regard, right next to Daredevil. They're two sides of the same coin.

    When The Punisher was first announced to be appearing in Daredevil season 2, I was beyond excited. Not only because, Punisher himself is one of my favorite characters, but because of the casting choice too. I initially knew Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh on The Walking Dead, and he was phenomenal in it. I just knew that he would kill it as Frank Castle too, and he sure did. Thanks to the popularity of the character in Daredevil, a series featuring Punisher was announced, and I was ecstatic. After releasing its first season, the show didn't disappoint. We got a better look into the character and intricacies of Frank Castle, and the show introduced us to a slew of supporting characters that are also compelling. In my opinion, The Punisher has the strongest supporting cast of the Marvel Netflix shows, right next to Daredevil itself.

    The action in this show is just off the charts. Along with Daredevil, the two easily have the best action scenes of any superhero shows out there. If I had to pick one, I'd say the Punisher's scenes are slightly better though. The brutality of the Punisher makes for slightly more intense fighting sequences.

    Overall, The Punisher is a completely intense, brutal and well written show. The cast is amazing, with Jon Bernthal doing a phenomenal job as Frank Castle. Season 2 is also looking up, and continues the great quality of the series.

    I just wanted to end the review on this note; it's unfortunate that all of the Marvel Netflix shows have been canceled as of late. It seems equally likely that The Punisher will be canceled coming off of its second season in the month ahead sadly. I wanted to thank all of the cast and crew, not just of The Punisher, but from all of Netflix Marvel. The shows were really great, and it was enjoyable to experience another corner of the Marvel Universe through these series'. Hopefully these shows are somehow saved, because they still have tons of potential. Even still, after these shows being canceled, I still think that they are worthwhile. Check them out if you're a Marvel fan, you won't be disappointed!

    My Rating: 9.0/10
  • I was glued to the screen, John Bernthal Performance was was amazing, the story line was great.... Simply The Best Marvel Series on Netflix
  • From casting to action to soundtrack, these series just worked for me. I loved the plot of season 2 even more than the first season. The fight scenes were not repetitive, they got better and better as the season progressed. I would say, don't trust anyone's reviews, which were based on the first few episodes only. Watch the whole season, because the end is totally worth it!
  • Finally Punisher done right! After so many fails from other film companies Netflix decides to go all out and almost perfect it. They almost pull him right out of the comic which could not have been easy, from the deep yells as he unloads his guns on the bad guys to the twitch of a man who is now disturbed but slightly keeping it together to the tie in of the Punishers mane nemesis. This show is the best Netflix Marvel show hands down. All of the main characters are great!
  • turixrios8 November 2018
    Jon Bernthal is THE punisher; what else can I say? He is a great actor that portrays the character's psyche terrifically.

    It is a well written show that includes amazing fight scenes. From the Marvel TV shows, this is my second favorite. I love the dark tone and the brutality, as this show isn't afraid to go all-in with the Punisher character.

    It continues to maintain the quality a show like Daredevil is known for (maybe not AS good but still), and it greatly illustrates a serious plot with a good cast and pacing.

    My rating: 8.9/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have enjoyed most of the Marvel Netflix series. In Daredevil season 2 part of the side story involves meeting Frank Castle. I don't know if that is a spoiler but the box is checked just in case. I am very familiar with the comics and find people who "demand" it to be just like the comics difficult to deal with because there are different versions and years of source material to accommodate. This Punisher seems to fit well into the TV universe that Marvel and Netflix have created. I found the characters engaging and the use of characters like Karen Page welcome. It has been my favorite of the non Daredevil shows. Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist all seemed lacking to me yet I did enjoy them. The Defenders was good but not Punisher good. This isn't for a younger audience but for adults this is a great narrative of a tragic vigilante that just wanted justice. Jon Bernthal was a perfect cast for this role and I can believe and relate to the character the way he portrays him. The previous film versions lacked that. I hope they keep Punisher in the rotation for new series.
  • ben210410 October 2018
    Whilst I really loved the new Netflix series MANIAC

    the punnisher starts off slow Then builds to become a powerhouse of glorious revenge The acting is superb Gore is great. Better than both movies that were released previously

