• samuelialderete19 February 2018
    Strange, but entertaining. New and innovative.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Boots Riley's Sorry to Bother You is a strange, but entertaining film about a black telemarketer trying to navigate a world that slowly shifts around him. The film brings an interesting and unique take on the world minorities live as they are forced within a socioeconomic ladder. Cassius Green, played by Keith Stanfield, is faced with selling out and abandoning his friends. Through this the audience sees he is drastically changed as his success transforms him to the very thing he resented.
  • Yee_Reviews11 May 2018
    Ambitious, Yet Scattered
    Good: The concept was original and different and the first two-thirds of the movie were interesting/engaging. The film is filled with talent from Tessa Thompson to Armie Hammer. But the true standout is Lakeith Stanfield's character who is relatable with his struggles and goal in life of making a difference and mattering in the world. I do like the themes the film tackles like the corruption of big companies with its hunger for power and money.

    Bad: The film bounces around too much with its subplots. Near the end, the story goes for more of a shock value and the social problems it started to develop gets lost in a bad acid trip. Some of the ideas and characters were not fully developed as a result of the film being fast paced and messy. I personally did not find the jokes funny, but my audience was laughing for the most part.

    Overall: This film is a political satire so it is not for everyone, however I believe there is a certain crowd that will absolutely admire this film and praise it for its originality and humor. The film juggles too much, but I appreciate Boots Riley's first time directorial debut ambitions.

  • idennis323 May 2018
    Starts off strong, ends poorly.
    Warning: Spoilers
    I had high hopes for this movie and it fullfills half of it. I saw this at a special screening in Baltimore Parkway theatre yesterday and I still can't believe how strong the first of the movie is and how it gets derailed so quickly.

    The movie is about Cassius Green, a man who gets a telemarketing job and rising to the ranks using his "white voice". The concept alone lets people know the film deals with themes of identity. But this theme is tarnished by the big plot twist.


    The big twist is that the telemarketer's goal is to mutate workers into horse like beings in order to use them as labor and control them by making them snort this capsule that can be mistaken for cocaine. Sounds silly right? Because it is. None of that made sense literally came out of left field and you have to deal with for the last 30minutes - hour of the movie. And the ending has Cassius turn into the horse like being and come and destroy the big bad guy's mansion. It totally ruins the previous themes and becomes a weird, forced sci-fi movie. It's as if the director wanted to mash Get Out with District 9 together. It just doesn't work.

    The movie overall is hilarious. Literally the movie is PACKED with jokes from start to finish. The dubbing of the "white voice" is odd as sometimes the actors expressions and the voice don't match up. The animatronics are horrendous like TMNT 3 Bad. But the real crime is how they ditched this really thematic angle of the story dealing with identity crisis and how Cassius is selling out to "the man" due to his greed and traded it for a weird sci fi scene about mutation and how they're making slaves out of us.

    Although creative, the film suffers from its storytelling and for that it gets a 6/10. There's much to enjoy but you'll end up confused in the end.
  • WrianRyter1 June 2018
    A fun acid trip!!!!
    I wasn't sure what to make of it from the trailer, but it is one of the few films this year that's absurdly original from beginning to end.

    I should also note that although this is a thought provoking film, it doesn't leave you in a hazy "wtf was that / my brain is oatmeal now, thanks guy" mood when it's over. (Much like many artsy social commentary films.)

    Let go, and enjoy the ride!
  • jared-b-ware7 June 2018
    Most Important Film Made In Recent History
    Part of the issue with these reviews is that they're written by folks who are too comfortable with the status quo (carceral racial capitalism, imperialism, bourgeois politics) in America. Most of us are not, and this film speaks for us like nothing else that has ever come out of Hollywood.

    Boots Riley does an amazing job crafting the narrative, building in large scale metaphors, weaving in surrealism or magical realism, and featuring the city of Oakland as a character within the film.

    This is a revolutionary work of art, and it cannot be compared to other films coming out of Hollywood. And if we're being honest there is nothing else like it.

    It's a stunning debut film and I hope that Boots Riley builds with it a platform for more anti-capitalist films for himself and other directors and writers who are bold enough to challenge the status quo.
  • Marlon Brando20 June 2018
    Really bad. An amateurish scatter-shot story packed full of cliches and bats*** crazy ideas thrown against a wall is not daring, it's bad. It doesn't even make sense. It's a ham-fisted attempt to make a statement that utterly fails.

    There were good films at Sundance this year. "Sorry to Bother You" is not one of them. And yes, I accept your apology. You bothered me, namely wasting two hours of my life.
  • tompain-7243919 April 2018
    Over-hyped and trying too hard to be weird. Completely showcases the stereotypes it is trying to break. There is no originality here, it is lost when the underlying social message is the same as pretty much every movie Hollywood is putting out right now.
  • phaedrav18 June 2018
    Boots Riley is a better Spike Lee than Spike Lee
    Writing what you know is always wise. Artists writing about their art, easily gets incestuous and tiresome. Sorry to Bother You draws on experience and pulls in imagination in the blend of good science fiction.

    Future viewers will be discovering this one, for decades to come.