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  • Just saw this film at the BFI film festival opening last Friday and I never took my eyes from the screen. Great female protagonist, easy to empathize with, and eminently watchable. The cinematography & costuming, the focus on close-in shots make the film compelling: I keep revisualising Darling with her fuzzy sweater, her paper thin shirts. The film draws you into her world, her drives, her hopes, but Franz and Polly are also sympathetic characters. And you definitely don't have to be interested in ballet to love this movie!
  • Like reviewer Marilyn, I saw this film at the 2017 London Film Festival. I saw a lot of films there and some were excellent, but DARLING was the one that impressed me the most. I was very curious to discover whether other audience members were similarly 'knocked out' and those I spoke to definitely were. The story and the performances make it gripping viewing and the setting within the home of the renowned Danish Royal Ballet should make it a must for anyone interested in ballet. I won't include any spoilers but one thing I really liked is the way that it keeps you guessing whether it will stay within the boundaries of drama, or whether the fragile mental state of the central character will propel it it into very dark psychological thriller territory. Certain scenes make uncomfortable viewing, but it also manages to be subtle and understated. I'm bewildered that I've so far seen no evidence of it getting a major international release, so in the unlikely situation that any distributor beyond Denmark that's looking for out of the ordinary foreign films reads this, please consider picking up the rights to DARLING!
  • Acturly a good movie , but it was at its best when the female "star " Dee , didnt have any lines , she was realy good when she had to act without words. But everytime she opend her mouth the words came out goofy and acting became shallow. Thats to bad since other parts of the movie had quality. Skarsgaard was perfect in his role, and polly also showed some talent. ..... So turn off the Sound and enjoy a good movie