    Waiting for HELLBOY series if it ever arrives
  • With Frank Castle back in action, season 2 delivers top entertaining action scenes, a interesting storyline with badass characters. This season is fulled with many intense and violent scenes that make Frank castle the one and only Punisher. Let us beg for season 3 despite it sitting at 58% rotten Tomatoes ( at the time of writing ) .
  • I'm a huge fan of The Punisher comic books so I was a little wary of a live action version given previous disappointments. I was impressed with how the introduction of the character in Daredevil contained scenes straight out of the comic. The Punisher tv series also didn't disappoint. I think the casting of Jon Bernthal was perfect and he plays the role brilliantly. Although not completely true to the written version, the tv version of Frank Castle and his story is enjoyable (and brutal) and I look forward to watching season 2. Ben Barnes is also great as Billy 'the beaut' Russo aka Jigsaw.
  • Jon portrays Frank Castle with such conviction and strength that you literally feel alongside with him. You believe his story and his purpose and you root for him to win every time. This show needs a season 3, 4, 5, and so on and so forth. I would pay money for that.
  • After his brilliant role in daredevil season 2 it was clear that the punisher was set for great things and now his show has aired and it is fantastic really delivering on the character. The premise of the the season sees a former marine on the hunt for the people responsible for the death of his family. Jon bernthal reprises his role of Frank Castle and he totally owns the character, he nails the depth and complexity of the punisher and how it really takes a tole emotionally on him. He doesn't hold back whether it is the dramatic scenes or the action scenes you just know he loves this character and how he can delve right into it. Ben Barnes plays Billy Russo on the show and ex army ally of Castle and he was a really interesting character on the show. He clearly has his own agenda but you can see he cares about Frank and how there relationship progresses is a major highlight of the show. Another major highlight of the show is the chemistry between Castle and micro played by ebon moss bachrach, they bounce off of each other really well and add some good humour between the two of them. Amber rose revah plays a member of homeland security and she is good in the role, at first I wasn't particularly invested in her character but as time goes on she becomes more and more interesting. The story is a simple revenge tale that no matter how dark Frank gets you always are on his side which is done really well by the show. The show also deals with PTSD very well and shows that it is a real issue in everyday society not just in this universe. However, I found as the episodes went on the story becomes a little bit predictable and it does hurt the suspense sometimes as it isn't there. The script is really good with the dramatic dialogue all really working especially with the serious subject matters that are treated well. As mentioned before the humour is surprisingly really well done to add humanity too the majority of the cast which really helps. Onto the style which may be the star of this show, the action scenes are sometimes breathtaking with the action feeling real but keeping in contact with its comic book origins. Also this film is the most bloody that marvel has ever done and it is completely ideal for this character. Overall I love this first season of this show and if you love this universe and the character of the punisher this is a must watch.
  • mounirstyle18 January 2019
    Hell of season they continue in the same way or even better, this is the really punisher, from the first episode I was satisfied
  • One of my favorite Marvel series on Netflix! Really does the comic Justice
  • If you like plenty of action, this is a series for you, non stop through both the seasons, shame it all ends with 2! Will miss this one!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I binge watched this show the day that it came out because I'm a huge fan of Jon Bernthal's career, and this Netflix original isn't an exception. First things first, Bernthal is the perfect person to play the depressed, bloodlusted, confused Frank Castle. His vocal performance and his facial expresssions are amazing. SPOILER ALERT there's a scene where he's reminiscing in his bed and his wife starts to have a conversation with him because he's just gotten home from war. When she goes to leave the room, she's then shot by two masked men and it doesn't show her getting shot but it cuts to Frank's face and he just shocked and filled with sheer terror when his wife's blood sprays on his face. This is one of those moments where I believe that Bernthal found the best role he'll ever play. And the conversations that he has with his partner Micro are sometimes hilarious and sometimes dark for the both of them. There one conversation where they're both extremely drunk and Micro just loses it and starts peeling back Franks layers like an onion. SPOILER ALERT Micro then says that he's going to the police and all the things that he says about Frank only having a war and violence inside of him because his family was murdered is correct because Frank goes up to him and knocks him out to stop him from telling the police so Frank can end it all by himself through murder. There are some episode where it may seem slow but at least for me it always has my attention. My favorite episode by far was the eighth episode because it introduce