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  • I am story-line gamer...I have gave up MP years ago due to all the campers and that I'm just not that fast anymore...But I love a solid story or campaign and COD:IW deliveries big time....the story is fantastic, people are concerned with the jump packs or wall running and there is some but not as much as Titan Fall or BO3 ( and by the way I hated the campaigns for both BO 1 & 2, didn't even finish the second one it was that bad)

    The space fighting is epic either in the Battlestar Galattic or if you're my age...Space Above and Beyond <---great show look it up!! OR the orbit fights with in asteroid belt...damn good and I have 2 left thumbs for lying and I loved it...

    I never write a review but the bad press this game is getting is pretty ridiculous...If you enjoy a great campaign give this a try it was epic...and you get the first MW1 remastered and that was a great story-line too...cannot wait for MW2 remastered...that was great game!!
  • Okay first off, i am NOT a Call of Duty fan boy! I review games based on my personal opinion and experience. The multiplayer is nuts, all over the place, the hit detection isn't great but isn't awful eathier, the ttk(time to kill) is way to short, and the spawn points are not good. Now the Campaign is a whole different story, its awesome, its action, its a mix of battlestar gallactica, starship troopers and BOOTS ON THE GROUND....and in space lol, the only downside is its only 5-6 hours long, and then there is Zombies in Spaceland, they went with the whole 1980's retro themepark map, with 4 characters. Your typical jock,nerd,comic relief and stuck up bitch lol. Anyways it plays out like a movie where instead of rounds, their called scenes. You got tons of easter eggs from past COD games. Overall this is the best Cod in the past 5 years! Just play it, try it. Don't knock it until you've tried it. Plus if you bought the legacy edition, you got call of duty 4 MW REMASTERED. and by god its beautiful!! 7/10 cod IW 9/10 MWR
  • I'm going to start off by saying those who badmouth this game because it's set in the future and in space and use that as their excuse for hating the game are pathetic and acting childish. This game gained an unfair reputation when it was revealed as being the most disliked trailer of all time and most of the dislike was because of the setting, I've wanted Call of Duty to go to the Korean War but I don't go throwing my toys out the cot and having a tantrum, hitting the dislike button because it wasn't set then. If you just block out the hatred, sit down, boot up the game and play it you'll find it really isn't the worst video game ever made as everyone was making it out to be. The campaign is a different experience to ones we've had previously taking cues from Black Ops II four years previously but going with a semi- open galaxy campaign allowing you to fight on foot on different planets, strap into a Jackal and engage in Star Wars-style dogfights or boarding a SetDef capital ship to sabotage it or eliminate high ranking officers with the weapon customisation from Black Ops II and III also available before each mission. Multiplayer admittedly is a little underwhelming with only one or two minor additions from Black Ops III but it's still enjoyable, not better than say Black Ops II (the game I think had the best multiplayer experience of the franchise) but still playable. This game's zombies mode is also very enjoyable, while the Black Ops series version was dark and took itself quite seriously while still holding onto the absurdity of it and Advanced Warfare embraced the twist of having zombies as agile as you, Infinite Warfare zombies is goofy and colourful with some great challenges and the same weapon customisation as Black Ops III. The zombies themselves look so grotesque it's great, the detail on everything is astonishing and it brings new twists on the normal Call of Duty zombies formula that truly tests all types of zombies players. I've been a fan of the franchise for over 10 years and honestly I don't care when the franchise is set, there are conflicts and eras I'd like to visit in a CoD game granted but as long as I can fight enemies in first person no matter what they are I'm satisfied, I'm certainly proud to be one of the fans that is remaining loyal to the franchise and not dropping it because it's becoming "less and less like what it used to be"
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've been playing COD's since the first one and each one has its one unique flavor & virtues. This one had so many negative reviews that I played it after a couple months. And I was more than surprised!

    COD was made by Infinity Ward, the main creators that made almost every good COD. They started from WW2, surpassing the mediocrity of Battlefield and setting a more cinematic tone, continuing to modern warfare and reaching finally to space! OK, in IW there are some elements that will remind you of Halo or Mass Effect, but there are so many more (I loved even the clever credits) that made a whole new rich experience. I consider it a must play if you are into space shooter or even COD.

    Although, I have two main complaints, the length of the campaign and the relatively few things you can do when you are in "Retribution". The armory should be open anytime and the whole gameplay needed more space.

