This movie stars Barbara Crampton, she also starred in the original 1989 Puppet Master movie.

The crew rescued an abandoned tabby kitten during the filming of this movie that they found under the floorboards of one of the movie sets. They named the kitten 'Toulon' after the main character of the movie.

Most of the Nazi relics in this movie are actual authentic items from World War II.

The producers have said that this movie takes place in a parallel universe and this is why Andre Toulon is an evil Nazi this time rather than the original movies where he was against the Third Reich.

This movie was in production at the same time as Puppet Master: Axis Termination. The only other time two Puppet Master movies have been in production at the same time was when Puppet Master IV & V were being made back-to-back.

One of the children at the hotel is played by Thomas Lennon's son who is a huge fan of the Puppet Master movies and was given a small role.

This is the first Puppet Master movie to not feature Jester. He has been in every other Puppet Master movie.

The sign on the side of the truck that Edgar drives says 'Bodega Bay' which is a reference to the hotel in the original Puppet Master movie.

The Happy Amphibian puppet is Jester's replacement which is why he wears a clown costume.

Actor Thomas Lennon confirmed during the production that there is multiple Blade puppets in the movie as opposed to just one.

Producer Dallas Sonnier met future Fangoria writer Preston Fassel on set, where he'd applied to be an extra. Sonnier found out that Fassel had written the manuscript for a horror novel and acquired the rights to it, and also hired him to write for the soon-to-be resurrected Fangoria magazine. The book was published as "Our Lady of the Inferno," Fangoria's first officially licensed novel. Fassel can be seen walking across the lobby in a gray suit as Edgar and company first check into the hotel, and again fleeing the hotel during the "puppet massacre" wearing a dark jacket and bow tie.

Fangoria writer Preston Fassel revealed during a Q&A at Tulsa's Circle Cinema that in addition to playing one of the hotel guests who runs into the parking lot during the "puppet massacre," he also doubled for Udo Kier for the long tracking shot of Toulon walking into the bar and operated the Tunneler puppet in a deleted scene. This makes him unique in the Puppet Master franchise in that he has technically played Toulon, a puppet, and a puppet victim.

One of the new puppets has multiple arms, this is a tribute to Six-Shooter, a puppet who appeared in several of the Puppet Master movies.

Only Blade, Tunneler, Pinhead and Torch return from the original movies but the producers hope to bring back the other puppets in future sequels.

This movie features the third appearance by Torch and the first time he has appeared since the 5th Puppet Master movie (other than stock footage).

This is the third Puppet Master movie in a row that has had an artist from the Face Off show working on the main effects. Puppet Master: Axis of Evil had Gage Munster, Puppet Master: Axis Rising and Termination had Tom Devlin and this movie has Tate Steinsiek. All three of these men are friends.

The silhouettes on the movie poster had used a photo of Tunneler from Puppet Master 2 as a base, and a photo of Blade from the original movie and one of the action figures from the late 90's of Pinhead.

Blade, Tunneler and Happy Amphibian were revealed for the first time at the Texas Frightmare convention on the 6th of March 2017.

In the original Puppet Master movies Tunneler wore a blue uniform, in the Axis trilogy he wore a green uniform and in this movie he wears a black uniform.