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  • I've seen at least a little of every movie in Charles Band's incredibly long running franchise. The fact of the matter is that really only the first two movies were any good and everything after that ranged from barely watchable to downright awful.

    The Puppet Master brand is basically all that has kept series creator Band's company Full Moon alive since the 80's and he has mercilessly milked it, sometimes openly cheating fans in the process. There were PG-13 sequels (rolls eyes), movies that were clearly shot back-to-back to save money (groan), and even a freaking clip movie (screams in anger)! So, when I heard that the brilliant, uncompromising genre author and filmmaker S. Craig Zahler (Bone Tomahawk, Brawl in Cell Block 99) was writing the next film in the franchise I thought one of two things: either Zahler was a longtime fan that wanted to write the first truly great Puppet Master movie OR Zahler had a car payment due and knocked out a script in a weekend. Unfortunately, the latter seems to be what happened. Puppet Master Littlest Reich is not a great movie but it's still better than any other sequel since the second movie.

    This film is a reboot which reimagines the puppet master, anti-hero Andre Tulon, into an outright villain portrayed by horror legend Udo Kier (Blade, Flesh for Frankenstein, Suspiria, Fear Dot Com). Kier is fantastic, playing a hideously scarred, wantonly sadistic Nazi sympathizer that wants to continue the Third Reich's mission of a pure white race and intends to do so, even after his death, with the help of black magic and an army of puppets he mass produced and sold prior to an unfortunate run in with the cops.

    Flash forward to find a divorced, broke comic book writer (Thomas Lennon of Reno 911) in possession of one of Tulon's puppets, Blade, which he finds among his dead brother's things. There is a convention being held at Tulon's old house where collectors intend to auction off all the old dolls belonging to the notorious psychopath.

    Everyone loads into a hotel, the puppets all come to life, and much, MUCH bloody mayhem ensues. Along the way we are joined by fantastic scream queen Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, From Beyond, and the original Puppet Master) as the retired cop that took Tulon down and professional b-movie tough guy Michael Pare (The Lincoln Lawyer and basically every Uwe Boll movie) as the cop currently on the case.

    Let me just say that the script for this movie was either hacked to pieces or sorely underwritten. Concepts and ideas are introduced and dropped at a moment's notice. Crampton's character has no pay off, supporting characters fall in and out of the story, plot points are introduced only to be dismissed immediately after, the tone is all over the place constantly swapping from dumb fun gore to weirdly preachy anti-nazi talk, and the ending makes no sense and just kind of drops off with a lame bit of sequel baiting.

    On top of that, the director makes some serious technical errors. Some scenes are underlit, the editing is at times hard to follow, and dialogue is recorded too low sometimes.

    As far as its places in the franchise, the sloppy plotting is nothing new and this movie is a great deal faster paced than most of the other films which, after part 2, started leaning towards cheap time killing devices over actual action. The direction is unusually bad, though. Most of these movies had a generically competent, TV sort of vibe to them but this movie really kind of felt like one of those ultra-violent, straight-to-video horror films of the late 90s.

    I'm fine with the revamp on Tulon, especially because Kier is so great in the role but I do really wish he had been in it more. I hate the redesign on the puppets. They look cheap and action figure like, lacking the artistry that made the original puppets so distinct. I also dislike that the puppets no longer have any personality. They're all just mean little killing machines. There's no real sense they are actually ALIVE and instead all feel like instruments used by a primary antagonist that's a little too off screen to really resonate.

    Thomas Lennon and most of the rest of the cast are strong (with the exception his annoying, motor mouth boss) and I did have fun watching the movie. However, thinking about it afterward, I couldn't help but feel that this movie was a little too flawed to really say I liked. It was alright and gore hounds and puppet fanatics will probably have at least a little fun, but it could and should have been a lot better.
  • Simple review: Those who are fans of old school slashers and the Puppet Master franchise will enjoy this movie, because you already know what you're going to get. It's gory, it's stupid, it's fun... If you do not like old school gory slasher movies, then why would you even consider watching this?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It takes a LOT for me to say this about a Horror Movie. You're talking to a guy who gave Leprechaun in Space a 7 or 8 rating. This movie OFFENDS me as a fan of the Puppet Master series. You take a great character like Andre Toulon who fought and killed Nazis to BEING one? The Puppets themselves have no personality whatsoever and are pretty much mindless killing machines. This is absolutely nothing like the originals. Plus, there are multiple versions of each Puppet? Not to mention I can take a lot, but when a puppet jumps inside a pregnant woman, rips through her stomach and carries away a fetus, even in HORROR, that's too far. I wasted 13 dollars on this. 3 dollars would have been a waste on this. Fangoria basically took ever Puppet Master fan and pissed on them.
  • I went into this having not watched any Puppet Master film for at least 5 years and having only seen a handful of the other movies in the massive franchise. I've been thinking about this film for a few days now and I've decided it has heavy influence from the 80s horror era. It's not an 80s throwback or even an homage. It's 80s in the sense that it's writer and directors didn't give a damn about what people were going to think of the film and did it the way they wanted, with it's no nonsense don't give a damn attitude about people being offended, sick hilarity, gore and silliness.

