Soo-an: Dad, you only care about yourself. That's why mommy left.

Seok Woo: I'll take you to mom no matter what.

Sang-hwa: Hey, arsehole. Felt good to see your kid thanks to me? Are you grateful or what?

Seok Woo: Why is your ringtone so tacky?

Sang-hwa: What's wrong with it?


Sang-hwa: How do I change it?

Homeless Man: All are dead!

Seok Woo: Sorry, but you're infected.

Seok Woo: This is the lever and this is the brake... use it only when it's not dangerous, all right?

Sang-hwa: After the tunnel!

Jong-gil: Good riddance. Always giving to others instead of to yourself. Why did you live like that? What was the point? What a load of crap.

Seong-kyeong: Will someone come to rescue us?