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  • John T. Bone, one of the few pornographers who made some excellent cross-over mainstream indie films ("Hindsight" is an all-time favorite), is working at low ebb in "Decadence", a fitfully effective but woefully under-budgeted porn feature. Its obscurity has been magnified by having been erroneously merged into Michael Ninn's later feature also titled "Decadence" as listed in IMDb, but I recently submitted corrective edits.

    Nineties' dream Latina Heather Lee is idly reading some old books when a bas- relief icon on her wall starts speaking to her, in the form of Ron Jeremy. This physical effect, reminiscent of Jean Cocteau in his "Beauty and the Beast" '40s era, is extremely well-done and sets the fantasy tone for what follows.

    With Ron the Face's introductions, we are treated to three sex set-pieces from history, beginning with a "Dawn of Man" caveman gang-bang starring busty Jordan Lee as the cave woman getting banged. Looking distracted and "above it all" Ron appears as one of the bangers, taking his turn listlessly applying his cock to Jordan and sitting around with an ultra-bored expression on his face when not in contact with her. Men in this video are not credited, but I spotted among the 5 guys Guy DiSilva as another erect caveman, making for some interracial sex (black & white or perhaps Cro-Magnon & Neanderthal?). The cheap set for their prehistoric setting is embarrassing.

    Next Ron the Face tells of hedonists in ancient Egypt and we see a threesome of queen Tabitha and two of her studly servants. One of them is Jake Steed and while the d.p. is predictable, having a queen of Egypt wearing modern high-heels is ridiculous.

    For the finale, which Ron describes in Satanic cult worship terms, Heather takes over in a surprising Native American styled ritual, with both she and a couple of studs bearing luminescent pastel body paint. Another d.p. is delivered, and I was satisfied with seeing my dream girl Heather in action.

    There's no ending and the video never delivers on its fairly intriguing premise, but it's still worth a look for presenting wall-to-wall sex in a diverting context -not just generic "humping on a couch" action like 99.999% of what's available today.