    It's a film about Evil Nazi puppets, what were these other reviewers on here expecting? It doesn't take itself seriously at all, but rather pokes fun at itself in a satirical fashion. It's ridiculously funny, even though a lot of people are going to find this movie offensive, you know the type, right?

    It's bad taste jokes and gore should leave the seasoned horror fan satisfied. You know the type, those of us that grew up during the 80s that don't get offended by anything and everything. Millennials will probably hate this film.

    It's not a thinking man's film, it was never going to be. It doesn't need substance, it doesn't need style, because it's simply good old fashioned fun and gore that will keep you entertained throughout and make you forget about all the crap that goes on in the real world for a couple of hours.
  • Ex-Player24 August 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    A complete slap in the face to any fan of the original Puppet Master movies.

    In the original films, the Puppet Master himself, Andre Toulon, was a Frenchman who took revenge on the Nazis for killing his wife, using his various puppets whom he brought to life to destroy them.

    Now, however, Toulon IS a Nazi for some inexplicable reason - and not only a Nazi, but a scarred Red Skull ripoff Nazi because - why not? And rather than the puppets fighting the bad guys, now they just murder individuals the Nazis consider "undesirable," - which naturally means pretty much everybody but let's include more lesbians than anyone else because they look better naked, right?

    Total waste of time - avoid at all costs.
  • HEFILM15 August 2018
    Being sold as the goriest film ever, I have to say, no. It's a Puppet Master film if you've never seen any of those it's hard to say you MUST see this one as you probably don't have to. But if you have seen them you'll see this as one of the better ones, it drops the annoying Gremlins sounds that, for me, pretty much ruined the first film, and for the most part the rest were all down hill in budget and quality with part 3 being probably the best of them. Like Part 3 in a way this deals with the Nazi backstory of the Puppets and even this time deals with the Holocaust and Nazi agenda the puppets are carrying on. There is humor but it's played straight which helps, the main humor being from several super gorey show stopping moments--though most of the gore is pretty routine--within the context of gore done in say the 1980's way--practical effects as they call it now.

    The downsides to this film is that is has virtually no visual style at all and is dingy looking, the actors all look old and haggard most of the time, and for some of the old actors in particular this does them no favors as it makes them look really old. The old horror name actors all do well, aside from looking kind of dreadful, but be warned UDO KIER has very little to do. Crampton is quite good.

    They story does stop for awhile when the movie turns into a series of gore scenes, but the story is frankly pretty good.

    The Puppets are seen rarely for much of the film, and often are used the way MUPPETS are--there is sadly no, from what I can tell, animated Puppets in the film---the brief stop-motion moments in the original films were all highlights and you'd hope a done real, not CGI, reboot would take the time to do some stop motion animation--but strangely they don't--which mostly keeps the puppets from doing much that is new, or even as good as, the best moments from the original series.

    Music score, by another Horror name, is too sparse as the film feels very flat for much of the first 30 minutes.

    But the film does build well and has a great post credit scene, so be sure to stay turned for that. It's a reboot in mostly a good way and certainly, though low budget in look, done better than original producer Charles Band is able to do these days.

    So a decent start for what hopes to be a new series of films by a also rebooted brand name Fangoria. This film is also better than the previous attempts at film production done under the Fango banner in the early 1990s.
  • Pros: The puppets are evil again. The acting. The script. The special effects. The puppets are evil again.

    Cons: Lack of suspense, dread, tension. Overuse of comedy (some of the comedy was great!) The puppeteering was better than in most of the sequels but still not up to the standards of the first two films.

