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  • ethanborkowski28 January 2020
    Nothing more to say really, other than the fact I'm still laughing my head off at the guy below me who went out of his way to unironically give a random music video that didn't really resonate with him, a "4/10" lmao
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is "Daydreaming", a 6.5-minute short film from this year, which is the music video for the new Radiohead song with the same name. There are a handful music videos on IMDb, but for them to be so, there needs to be some kind of element that makes them stand out compared to the gray mass of other music videos. Here, this element is probably director Paul Thomas Anderson who I really like. But I must say I am not too impressed by his work here. We see Radiohead singer Thom York daydream and walk through all kinds of spectacular regions from the planet while we listen to his voice. I personally see how this was intended as inspirational and raw, but for me it did almost nothing I have to say. The song itself also felt very forgettable. Radiohead and Anderson (a prolific music video director too) have done better on many occasions. I have to give their combined effort here a thumbs-down. Not recommended.