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  • Warning: Spoilers
    CIA analyst Riley Connors (Valene Kane) pulls a Snowden and releases specific information about The Company spying on innocent citizens without cause or warrant. America is divided on her whistle blowing until a man on the list suddenly turns terrorist. She ends up in Columbia with her reporter enabler Estelle (Marcela Mar). Riley's CIA boyfriend (Charlie Weber) pops up with a plan for her to redeem herself and get a Presidential pardon, but it requires that she goes out into the filed.

    The film had the expected twists and ending. The production was more drama than action-thriller and needed better dialogue. I felt the role was too big for Valene Kane clearly a miscast. She reminded more of Alley McBeal. And the CIA can freeze an account without transferring the funds out.

    Guide: F-word. Implied sex. No nudity
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When something happens in the news it isn't long before reality is combined with fiction and finds its way to film. In the past few years a lot has been written about whistle blowers and those in positions that give them access to information that they release to the world. The offense can garner charges of treason and has led to that. It has also led to fleeing the country and living in exile. Those stories make up the basis for EXPATRIOT.

    Riley Connors (Valene Kane) is a CIA analyst who is bothered by the extent to which the CIA is going to gather information. Working with a reporter she downloads information on their tactics and items they've found and passes them to her, then leaving the country to avoid charges of treason. The end result is that she becomes a wanted woman with no hope of returning home.

    Two years pass and Riley now lives in Colombia, South America. Still in touch with the reporter and living alone she sometimes questions if the way she handled things was right. Longing to return home she is presented with that opportunity. CIA agent Bill Donovan (Charlie Weber) has found her. Her ex-lover who she left behind to suffer the scrutiny of the Agency is here to present her with a chance to redeem herself.

    A pair of brothers who own a bank there in Colombia are laundering money intended for use by terrorists. An international task force has been put together to take them down. He asks Riley if she will come on board and help, using her knowledge of the banking industry, computers and security systems to infiltrate the bank and win the trust of the two brothers. If she can do so, the US is willing to consider allowing her to return home.

    Riley agrees and settles in with the brothers, winning their confidence in her abilities and placing their trust in her. She accomplishes the task set before her, transferring the holdings of the bank to an offshore account held by the CIA. Now on the run from the brothers she learns too late that she was being used by Bill, disgraced by her leaving the Agency and working on his own now.

    But Riley was smart enough to hold something back. Will it be enough for her to save the lives of those she loves? Will she be able to make up for the mistake she made with the two brothers? And will she be able to rectify all things and find a way of going home once more?

    The movie isn't a bad offering and does hold your interest from start to finish. The fact no major names are involved should tell you up front that this is a low budget film but that doesn't matter. Those involved with the production of the film have worked to provide an interesting thriller that takes no prisoners. The acting here is good as well, especially in the case of Kane. One can only hope she moves on to bigger and better roles that provide her the opportunity to be noticed.

    If you're looking for some mild entertainment and enjoy movies like this then you'll want to give it a watch. It might not be something to add to your collection but it is an enjoyable movie.