    Overall: A well-needed rebirth. The best direction the franchise has headed since the second movie. The new creative team has a lot of enthusiasm and talent. And it shows!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I got to watch this recently and I was intrigued, but soon that intrigue turned to disappointment. I understand being a "reboot" of sorts that things change with the times. With that being said and being a fan of the original films (Mainly 1-5) I felt this was a thrown together hack fest. It was great to see some new puppets and different ways to dispatch their victims but, that was the whole movie! It was a puppet kill snuff film. No real plot, the most wooden characters. Granted the effects and how they brought the puppets to life were excellent. They could have used that then wrapped around a decent story. I dont like that they made Andre Toulon a Nazi agent nor do I care that the puppets are just mindless hatemongering killing machines. Part of the story of Puppet Master is the tragedy of Andre Toulons fight against the Nazis and how he and his Puppets are these violent anti-heroes. Furthermore by adding so many puppets and reproducing so many versions of blade etc. Theyve destroyed the individuality of what made each puppet special. They each were their own character in their own right as well. They aren't Gremlins. To me this was just a fail for the franchise. Seemed like a sfx sizzle reel and not much of a movie.
  • Well, I don't understand the excuse of this reboot for just bad cheap gory scenes, actually more of the same for our current era. Meaning, this movie made now could be interesting to watch in 1989 but definitely NOT NOW!!! Probable not even with a joint you can watch this as entertaining. Watch at your own risk.
  • Being a fan of the original puppet master films, I went in to this remake expecting to see better graphics and awesomely revamped versions of the puppets that were always so intriguing. It started off strong and genuinely creepy...until it came time for the puppets to start appearing. When I say they spit in the face of the whole franchise by changing Andr√® Toulon's character and driving forces, as well as that of his There is no moral code here and after one of the murder scenes, I was just too disgusted and displeased to continue (and I'm a horror fan so I can handle a lot).

    The puppets are still pretty cool to look at but that is about it. There is no satisfaction behind their kills though. Just senseless, squandered potential here. Very much a let down.
  • kosmasp12 February 2019
    And I would argue more "fun". That is if you are not looking for morally responsible jokes or are not someone who is easily offended. The jokes are premature I reckon and there is a lot of blood and a lot of nudity. There is also a lot of quite disturbing humor. Now you may not find certain things funny, calling the movie "serious" though would be missing the point entirely (you sure you watched the right Puppet Master movie?).

    You don't even have to have seen all the previous entries (something I did) to have fun with this. You may enjoy certain parts more than others, but overall this works as a stand alone. And while the "love story/part" of the movie may be considered serious, it is not as big a part that should make this movie less of a party film. Some attendees at the festival may have gone way off limit with their cheering, but the movie does support that kind of behaviour overall. Not for the squeamish, rather for those who just want to shut off, sit back and enjoy mayhem on screen
  • It's not your typical horror movie with puppets. It's got some great writing by S. Craig Zahler which elevated the movie the way Shane Black can do.

    I thnink people are giving this bad reviews because it takes a while to get to the action. And frankly, I liked the beginning character development more than the horror part.

    It was smart and funny and different.

    Make sure you see Zahler's other movies! Especially one of my fav films of 2019 -- Dragged Across Concrete
  • It's still hard to believe that this is the 12th (!!) film in the Puppet Master franchise. The original from 1989 remains the best. It spawned 2 decent sequels, the third one "Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge" was a surprisingly well made prequel. Full Moon decided to cash in and cheap installments were made, some back-to-back or containing mostly clips from earlier sequels (Silent NIght Deadly Night Part 2 anyone ?). "Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich" is very different: kind of a reboot and gone is the PG-13 style (remember the phrase "when bad puppets turn good"). Once again, finally a horror film and more gory and bloody than ever before. So for the gore hounds it's a delight. Also a decent cast, some funny dialogue and it's a treat to see horror icons like Barbara Crampton ( Re-Animator, From Beyond, Puppet Master I, You're Next) and Udo Kier. Unfortunately, the story is a little weak and the ending seems rushed with a hint for another sequel. It also worked better when Toulon was fighting the nazi's instead of being one himself. By no means an excellent film but looking back at all the bad sequels that started with the ridiculous "Puppet Master 4: The Demon" it's nice to see the franchise is back on track.
  • linamk23 August 2018
    I cant even .. it was torture i don't know who would like it, it was horrible , started laughing at myself for watching it, no one has the right to even compare it to chucky , one of the most baddeeessttt movies ever made.
  • I only watched because I love horror movies, however I wish I spent time watching something else as this was a poorly acted and didn't make sense most of the time. I see some gave this a 9/10 and 10/10? Lmao. It's one of the worst horror movies I have seen in a while. Watch it if you want to see something to complain about.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I so wanted to like this as I love the original Full Moon franchise but this was not really that good.

    The Pluses Barbara Crampton was gorgeous and professional as ever

    Udo Kier was Udo Kier

    The Negatives Thomas Lennon was awful. He needs to learn how to deliver a line of dialog so we can understand what he has said. 8 or 9 times in the film I had to rewind the scene and put subtitles on to understand what he had just said. He was either too quiet, too fast or both. Awful choice of actor

    The 3 lead characters (our supposed heroes) were really not that likeable

    Too many puppets

    The 2 death scenes where there was any nudity were awful. The bimbo with the silicone breasts was obviously cut but we really didn't see anything until it was over. Why, was she afraid to get those precious implants damaged? The death in the bath, wtf? What happened to her? All we saw was her lying in a bath of blood with a hole in the wall. I guess Tunneller? Who didn't want to see what happened to a naked girl in the bath? Were they trying to avoid an Unrated or X certificate so played it safe?