multiple plot lines involving terrorism, political and social issues suck and vets coming home and not having a place in the world anymore and then there's what the policy of of marine is and what they'll do to fight for its. This subplot goes on to episode eleven then it goes back to the main storyline. The big finale is episodic and well worth the wait. Frank is always one step ahead of his opponents and he has everything in place for the ending that he wants, SPOILER ALERT he wants to die but have enough evidence to put the people that killed him and his eniemies in jail for life. This is not the ending that he gets because his friend Micro betrays his promise and tell homeland security where this big finale is occurring at and they arrive there after one of Frank's old friends (who's one of his enemies now, Billy Russo) let's Frank go to kill one of the men who was beating Frank's senselessly. Billy is about to shot Frank for telling the police but he's sot in the arm and runs away. Frank is then fading away and going to the light which is his wife but Micro doesn't let him and bring him to help which is one of the homeland security members parents. Frank then most lye gets fixed up then goes on a big chase after Billy Russo which lead him through some of Frank's friends then to a spot that is very important to the both of them, a carnival carousel where Frank and his family and Billy would go. Billy then finds two workers and SPOILER ALERT ties them up to the Carousel with they're wrist slit as bait for Frank to try to save them. Frank's tried to save them but Billy just starts shooting Frank time after time and he has the upper hand for a while until Frank gets some help. Homeland agent Madina then arrive and gets shot instantaniously by Billy Russo. When he turns around to shot her, Frank's gets the upper hand and stabs him in the stomach with a shard of glass, he then repeatedly knocks Billy's head on a carousel mirror about seven times, then he drags Billy's face down the mirror in the most brutal fashion. He turns Billy around and Billy tells Frank to just kill him because of how horrifying he looks. SPOILER ALERT Frank almost kills him but then second guesses himself and tell Billy that he's the only one of his targets who's not going to get off so easy with death because he betrayed him and got his family killed. Frank then knocks Billy out on the glass and a shard gets stuck in his grotesque face and we get a close up. What I enjoyed so much about this scene if Frank is exerting his revenge into someone who betrayed him and you can really feel all of the emotions hat Frank is feeling because of everything that's happened to him because of Billy. He then goes on to save the kids and Madina and her family repays him with is previous alias of Pete Castilliogne so that he can keep on living his life because of the justice he served. Frank's heals quickly and so does Madina,but as they're talking about Billy we see that his head is wrapped in gauze because of how disfigured he is. They also talk about how he lost most of his brain functionality but they hope that when he wakes up (if he ever does) that he'll remember everything that Frank and Madina did to him. Frank is then asked to go to dinner with Micros family but he ditches and goes to this Veteren group that had them talk about what it like to live in a world where they don't belong anymore and Frank gives his speech and the shows first season is over. I know that this isn't the most thorough review but it's what I believe is the best part of this series provided as what I believe is the best Marvel series to ever happen.
  • prettigurl-1662019 January 2019
    Jon bernthal plays the best punisher!! Hands down. Love this show!!!
  • Great, great, great! I love it, Jon Bernthal is the man! Cast is so versatile and badass across the board!
  • Hopefully there will be season 3 and netflix would not stop the series when all when all the good series are leaving of netflix.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It took me a couple months to finally watch this because of some bad reviews I read. I was also pretty disappointing with the Iron Fist and Defenders series, so I was pretty much ready to check out of the Netflix Marvel franchise altogether. Turns out, this was a great series. They did a good job of telling a story, while also repeatedly reminding you why Castle becomes who he does. Easily the most violence in a Netflix Marvel series so far, but a level of storytelling more on par with Season 1 of Daredevil or Jessica Jones.

    Minor spoiler.....I was thrilled that they didn't shoehorn Rosario Dawson into this series.
  • kmalik-8873614 February 2019
    John Bernthal is the best punisher. Punisher will be always remembered as Jon. Eagerly waiting for third season. Daredevil should be a substitute of Punisher not vice versa. Jon just rocked the character by his onscreen charismatic performance. Director should also make the movie of Jon as Punisher. The real badass man. Jon Bernthal
  • haoweenie13 February 2019
    Wow. This show swept me off my feet. Jon Bernthal is THE Punisher and a total badass. The writing for the show is fantastic. It keeps you reeled in and begging for more as the credits roll. It's brutal, heartbreaking at times, has lots of "funny" moments, intense, edge of your seat. I recommend watching season 2 of Daredevil first to see the "beginnings" of Frank Castle. I have watched both seasons about 4 times through, back to back, and I am into it fully every time. I am obsessed!!
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