Admiral Salen Kotch: [in a speech to SDF forces] We will eradicate the authority of the Earth. Our world is just beginning; theirs is dying. It is not enough to break free. We will break them!

Captain Nick Reyes: [from trailer] It's time to raise the black flag and start cutting throats.

[adrift in space]

ETH.3n: Captain, your suit.

Captain Nick Reyes: Took a hit in the cockpit. Left arm's torn.

ETH.3n: Unsettling report, sir. Captain, I can't stop it. What do I do?

Captain Nick Reyes: [coughing] Let it go, Ethan.

ETH.3n: I can't, sir. You're my commanding officer, captain. My mission is you.

Captain Nick Reyes: Who says?

ETH.3n: I'm hardware, sir. Ultimately expendable.

Captain Nick Reyes: No, no. You're my brother, Ethan.

ETH.3n: Your talking robot brother?

Captain Nick Reyes: Affirmative.

ETH.3n: Yes, well, I am the handsome one, sir.

Captain Nick Reyes: [laughs weakly] No doubt... looks like this is the end of the line, partner.

ETH.3n: I think I'm scared, sir.

Captain Nick Reyes: Me, too.

Lieutenant Nora Salter: You have feelings, Ethan?

ETH.3n: I do, ma'am. I carry the brain of a human farmer.

Lieutenant Nora Salter: Holy shit, are you serious?

ETH.3n: No, ma'am. Not at all.

Admiral Fredrick Raines: He got you, Lieutenant.

Lieutenant Nora Salter: Did not.

Admiral Salen Kotch: [from trailer] You lack what it takes to win this war.

Captain Maureen Ferran: [to Reyes] We had to pry Ethan's arms open. They'd frozen around you. Protecting his captain to the end.

[to Ethan]

Captain Maureen Ferran: Dauntless valor, Ethan.

ETH.3n: Boundless terror, ma'am.

Captain Nick Reyes: [to a tech escorting Ethan] Be careful with him.

ETH.3n: Captain, please. I can look after myself.

Captain Nick Reyes: Ethan, go to Engineering, see Mac, get a clean bill.

ETH.3n: What about you, sir?

Captain Nick Reyes: Don't you worry about me.

ETH.3n: Try and stop me, sir.

[while dropping]

Sgt. Usef Omar: My guys, eyes on me! As far as Ethan goes, I will personally vouch for this stiff metal motherfucker! He's one of us! Ethan! What's the Navy's official policy for a gunfight?

ETH.3n: Send in the Marines!


Sgt. Usef Omar: [to Reyes] That's for you, Captain!

Admiral Salen Kotch: How many did you come with?

Wolf: We're it.

Admiral Salen Kotch: What about the airship we shot down?

Wolf: My men need medical.

Admiral Salen Kotch: You care about your men?

[He draws his pistol, aims it at Sipes... then shifts aim and shoots one of his own men, venting his spacesuit and leaving him to slowly suffocate]

Admiral Salen Kotch: Care clouds judgment. That is why you cannot win. This place... isn't yours anymore.

Sgt. Usef Omar: You just do what you did at the Gateway and we'll zip this place right up.

Captain Nick Reyes: Proud to be of service, Sergeant.

Sgt. Usef Omar: Pride is one-hundred percent bona-fide bullshit, Captain. You just make sure the mission comes first.

Captain Nick Reyes: Copy that. I'm sure the Sergeant is well aware that the word "proud" is right in the Navy creed?

Sgt. Usef Omar: I knew there was something I didn't like about you sons of bitches. That explains the white uniform and the submarines.

Captain Nick Reyes: Submarines?

Sgt. Usef Omar: Yeah, only the Navy could build a ship designed to sink.

[They laugh]

Opening Title Card: "The sun, the moon and the stars would have disappeared long ago... had they happened to be in the reach of predatory human hands." - Havelock Ellis