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  • mpaulso1 August 2017
    Train to Busan was a treat.

    A look into Selfishness vs Selflessness and Individual vs The Collective.

    I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a foreign film this much. The cinematography is excellent, the story is original, and I will definitely be keeping an eye on Sang-ho Yeon's future projects.
  • The movie is superb. Quality is high, the action is non-stop and the freshness in a worn out genre is amazing!

    I recommend it here...and just have to find more films like this.
  • The film has it all - greedy CEO capitalist pig, a devoted husband, a damsel in distress, a little brat, cheerleader and apparently South Korean zombies have different customs than American ones.
  • haakonphelan29 October 2019
    Many people are commenting on the looks, hair and legs of the teenage girl (at least i think she is a teenager). Firstly, potential viewers should know that this is not a case of just a pretty girl. There is a great story and morality at play here. As for the girl, yes indeed she is extremely sexy, but she is not in a cheerleader costume. That skirt is way too long. She is wearing her schoolgirl uniform.
  • dxan-1331310 April 2020
    This film has it all.



    A lesson for all of us

    Sexy teenager

    Definite DVD purchase.
  • Packed with action and populated by both good acting faces and pretty girls, Busan Train successfully recalls the best thrillers out there like they don't make them anymore. It comes at the viewer with renewed energy.
  • And it is a fun ride... especially as the story unfolds we see that the problem is man made... will mankind learn?
  • Don't you?

    This film was fun, action-packed, full of dangerous elements, innovative, had pretty girls in it and most importantly was successful.

    Yup, here comes the Hollywood remake. It will be another entry in the series of redundant, unnecessary, inferior, whitewashed and women made western taliban style ugly Hollywood remakes.

    Paul Feig or Jar Jar Abrams are negotiating their cut as we speak.
  • You got it. This schoolgirl isn't from Texas and those are not zombies. They were never buried or never dead. A worthwhile DVD.
  • I own it it really made me think a lot i enjoyed it until the end
  • cdromse2 December 2019
    I am not sure this film is as perfect a many reviewers say, but I like it and like it very much. To get them out of the way the zombies are not archetypal, the tunnels are entirely too long and of course zombies are supposed to have been dead and buried first. That aside, I am loving the action, appreciate the violence and I am glad many reviewers recognize the beauty of the women. Realizing and appreciating the feminine wiles of the actresses is being respectful and being natural. This film offers a great nod to nature and the sexy schoolgirl is just a 10/10.
  • Because the Korean girl is Nature' gift to Man. Around here there are no thin women left. They all got tattoos and either shaved their head or dyed it orange so they can distract from the thunder thighs.

    Train to Busan (A City in South Korea) is action packed, rapid, violent, high budget and wow is the chick nubile and tasty.
  • But the rating is about right.

    I did enjoy the violence and frightening parts. I also appreciated the call for the cessation of greed in the name of industrialism. I still had a nagging feeling that these are not actual zombies. They were never underground, actually dead and mostly they were too swift.

    Still a 7/10 from me.
  • Amazing Film!!! We used to Listen to Wonder Girls all the time and they excited me until they sadly disbanded. I still listen to their CDs all the time. This film is one of my faves and Sohee is still a hottie. Watch to see if the zombies get her!
  • uopaab15 December 2019
    This is a good one. it is my first film out of South Korea I think.

    The action is fantastic. The violence is scary. The hatred and evil comes from the hordes of infected and one's fellow man. Speaking of hordes, they didn't cheap out. There are hordes of attackers and they have managed a gruesome scene of bodies atop of bodies really well. Looks like ugliness and self-hatred has not reached South Korea yet. The schoolgirl is clean, untattooed, has long feminine hair and is quite an eye candy.
  • I'm just a civilian of the US but I do follow my zombie movies and this one is particularly good I give you guys thanks all around for it. Don't tell the Americans but better than a lot of what they come up with lately. I'm American by the way but I honestly don't like it.
  • Is this really a zombie film? I am not a genre expert so I am wondering whether this is truly a zombie film: the hordes have never been buried. Also, it seems that infection comes as a result of an airborne virus and not through contact.

    The acting is fine. I also like the theme of greedy capitalist industrialist not caring for society.

    Finally, to the comments: the schoolgirl but I think she is not a cheerleader. She is dressed in her school uniform because this is field trip.
  • I watched it as a subtitled film. Not sure if a dubbed version exists, but anyway it is unnecessary. It begins with father and daughter relationship, goes into a bunch of school kids among whom there is a serious hard body flaunting girl and there come many many attacking undead. What else do you need?
  • But This one was good. Whether because it had an underlying anti-avarice theme or the cute girl who unlike American women is not sporting ink and piercings and is thin I got into it. Edge of your seat action.
  • Beautiful women and well made. My biggest gripe is how on earth do Hollywood films plan on competing with Korean movies when all they do in Hollywood is cover up women and dish out misandry?
  • Literally every scene is so exciting that I regret not watching this movie earlier. The schoolgirl is indeed a cutie.
  • I like the movie for its theme. The right-wing conservative aspect, camera works, plot and sexy sexpot, all create a very emotional movie. Especially the ending. And the slim waist of Sohee is so natural. She looks gorgeous, too. A young sexpot she is.
  • So, a typical Zombie movie from America has: A badass character that does everything to save the world and side characters that help him do this things. But Train to Busan is different. How? Well in this movie the main character is just a normal character with a daughter trying to survive.And that's it. No main badass character, nothing.This movie shows how a real zombie outbreak could happen, how individuals could attack other individuals because of their selfishness.I could go on and on about why this movie is so great.
  • nlaxfqvz1 October 2018
    The zombies were a plenty so they went all out for this

    The cheerleader was splendid and god's gift to men

    But the story really petered out at the end.
  • This is a high budget zombie film with constant action. It does not let up and adds a few new elements to the genre.

    The prego woman and the school-girl were certainly cute and worth fantasizing about when at the spa/with your wife/girlfriend.

    This is a good Blu-ray investment.
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