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  • I've enjoyed Romi Rain acting in at least a dozen features, but even she must pay her bills. Besides stooping to gonzo, she created a website and this awful video presents vignettes, scraps and unusable material culled from the website shoots.

    The director of this mess is Ivan, certainly among the worst porn has to offer. He's in love with the fish-eye lens, which he uses randomly, and his videos always look cheap, ramshackle and devoid of editing -just slop porn footage.

    Part of his game is to hide the rejected material amidst the usable. So this 2-CD package runs a grand total of 5-1/2 hours, but the last 100 minutes or so on Disk 2 consists of amateurish BTS stuff, still photography sessions and other garbage.

    Romi keeps encouraging the viewer to try out her new website and its wonderful content, and this video release is basically a product plug for same. Its content includes lots of cosplay, endless shots of Romi masturbating, and various guest stars picking up paychecks.

    There is one potentially interesting segment, but in Ivan's incapable hands it goes nowhere. The actresses have painted body makeup and it is shot with black light for an eerie '60s mood, but Romi and Dani Daniels, wearing toy guns at their waists like cowpokes, just horse around.

    Many of the other vignettes are shot without a set, just a blank background or the corner of a room or stage. Ivan is a gonzo pornographer who believes audiences are merely starved for explicit sex, any sex along as it's explicit, and all his work I've suffered through so far is far below the level of free internet porn, hence has no reason to exist whatsoever.

    Add this Romi Rain debacle to that category.