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  • Really really stupid. The studio up-vote spam-bot squad is in effect with 10/10 marks for this!!! I thought by the second act that they could up the pace of the film to make it more exciting and also stop the gags. Is the joke on us or on Shakespeare??
  • Characters act like it's happening in 21st century: winking, rolling eyes at each other, etc. Ruins the authenticity of the period of time its based in.
  • The descendants of Shakespeare have fallen so far from the tree.

    Moreover, the acting is horrible. Why can't newer actors and actresses do a good job anymore?? Is it really that difficult to pretend you are seduced for example?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Never mind all the fake early ten-star reviews here--if you can't tell they're fake from the writing, click on the person's handle and you'll see that inevitably they have never posted about another movie before.

    This movie gets five stars for being well-produced, good-looking, professionally acted and crafted. I can't argue that it would probably entertain less discriminating (and younger) audiences, esp. if they have no prior experience with "Hamlet." (God help the high school student who one day is going to figure they can skip reading the play and do a book report just from seeing this film.) But if you ARE at all familiar with "Hamlet," this is is pretty ludicrous. It's not that it departs from the play in many ways; "Hamlet" is such a ubiquitous classic that it can certainly withstand and even welcome some imaginative, revisionist takes.

    (partial spoilers ahead] The probolem is that this particular take is that of a stereotypical current teenage romance-novel-slash-fantasy a la "Twilight" and "Wicked." Poor Ophelia must of course be a spunky little rebel who only PRETENDS to go mad, won't let men tell her what to do, and other things that seem more than a bit preposterous for a young lady in a medieval Danish court. Of course Hamlet is ALL about her, in a brooding, lovesick, tormented Robert Pattinson-in-"Twilight" way. Things are manipulated so crazily to make O. the center of this whole story that she even sees the Ghost of Hamlet's father before he does! Because she is just that special.

    Gertrude is made to be bitchy and insecure, reducing Naomi Watts' performance; Clive Owen is solid as Claudius, and other performances are OK. But it's distracting that another concession to young audiences is making the court multi-ethnic, as if there were many black people around in 11th-century Denmark or whenever this is supposed to be. It's not that this is quasi-modernized, which needn't be a bad thing; it's that it's done in such a stereotypical, shallow, trendy fashion that the effect is ultimately kinda laughable.

    You can't say this is really a "feminist" take, because it's too juvenile in its approach--Ophelia may be somewhat "empowered," but she's also the girl whom the Prince himself offers to "walk away from it all" for! She's supposed to be "tough," in a sort of Katniss-in-"Hunger Games" way, but she also gets to be Cinderella, too. If you're getting the feeling from my description that this movie piles up way too many cliches in order to hit the target audience bull's-eye, you'd be exactly right. But jiudging from the film's reception so far, obviously you can OVERESTIMATE what your audience presumably wants, and give them so much of it that they feel condescended to. This expensive-looking movie is pretty much going straight to VOD, and that is because it is more 21st-century "Gidget" than "Hamlet." Doing the story from Ophelia's point of view was a good idea--and someday, someone may do it right.
  • This film is awful in every way. Shakespeare meets teen drama TV might work for Romeo and Juliet -- but not for Hamlet. I'm half thinking the makers had some intent to create the most cringeworthy mess possible.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Daisy has only 2 speeds: "deeply concerned with important matters" and "surprised", can't act anything else. yes she is somewhat beautiful and there are some nice moments and images. Hamlet is a non starter, some angry little boy. and the men of course are evil: deny education, don't take care of their wife, kill other men, try to rape and so on.
  • bozx-713182 July 2019
    Pointless, boring, uninspired, insipid waste of time also - lol at there being Black and Asian people in the medieval Danish court
  • I'm an ultra-lefty feminist and even I eyerolled. Why couldn't it be a genuine dramatic tragedy. It didn't need this type of girl power remake. Such a shame, because the score and visuals are lovely.
  • kniphofia10 July 2019
    I've got nothing against adaptations of Hamlet or films based on them, but this was utter rubbish. A waste of a half decent cast and simply cringeworthy.
  • How utterly, completely stupid. There's really nothing more to be said about it.
  • dmulgmua16 August 2020
    1- The actress thinks she can act. How arrogant. She cannot. Her family needs to level with her and stop enabling her. She is embarrassing herself.