    A lot of our characters all of a sudden became hotshots with weapons.....

    There is a hint and rumour at a sequel but if Thomas Lennon is cast I will not bother

    Please Full Moon pull this back and reboot it yourself. Preferably with actors who can act
  • I have seen all the puppet masters and this one is but far the worst. the low budget movies were better and had better acting and the new puppets are even garbage they reversed the role of andre toulan to make him a nazi. whoever wrote this should not be allowed to write anything ever again cause this was terrible
  • There was fantastic gore and everyone loves Barbara Crampton, however, this story is absolute garbage. I'd rather stare at the wall.
  • This movie took itself way too seriously, it had no idea what it wanted to be. I wasn't sure wether I was meant to laugh or not at some parts. Note "meant to laugh" because even when this movie really tried to be it wasn't funny at all, it also wasn't scary either so it's confsuing as you don't know what this movie is really about or who it's for. If this movie cracked a little more jokes through the run time I wouldn't be this let down, but I am very pissed that I actually sat through this. Overall this movie was fine it was honestly just fine it wasn't good or awful it was just fine
  • This movie may not be for fans of the original series of Puppet Master films. It is quite possibly more violent than any of the prior. I, for one, believe that in a order for a movie about killers puppets to be somewhat shocking in 2018, you have to go all out with the gore. And it does. There are easily 21 scenes of puppets viscously slaughtering (if not more) people. It is demented and pleasantly mean spirited. It's exactly everything I've ever wished for in a Puppet master film. Thomas Lennon does well, including several other actors. If you don't like quality practical effect masterpieces of gore and prefer action and adventure puppets this is not for you. But if you want to see incredible splatter watch this.
  • It's one of those movies where you think it's very superficial and understated..... However don't let this one fool you. It keeps you in your toes thinking what the hell am I watching...and then let a you grasp for more. There are few moments where you would think the movie is heading south however the ending was parallel... Giving a new edge to part 2 keeps you wanting more.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Here is my review for the horror film Puppet Master The Littlest Reich and it will contain some spoilers throughout.

    In this Puppet master sequel it revolves around the story of a man named Edgar who is a comic book artist who unexpectedly finds a old puppet inside his deceased brother's room. The puppet coincidently looks very much like one of the puppets from previous films.

    Edgar along with his girlfriend Ashley and his boss Markowitz hear news about an upcoming convention in another town which is memory of the Toulon Murders that happened 30 years before and decide to attend the convention and scout for potential buyers for the puppet.

    Whilst at the convention they meet a group of other puppet collectors and officer Carol who conducts a speech and tour of the hotel and history of the Toulon Murders which gives everyone present a further insight as to the that has ensued.

    Shortly after the tour the hotel guests go their separate ways and in a sequence of events many characters are introduced and murdered systematically by the puppets in the hotel that have been reanimated to life. A group of remaining survivors decide on whether or not they want to escape the hotel and others feel safer either barricading themselves inside or are forced by the police not to leave. It is no surprise that the outcome is going to be pretty dreadful for the majority of the victims, with a further explanation as to why all this slaughter is ongoing in the final scenes.

    I did enjoy the overall premise of the film and the storyline was better than previous parts in the Puppet Master film franchise, some of the characters including Officer Carol had some fun and exciting scenes. the film does appear to have a reasonable budget too. I do think the film could have tried to be more scary and have less characters that were fleshed out in more detail.

    I would rate this film 6 out of 10.
  • Let me be clear, this film is not a masterpiece, but moreover this whole saga is little more than mediocre, but this chapter has an edge. Primarily behind it is Zhaler who is a great filmmaker, in fact it would have been better if he had written and DIRECTED this film instead of Laguna and Wiklund which are very modest as directors, but it is undeniable that, technically speaking, this chapter is the only one to be of a good standard, the others are trash films, some nice others obscene, this one is valid and very politically incorrect I also find very interesting the idea of overturning the cards on the table, doing the opposite of what the saga has done so far.
  • bpcool-5993623 August 2018
    Bro this movie was hilarious I dont consider it if you're like a saw person like a serious horror movie with like mystery and suspense.

    Really if you dont take it serious you'll be laughing your arse off lmao.

    The death scenes were somehow so crazy I found them hilarious. Story was interesting I guess. But it was just so funny and crazy.
  • marcanthony-0920216 September 2018
    Thought it may be a fun slasher to pass the time away and relax, How wrong i was. It's embarrassing bad and not in a good way.
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