    But the campaign was a real masterpiece, regardless of the 6-7 hours to be completed. It's in my personal COD top 5, along with COD 2, MW, MW3 and Black Ops III, by far and I fully recommend it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Call of Duty is notorious for its heart-stopping, blockbuster entertaining game-play. But it's becoming more and more of a stale taste for First Person Shooters. After reaching over one million dislikes on YouTube; it's unknown to people whether this game has actually flopped the entire series or if it's really created a new era of Call of Duty. The answer to that is: YES. Infinite Warfare takes you to the future where the UNSA is pitted against a rogue team known as the SDF. The campaign is long and fantastic, it can be considerably just as good as Modern Warfare 2's campaign. It's just that good. Multiplayer is as fast- paced as usual, with a multitude of new material added to benefit you during this experience. Zombies is tons of fun with its rambunctious and raunchy 80's style horror. This game is definitely an improvement from last year's Black Ops 3. And I feel that this game is definitely taking the Call of Duty franchise to a whole new level. This game is definitely a classic Call of Duty!
  • So I just finished the campaign version of this game - fair warning, I don't play the online versions of any COD games so I have nothing to add to the comments re: online gameplay.

    With regard to the campaign: the script, actors, characters and story line are great. Obviously very typical for a sci-fi genre, but overall the writing was great, there were some good jokes thrown in and dialogue wasn't annoying as hell like it is in most games (usually I play with no sound)

    I liked the characters, and the ending. It played, to me, like a movie that you got to act out. A lot of other games try for that and mostly it's just boring as hell. I wanted to know what was going to happen, which is rare because I usually skip the cut- scenes.

    Honestly I don't really get what the fuss is about. This game was more interesting to me than Assassin's Creed, if you want to complain about repetitive gameplay 😂 it's made as a first person point and shoot, you can't really change it up that much.

    I don't know. I enjoyed the game so just adding my two cents. *shrugs* thanks to all of the developers' hard work for a fun couple of days.
  • First, I wanna say that Call Of Duty was a wonderful series until COD: GHOSTS was released and then everyone was angry because they suddenly realized that COD was being milked, then next year COD: Advanced Warfare was announced and everyone was psyched for it because it actually contained something new that would change the game-play, we thought that they were listening to us and they tried to fabricate something new so that we would enjoy COD again but nope! Advanced Warfare was even worse than Ghosts and people were furious at Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward for making such horrendous games. Next year, once again another COD came out which was COD: Body Odor 3, honestly it wasn't that bad but it was still futuristic and people wanted it to go back to the modern or world at war times but again, it was actually OK. By now, people wanted the modern COD times to come back but Infinity Ward decided to make ANOTHER futuristic COD called COD: Infinite Warfare and when they decided to release the trailer, they got 2 million dislikes for a reason.

    The hate for the game was so big that even Battlefield developers said that the trailer for Infinite Warfare looked like absolute crap and stated that their trailer for BF1 would be far better when they released it...and it was.

    Eric Hirshberg (CEO of Activision) responded to all the hate and said "the franchise has never been stronger."

    ...are you serious?

    Then on Nov 4th, 2016, Infinite Warfare released and it is by far the worst COD, they need to let go of this milked series and create something new or else they're gonna go downhill even further and won't be able to climb back up.

    So here's my review on the game

    Campaign: The story is bland, the characters are forgettable, etc. There's really nothing to say about it, it's just repetitive.

    Multiplayer: Exactly like BO3's multiplayer, I'm not even joking man I mean go play it or watch some game-play online and you'll see that it's literally the same game but with some different textures/guns.

    Again, nothing much to say about it because it's once again repetitive and it just copies BO3's multiplayer.

    Zombies: Boring and repetitive, they couldn't even come up with their own idea so they just stole Treyarch's idea.