    2- Modern directors thinking they can do better than Shakespeare by changing the story. You cannot improve on Shakespeare.
  • easternautumn4 July 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    I'll admit that I saw what amounts to a trailer online of this travesty, but nonetheless, this is a nightmare. It changes the story of the original play, and turns into a Riverdale-like story of idiocy. Ophelia is now deemed an "enemy" of the Danish court, and therefore must be removed? Who wrote this, the director of Twilight?
  • Bill-41225 September 2019
    Backstory and side stories sometimes clever, usually tedious. Ophelia is a smug 21st century woke person, she sashays around, not like a commoner. She talks back, floats around on her own, totally unrealistic. Preachy, not empowered. Lose the agenda and the attitude. Too bad, this could have been something interesting.
  • sherimobs23 September 2019
    For ppl who read Hamlet this movie is a big lie and weak movie
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love Hamlet but this was awful. The sets were great, the costumes were great, and the actors were decent. But the plot...absolute trash. The film adds extra plot and removes important scenes from the original story for no reason other than to make Ophelia's story more interesting. She was already an interesting character, there was no need to take creative liberties. Ophelia did not need to be a "she's not like other girls" kind of character. I turned it off right after Claudius freaks out on the players, which is one of my favorite scenes from the play. I couldn't bear to see what came next.
  • Now I have to start by saying that this is not a good film, but - it does try to introduce Shakespeare to a new audience who would not have seen, nor would sit through, Olivier, Branagh or McKellan in full tilt with the skull of poor old "Yorick", and for that goal alone, it ought to be given a chance. This version is told from the perspective of "Ophelia" (Daisy Ridley) following her exploits as she in taken under the wing of "Queen Gertude" (Naomi Watts) and of her ensuing passion for "Hamlet" (George MacKay) who has been usurped for his dead father's throne by his uncle "Claudius" (Clive Owen). The story has been very heavily adapted to facilitate the new narrative perspective and as such it loses a great deal of it's potency and nuance - Clive Owen and Tom Felton ("Laertes") are shockingly wooden; as is the normally engagingly absurd partnership of "Rosencrantz" (Noel Czuczor) & Guidenstern (Martin Angerbauer). It descends quickly into a rather melodramatic love story losing much of the tension, emotional power and tragedy leading to a seriously underwhelming conclusion.
  • The story, if written with more depth, details and passion, maybe worth reading (as in my opinion most books are still better than the movie). However, merely rating the film and the acting I would have rated this even lower. There is no love or, no depth, and no sense of era in this film, and the storyline is pictured quite sloppy. Not worthwhile. I'd say: read the book if the story sounds appealing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Interesting story showing Ophelia's point of view. But they turned an existential tragedy into a childlike self-insertion film by females without the slightest depth. Just to please feminists in their fantasies of super-powerful female characters who have a happy ending, who can transgress customs without thinking about the consequences and the historical-social context, because they love fantasizing about reality. They missed the chance to build a complex character with existential dilemmas, moral doubts, internal conflicts, and frustrations to create a shallow escapism character for frustrated people.
  • This movie has a cursory understanding of the story of Hamlet and replaces it was sexual power fantasy. It demonstrates no understanding of Ophelia the character of William Shakespeare or the importance of her role and function within the story. It means well in empowering women but provides no insight into the human condition. How one can be betrayed by someone they do not trust is as puzzling as someone being seduced by one they desire anyway. Ophelia's role as fool in the court is unappreciated or misunderstood. While I'd hoped for great things from Ophelia in her Act 4 scene 5, it was an attempt but a let down. The most punk scene of Shakespeare held little weight in the story, and it does Ophelia and Denmark a disservice. Apparently Ophelia's uterus is more important than truth to these storytellers.

    I enjoyed the dumbshow in the court. The choreographer deserves praise.

    I give it 1 out of 5 marysue Skywalkers. Audiences, particularly young women, deserve much better than this.
  • Hamlet is a classic. This is obvious pandering to the woke crowd who will be dumb enough to fall for it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Kind of like Game of throne without the nudity and the bad language.Part of it is boring and part of it is interesting but this is a very forgettable movie and deserved to be a box office failure. The ending is very unsatisfying and slightly insane and goes into Game of throne territory with two bloody murders that should have putted the film into an R rated one instead of PG 13.
  • The costume design, sets and visuals in this film are stunning. This is where the positives end for me.

    I didn't initially realise this was a reimagining of Shakespeare's Hamlet and I can appreciate where they were going with this and a strong female lead in the story, but it really didn't transfer well.

    The all Star cast were ok in their roles, but nothing earth shattering. The love story needed loads of developing and loads more could have been made of Clive Owens character being a threat to Hamlet's family, crown and future. Naomi Watt's duel roles was super confusing and brought nothing to either characters. (Which pains me to say as I love her as an actress). I really feel this film is style over substance.

    If you want a good reimagining of Hamlet, I'd just watch the Lion King, the original animated one!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film start with a girl "Ophelia" floating on a lake, and flashback of she and her brother "Laertes" raise by a queen "Gertrude" scene! As turnout, this film is about Hamlet want to revenge and take back his throne from his uncle "Claudius", because he murder Hamlet's father! Entire film wasting too much time on the boring conversation! Barely laughable scene is, Horatio found Ophelia at the lake, he accidentally fell into the lake with another man accompany him! Barely intense scene is at the ending of the film! At the end, Ophelia fake her dead by drinking the poison! She plan to elope with Hamlet after resurrect by the witch "Mechtild"! Hamlet frame by Claudius for killing Ophelia's father! Laertes challenge Hamlet with a sword fight! Laertes defeat Hamlet, Hamlet wounded and die! Mechtide arrive with a bunch of her army to kill Claudius! Gertrude eventually kill Claudius! This action have some blood, slicing and stabbing scene, but quite slow and not intense! At the very end, Ophelia playing with her daughter! That's it! Another disappointed film!
  • westsideschl23 November 2019
    Might have gotten another star, but the distributor, IFC, forces the viewer to watch lengthy previews of their other movies. Lots of not realistic, new, dirt free, unwrinkled costume changes for the cast as the main highlight. Oh, and of course, the not creative & usual plot of romance with deception.
  • I'm not prone to writing reviews. However, as a lover of the great Shakespeare. I must protest. This movie is one of the worst I have ever seen. Clive Owen as the villain of the piece, is less potent than a carrot 🥕 As David Bowie had a magical influence on him, so he had a miserable influence on me. Clive give it up. We need bus drivers.🚍
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