    So my conclusion is this, it's another COD game that doesn't add nothing new.
  • don't waste your money on this awful game with graphics from 2010 , this call of duty feels like a very bad version of titan fall and halo combined Activision and sledge hammer really messed up this time i wouldn't play this even if it was free and for everyone who pre order it either cancel or ask for a refund because i can assure you that you will regret buying this horrible game, those developers really need to consider going back to old school call of duty boots on the ground with no futuristic stuff only then i will consider playing call of duty again and what's up with all these guns in this game? they look like my nephews toys those kinda things doesn't give you war kinda feeling so please for the love of god just go back to the old school call of duty.
  • Infinity Ward has fallen in quality since MW 2 (the studio heads were fired), but none of their last 2 entries fell off a cliff either. Thus I expected another solid, yet forgettable, paint by the numbers entry. What we got is no AW or Black Ops but the studio clearly found their footing again. I can't say that I liked the overly scripted 1st hour, and the overall revenge story is very one-dimensional (John Snow is wasted as a villain), but the extremely bleak tone still ended up being memorable. It's still a shame that the robot partner is the only character with depth, as tragedies need a relatable cast to emotionally resonate. Well integrated set pieces, a more open campaign structure, and varied space battles or flying segment all ended up amounting to a much better game than i first expected. Even if the Veteran difficulty was again reduced to what older shooters would qualify as "normal". The regular multiplayer is exactly would you would expect, so I immediately moved on, but the zombie mode ended up being another surprise. This is the 1st time I enjoyed it, since its introduction. The amusement park map very open and the game mechanics got streamlined a lot too. The competing Titanfall 2 is slight better, but shooter fans should get both. 8/10
  • Man o man o man, this game, everything is just awful about it, from the multiplayer to zombies, the only thing that is a bit good is the single player, everything else is just beyond awful, and people who think otherwise, well, get some glasses because you clearly haven't played the same game as i have, the graphics are hilariously horrible, the guns are terrible, the maps are beyond terrible, the supply drops are terrible, zombies is an absolutely failure, everything about it is so damn bad. If i ever have to play this game again under gun point, i might as well get shot, because this is just an insult to game rs and the entire human race, i hope this game will die soon (if it isn't dead already) it is just unbelievable that the company spend 3 years to create a piece of garbage like this. shame on you guys!

    The bad thing is that you can't vote for IMDb so i might as well vote for 1/10. but if you could vote 0/10. i would happily do it!

    0/10 for this terrible game!
  • Made an IMDb account just to give this piece of sh*t a one star..

    Campaign: 5/10 - Horrible campaign. I was super hyped for the campaign. It looked fun. Turns out that It was a stale piece of garbage. Boring missions. Stale characters. Cringeworthy dialogue. The characters were no more than pure awful, including cringe worthy writing and boring design, almost as boring than the Black Ops 3 characters. At least Infinity Ward weren't lazy enough to actually give our character a name. The only character I liked was 3than. And you know that the game is bad when the most interesting character is a robot.

    Multiplayer: 2/10 - It can't get any worse than this. Let's just hope so. As a huge fan of CoD multiplayer, even the BO3 MP, this one is god awful. It feels stale. They only worked on it for one year. I play on Xbox One. I have good internet. I lag so. Fcking. Bad. The servers are not dedicated. They are horrible. The game still feels like beta.

    Zombies: 8/10 - The only decent part about this game. Not the best maps in the world, but they still redeem about 10 % of this game. The characters are stale looking, but still have more soul than everyone in the campaign.

    Moral of the story, I feel genuinely bad for Kit Harrington for having to be a part of this game. Every night, I bet he dreams about how DICE would have asked him to star in Battlefield 1. And don't spend your hard earned money on this game which took a dime to make. Instead, spend your money on games like Battlefield 1, or even Titanfall 2. Sadly, underrated games that barley got any attention at launch, yet Infinite Warfare got some attention just because it is Call of Duty. If you can even call it one.
  • This is the worst game I've ever played. The game play is boring, and repetitive. The story is stupid and it makes no sense. The multiplayer is the worst part, in it you jump around like stupid rabbits and shoot each other like blind chimpanzees with weapons. The weapons are bland and plane, there's no depth in the game play. And then there's the kills streaks. The kill streaks are pathetic, they are supposed to be good and you should feel like it's an achievement when you get them, but these are just garbage. If I would have gotten Infinite Warfare as a gift, it would go directly to the trash. Just a Waste of money. And plus the game was ported unfinished, without leader boards that just shows how bad these developers are.

    I give this 1 star :D
  • This game is,actually very good and the campaign is way better than BO3 piece of s*** story smh. These characters are the most dynamic but st th end Salt and Reyes are very much believable.. the story was interesting. The multiplayer is good, I don't play zombies modes. This,game came at a time when COD was having series fatigue. WW2 is rather wack to me lol
  • I remember when I got the legacy edition of this game because I only wanted modern warfare remastered and I may have played this game like 2 times well more but the game as a whole was terrible
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When i played this game I realised this is the same Cod game, that we all know. But the new mode "You are a captain" but you have to do the lowest rank mission. Man you got a big space ship! Not a first rank greenie.. Some point this was interesting but not realistic. A big problem is whit the story. Its very simple, and no one cares about what happen with our mates. If you know John Scalzi Old Man's war you know what I mean. The SDF it comes from his books, and the transport in Mars also.
  • lestershane74923 January 2019
    The first trailer for this game broke the internet with its dislikes, I enjoyed the campaign, the zombies was awful and the multiplayer was a shambles